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    Handheld Co2 Laser Project

    Here's the latest project I have been working on, haven't seen it done very often, a handheld Co2 laser, purchased a 50watt tube, and been working on putting together the control box for it, using a 12v motorcycle battery and a 500watt inverter to power the electronics and laser power supply...
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    Flash Pumped ND:YAG

    Unsure if correct forum, I didn't find any of the 1064nm variety. After originally considering a ruby laser, I ended up purchasing a JK-700 ND:YAG cavity assembly on eBay, and will be doing some experimentation with is unit, manufacturing quality. From my research it seems to be designed for 350...
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    Planning to attempt building a Ruby Laser

    Been a while since I have been around here, took a break from lasing for a while, but recently started working on designing and building a hopefully functional flash pumped ruby laser, been experimenting with some large flash lamps, at relatively lower energy levels with regards to a powerful...
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    445nm Dot Viewing

    I know that dot viewing of a 2 watt laser is not necessarily the safest but i am sure that everyone has done it at some point in time, i never look at the dot at close range (<10 feet), i always make sure it is on a flat black surface, and never do it for more then a second or too, hopefully...
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    Just how safe are you behind your laser glasses?

    I purchased a pair of 445nm laser glasses with an OD of 4+ and while wearing them and putting my 1 and 2 watt 445nm lasers next to each other on the wall, the one watt appears white and the two watt still shows as blue, I assume this means less is being blocked, but just how much makes it...
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    Word of Caution on the C6 host

    I just recieved my host and driver today and assembled my 2 watt 445nm laser, all was working well, then after charging my batteries i put them in the host and started screwing on the end cap and the laser turned on, clicked the button and it stayed on, something in the switch had failed and now...
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    445nm laser output power question

    Recently i finished my A-140 laser project, i am driving it at 1.25 amps, according to the chart the seller provided it says that at that current the diode should be putting out about 1.3 watts, i am using an aixiz 3 element glass lens, about how much power could this thing be putting out? i do...
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    Beamshots of my 445nm 1+watt handheld

    Some beam pics of my recent 445nm 1+watt laser build, casio projector diode running at 1.25amps The laser: And now for some beam shots: The best in my opinion: And some others: And a shot with my overpowered chinese 532nm
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    My 445nm Laser Build(Complete)

    Here are some pictures of my 1+ watt 445nm laser build, just finished installing it into the C6 host today. It is powered by 2 RCR123A batteries, a 1.25amp buck driver, hopefully this driver isn't pushing the limits of the diode too much. Now for some pictures:
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    Are these glasses good?

    These glasses cover the blue and ir spectrum, the od rating is 4+ and the T rating in the blue spectrum is 15%, would these be ok for a 1watt+ blue laser?
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    welding mask for laser safety?

    Just a thought, I think I already know the answer, but how well would a welding mask of say shade 10 or 11 work for laser safety? Specifically a 445nm 1watt
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    Hit by green laser

    Ok I so I have a cheap Chinese laser that says <200mw on the sticker, I had my 532nm laser glasses on but the IR is what I'm worried about, I accidently caught myself in the eye through the glasses, I am not experiencing and real vision problems, just like a spot similar to when you look at a...
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    My 445nm Laser Build(first tests)

    I just purchased a 1 watt 445nm projector diode and an aixiz laser housing with glass lens, i assembled it and hooked it to a .5amp 5 volt usb charger, and the results were impressive! well impressive for me, this is the first time i had a laser this powerful, it should be at around half watt+...
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    Laser build help

    I'm looking to build a 2+ watt laser using an m140 projector diode, and was wondering if anyone had any pointers on building it, what is a reasonable price to pay for the diode? The average I have been seeing seems to be around $45, can anyone recommend a good reliable driver?
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    200mw ebay green laser

    I posted a couple weeks ago about a green laser I purchased on eBay, the listing said it was a 1mw class IIIb laser, I just recieved the laser yesterday and I must say I am impressed, besides for the fact that I had to re adjust the coliminating lense right when I got it, the sticker says it is...
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    Ebay green laser questions

    I just purchased a green laser off eBay, the listing says high powered and it shows pictures of it lighting a match, but in the specs it says its 1mw, but it also says class IIIb, I know the IIIb class is >5mw, and I know 1mw or even 5mw isn't enough power to light a match, so how powerful could...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hi, my name is Tim, i am 16, and i am into electronics/computers and i also do alot of welding, i am always building stuff, i recently put together a laser(well like last year) nothing special, i bought a green laser module online and put it in a case with a power and safety key. i believe it is...