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    A hardware

    The device is a low-power, highly integrated inertial measurement unit (IMU) that combines precise acceleration and angular rate (gyroscopic) measurement with intelligent on-chip motion-triggered interrupt features. The BMI270 is a low-power IMU designed for wearable applications. There is a...
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    Laser Diode Security System

    I'm thinking about making my own laser security system (think mission impossible). So I was thinking I'd use a laser diode to shine a beam across a doorway into a light dependent resistor that's on the high side of a voltage divider and look for that signal to go low and raise an alarm if it...
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    Laser driver circuit

    I like to build a laser pointer driver circuit that I can drive from an 8 bit uC. However, I like to get light output fairly constant. This requires for me to look at the photo detector (these lasers come with 3 pins, gnd, laser cathode, pd cathode) current and adjust laser input current to...
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    Most basic laser diode driver?

    Is a simple LM317-based laser diode driver safe for powering a laser diode? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuMngik0GR8 (the diagram is at 1:37) I've been told the the proprietary drivers offer some extra protection from very short spikes (on power up and shutdown) in the current which laser...
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    Why did my laser die?

    I recently hooked up a cheap laser module to a mircrocontroller (via a MOSFET), mounted on top of a couple servos. This worked fine until I invited my coworkers to access the controls for my laser turret. One wrote a script that moved the servos from 0° to 180° and back repeatedly as quickly...