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  1. blackspirit

    WTB: Scanpro20 Galvos and Drivers only.

    Im looking for galvos and drivers for a Scanpro20 system. The X axiz of my system has stopped working, and so far have only found full kits available. Any others would be great! Cheers
  2. blackspirit

    Looking for Middleman for Geek Shirts

    LOL ok weird I know...but I love these shirts, but for some reason thinkgeek wont ship these internationally. <raging> ThinkGeek :: Aperture Laboratories Polo Shirt ThinkGeek :: Aperture Laboratories Work Shirt Im a massive fan of the Portal Series, and would love to have these in my...
  3. blackspirit

    bl4ckh0l3 Forum?

    Just notice this bl4ckh0l3 forum under the Vets one. Whats it for, lol Sorry curious. Cheers Dave
  4. blackspirit

    WTB: Scanpro20 Galvos or Mirrors.

    Hey all, Couple of nights ago, I was working on my scanners, and somehow my llighter fell out of my pocket, and crashed down on both mirrors :( Im after either new galvos, or if its not hard to replace, some mirrors. Ive had a look around, and contacted LSP, but no luck yet. Anyone know...
  5. blackspirit

    Best PSP Games.

    Apart from the laser world of things, I love to play and modify PSPs. LED Installs, Dual Nub, ect One of the best games I ever played "was" Worms Open Warfare 2, but WormNET was pulled from the PSP, and online play was the only good thing about the game. Sad, but true the next was Patapon 1...
  6. blackspirit

    2 Beam Shots...OMG

    Had some spare time today, so I decided to take some shots of all my lasers. Sadly, my Canon S3 is now having the well known "black screen of death" issue. Out of 50+ photos, and hours later, I only managed to capture these two. I like them, and thought Ill show them here. lol, not much I...
  7. blackspirit

    WTB: 2111 Uniphase Power Supply.

    Hey, I’m after a JDS 2111 Uniphase Power Supply. Anyone have one they would like to sell? I found them on the net, although they want over $400 excluding shipping. Also, I live in Australia, which really does make international shipping awkward. Cheers Dave EDIT: Its to power a...
  8. blackspirit

    Quick question about the FlexMod driver.

    Quick and stupid question :undecided: Just wondering if it is possible to run 2 lasers (different colours) from the driver, or do you ned one for each. Cheers Dave
  9. blackspirit

    Style of Music - HardStyle, ect

    Yo, Just wondering, for those who have perhaps done shows, or maybe just for fun. What sort of music do you perfer for beamshows. I have always used hardstyle, and maybe the odd known band. Basiclly, shoot some awesome band name, and songs! Fair enough, most songs could have a show to it...
  10. blackspirit

    WTB: DT40Pro Scanners

    I think it’s time to move on from the scanpro20s. Anyone selling any DT40Pro or DT40? Preferably living in Australia. Cheers Dave
  11. blackspirit

    WIP scanner test video

    Yo, Just a quick movie of my wip scanpro. At the end of the project, its going to be a RGB system. Its using my ~350mW red laser. It was meant to be my greenie, but thats having problems, and going back to laserwave. Here a shot of the setup. Its ghetto style, and only temp. And a quick...
  12. blackspirit

    Green DPSS Laser Issue

    Hey I'm not sure what’s really happening here, this being my first Laserwave DPSS laser, Yesterday it was working fine, but today the laser is basically outputting several beams, almost like shining it through a diffraction grating. It still has a decent solid beam, which still does burn...
  13. blackspirit

    Life on DIY TTL Lasers

    Yo, Just wondering if anyone has some sort of estimate and performance life of a red, or br diode from a sled, running off either a FM1 or D4D driver. Building my scanner, and allready spent to much on the LW greenie, trying to save some cash :D Cheers Dave
  14. blackspirit

    WTB: Green DPSS Laser 200mW+ in Australia

    As the title says, Im after a Green DPSS Laser, with a output of 200mW +, in Australia only. Laws here stop me from importing them, and I really dont want to risk Customs keeping it. I also want to avoid eBay. I havent found much sites within Australia that sell them, though the ones I have...
  15. blackspirit

    Jaycar - WTF - Big Ripoffs

    Jaycar, is a Australian Wide Electronic shop. (To be clear for the US/Other Mob) They are selling a 1mW green laser pen for $100.00AU! No typo's here. 1mW for $100.00 Seriously, how wrong is that... While I was in the shop, I asked - "What lasers do you have?", they replied, "Oh, we have this...
  16. blackspirit

    IR Diode Pinout?

    IR Diodes, from sleds, is the pinout the same as the red pinout, or is it different. Thanks Dave
  17. blackspirit

    LG GH20NS10 20x - Extraction

    Hey all, havent been able to find much details on this drive. I got this brand new and sealed for nothing, and was wondering if it is any good to make a red burner out of. Even though it was free, I dont wanna waste it :P Cheers Dave. Edit - Rather then make a new post, ill update here...
  18. blackspirit

    Bluray Beam Video

    Yo, Currently house sitting at the moment, and is very boring, so I decided do make this. Nothing speical really, I just love BR beams.
  19. blackspirit

    Just some random pics.

    I decided to put up some random pics of my lasers. The camera I have is not that great. Once I get my new camera, some serious photo action gonna happen. The laser. This is my red burner. Not lasering at the mo. The sticker is off the module. Its not 5mW  :P Some Spiro Shots: Put together...