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  1. Cel

    450nm NDB7875 @ 2A in PL-E

    -- 450nm NDB7875 @ 2A in PL-E -- - Intro - I have owned (and I still do) this laser for a few years (2 at the time of writing) now. It is still as awe-inspiring and fun as from the day it was assembled (by me :D). I don't have a name for it, I just call it "The Laser". So, here we go...
  2. Cel

    What happened

    See post #2
  3. Cel

    Disassembling O-like gatlin 532nm

    Howdy LPF! :beer: I have one O-like gatlin for more that a year. It was cca. 100$ (a bit overpriced, but really nice host). And I decided to... disassemble it! :eg: (And reassemble it after that, no damage made :angel:) Here it goes: The gatlin: Tailcap detail: Aperture/focus...
  4. Cel

    Upgrading Jetlasers' 445nm PL-E laser

    Hello everyone! I've found this really nice laser Picture: It is attractive to me because it uses (it can use) 2x26650 batteries or AC power supply, power switch is very nice, and ofc the host itself too... I was thinking, is it possible to remove the existing diode and replace it with a...
  5. Cel

    Think Lasers

    While browsing the web, I found this: ThinkLasers WTF? This are Wickedlasers' lasers. There are different kinds of lasers there, same as WL. Pricing is the same. Furthermore, they say they are "USA based high quality", which is just stupid.
  6. Cel

    Green laser, Crown or LZSK?

    Hi LPF! Ok, I am really in doubt. Should I buy LZSK 400mw or O-like Crown 400mw? I have already bought a gatlin (100mw) from O-like, and I'm very satisfied with it. And, I also have "1000mw" (no way) 445nm blue from DX (got it 6 months ago) for 150$, which is very good too... (If you want...