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  1. andy_con

    Large amount of foil warning labels

    I need to clear out some stock so ive got a job lot of well over 1000 foil warning labels for sale. printed on high quality actual foil (not just silver paper) sell as one job lots NOT separately. variety of different labels as can be seen from the photos, im not listing all powers and...
  2. andy_con

    A few builds

    i dont really post on here these days. a few recentl blue builds ive done 3.6w and 6w 445nm
  3. andy_con

    My 3 Projectors for sale

    so to cut a long story short the projectors only come out twice a year, the UK meets. due to family and work i dont fire up the projectors like i used to and i havent done shows for a long time now. it seems silly to have this expensive kit sitting round doing nothing. the plan is to sell them...
  4. andy_con

    Lots of Parts for Sale

    14 brand new never used aixiz red lens £4 each + postage (on ebay they are £7 each + postage) 5mw 532nm green pointer head, tested today and fully working £5 + postage lots of used aixiz red lens, nothing wrong with them, clean £2 each + postage some aixiz lens retainers £2...
  5. andy_con

    Some Leadlight Pen Hosts

    ive got 4 leadlight pen hosts for sale, if these sell well i have more all are in perfect condition and contain the insides but no little plastic buttons heres what you can do with them 190mw 405nm pointer 200mw 650nm laser (red) pointer - home made version 2 202mw 650nm laser (red) pointer...
  6. andy_con

    lots of die4laser drivers

    i have a load of die4laser drivers for sale, fulll detauls here - Die4Drive £14 each + shipping they cost me £20 when purchased new
  7. andy_con

    Didoe Holders and Mirror Mounts

    got some unwanted stuff which may be of use to someone? selling everything dirt cheap 3x 5.6mm diode block 41mm L x 24.5mm H x 12mm W diode cente height = 14mm diode centre spacing 11mm £15 + shipping staggered 4x 5.6mm diode block 63mm L x 32mm H x 12mm W diode centre heigh = 14mm...
  8. andy_con

    Custom Foil Warning Labels

    Im doing some foil warning labels for a good friend and have some spare space on the sheets. PLEASE READ THIS POST CAREFULLY this is a one off offer, i stopped doing labels as they were so time consuming for such little reward. there are 48 labels up for grabs - first some first serve DO NOT...
  9. andy_con

    400mw 532nm Laser Module

    Lasever 400mw 532nm green module a few years old but still going strong, the head is tiny as only 100mm L x 35mm W x 45mm H this module requires a 5v 5amp psu its got a cracking beam on it open to decent offers around the £300 mark
  10. andy_con

    Electronics geek (none laser related)

    wondering if anyone on here can help really as i know there are a few peoeple into electronics. i brought these for my milling machine, i had them on my last one for over a year and they were perfect eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace after about a month both started going wrong, i...
  11. andy_con

    6x Brass Flex Mounts

    3 have have a corner milled slightly but this does not affect their operation. if someone wants all 6 then happy to offer a good deal
  12. andy_con

    Lots of laser gear for sale

    time to get rid of some unused/need kit - Brand New DT30 with small/normal sized mirrors as you can see never even been taken out the box we all know what they cost, make me a good offer and they are yours Lasever 400mw 532nm green module a few years old but still going strong, the head...
  13. andy_con

    Tripple Aluminium Diode Mount

    a tripple diode mount for sale. 41mm long x 12mm deep (not including back plate or screws x 25mm high beam height is 14mm and diode spacing is 12mm. milled from a single block of aluminium only reason i made this was to test my new 5.7mm flute. £30 no offers
  14. andy_con

    Chester Tools Conquest Milling Machine

    Im selling my milling machine, its going to be a sad day when this mill actually gets taken away :( its a used chester tools conquest milling machine full spec is here - Chester Machine Tools - Conquest Mill Super its somewhat bad timing for me to sell as chester currently have a sale on and...
  15. andy_con

    A new 445 project

    i was in maplins the other day and saw this case and thought hm thats looks a good size and shape lets get one. so am now craming lots in there to make a 5-6watt 445 modules. additional pics will follow as and when the actual lid measures just 120mm by 95mm, so its going to be a tight build
  16. andy_con

    Custom Made Aluminium Diode Holders

    i only set this page up today so hopefully everything makes sense and works ok. Im now machining and selling custom made aluminium diode holders. By filling out the details on the below page you can customize the diode holder to meet your needs. If you want a single diode holders i suggest...
  17. andy_con

    wanted - 5.6mm diode tray

    am after some 5.6mm diode trays
  18. andy_con

    Quad Aluminium Diode Holder

    made from a single block of aluminium 63mm long x 20mm wide x 32mm high takes 5.6mm diodes, lens holes are tapped for 9x0.5 so takes aixiz lens, olike lens etc... the off set between the holes is 4.5mm £40 + postage
  19. andy_con

    Andys clearout sale thread

    time for me to clear some stuff out as i have to much stuff. 6x diode holder milled from a single block of aluminium. currently there isnt a back but its sold with a back plate to hold the diodes in, ill mill that up. 70mm long x 12mm wide x 27mm high 11mm spacing between diode holes -...
  20. andy_con

    10 diode 445 build

    bit of a rush job but built this for a customer. 10x 445 diodes, beam is 5mm by 5mm @ aperture