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  1. Vaporizer

    Making your AixiZ driver work. The solution!

    Why can't it drive a red? An LPC-815 @ 3.35v , 450ma will put out 275mw. Check the diode spec charts on the forum.
  2. Vaporizer

    Making your AixiZ driver work. The solution!

    Ok, I think many are missing the main point of the thread. To many ppl had these and they didn't work. So, I found out why and posted the way they did work, the range , including a table of what to expect. Remember, I used a diode from Vcc to the "TTL" so it came "on" @ 3v - .7v(diode drop) =...
  3. Vaporizer

    Making your AixiZ driver work. The solution!

    No problem at all CH. All I did was try to define it a little better for more understanding. @ rhd, If you look at post #9 I stated "@ 7v it cranked out 691ma @ 4.27VDC". Ok, looking at the table I posted of voltages and currents, this has somewhat of a voltage limiting on the output. Raising...
  4. Vaporizer

    Making your AixiZ driver work. The solution!

    Ok, let me see if I can help a little. I didn't get notified there was a question by email. Sorry. If you plan on using this driver you have to have power to TTL. No power to TTL and it will not turn on. Consider it an electronic on/off switch. You can use a regular switch, but this one will...
  5. Vaporizer

    New Aixiz module holders

    I can't imagine Chuck selling something like that. If you sent him a pic, I'm sure he'd replace it and probably give you and extra for your trouble. Did you contact them BB?
  6. Vaporizer

    Making your AixiZ driver work. The solution!

    Did you put the diode in backwards? It has to have +vdc on the TTL or it will not work.
  7. Vaporizer

    FocalPrice 532nm 200mW Green Keychain Laser

    I got one and like most it seems to be abt 50% of the stated output. It's not a bad laser for the price even at that output. If you are wanting a true 200mw....you'll be disappointed.
  8. Vaporizer

    12x Sled GB Round 2 is now closed and order is in.

    My "other" diode arrived in Ohio today. Morgan you have a PM. Thanks!
  9. Vaporizer

    Sorry to all (wish it won't be too late )

    Hi John, I haven't been doing much lately. My 1st order had the 50mw 532nm Green with 5 multiple heads for special effects. The kids and I love it and it will see its way into the small room wall size light show I plan to build. The heads interchange nicely too. I doubt it's 50mw, but it's still...
  10. Vaporizer

    12x Sled GB Round 2 is now closed and order is in.

    I'm usually abt 1-2days behind on delivery than the rest of the world....... Hopefully Mon or Tues for me then.
  11. Vaporizer

    How to detect/measure IR

    When I was doing the "fun test" of the DIY Digital Thermal LPM I used a IR filter from scontony. It was on one of the cheap overspec pointers that most estimate abt 30-40mw. The DIY unit , with no standard, is really no more than a good comparator. It does work well for % comparisons of power...
  12. Vaporizer

    Planning DIY TPS63000 based driver

    I'll let others have 1st shot, but I'm sending a PM to help cover the R&D in case no one jumps. R&D gets expensive, been there many times. Not just in laser stuff.
  13. Vaporizer

    Planning DIY TPS63000 based driver

    I'm trying to get all the chips I want in a list so I can do it all in one shipment. Always something to add..lol I was looking at the TPS63020 as it has 4A switches. I have more to do than time to do it all! On the power supply.....I bought it off the bay from HK. hey had US sellers but the...
  14. Vaporizer

    3 winner of the poll: Dave, jayrob, lasersbee.

    I don't think you have to interrupt any of them John or meant you should. It will work out on its own (by the affected people)IMHO. You should need to say nothing, just expect your results as you were. They are veterans, with some unfortunate times, and I feel they will respond as a role I would...
  15. Vaporizer

    Planning DIY TPS63000 based driver

    @ rafa, I just turned 57. She is my 3rd grand child. hahaha @ jib77, I bought a regulated power supply by the same company. I think you'll like that station.
  16. Vaporizer

    Looking for a special equation...

    I have to quote myself where I was wrong in how I worded my statement. :crackup: Integers, by definition, are WHOLE numbers WITHOUT fractions or decimals. Now how can you round a whole number? You can't, it's whole. So the number you are working with is not even an integer to start with. Integer...
  17. Vaporizer

    DIY Diode Driver Changes in Layout

    Sorry, been away for a few days. I'm a new grand dad...again...lol You mentioned using a variable AC supply? The drivers use DC voltage as do the diodes. If thats a filtered Variac, you'll need to rectify and filter it well t use it as a supply. AC, even at the correct voltage, could very well...
  18. Vaporizer

    3 winner of the poll: Dave, jayrob, lasersbee.

    John, I wouldn't worry to much. All are veterans of the forum and will do the right thing one way or another IMO. Jerry could make a new account and post the review that way, but AFAIK that is against forum rules as having multiple accounts or creation of a new one due to a ban. He could do the...
  19. Vaporizer

    Casio seems to be potting projectors

    Re: ***** seems to be potting projectors Sure, here is where the many thousand post 1st thread was stopped, a new one started, and then they started censoring comments to boot. It was getting way out of hand. I think the request for no negative info and the FDA using direct quotes and such is...