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  1. bobo99

    Broken Charger outputted 1.5V to various Lithium cells

    I have a charger which seems to have crapped out, and is outputting 1.5V. Before I noticed something was amiss, I ran a few 18650s through the charger and it all those batteries now read varying voltages, from 0 to 2 V. After throwing away that charger, is there any way to revive these cells...
  2. bobo99

    FS: 2W 445 nm in gorgeous Old Gold Host

    Oh boy what a neat gold laser.
  3. bobo99

    Get Some Safety Goggles Now!

    Something seemed off. I was using the equations from here: Certified Laser Safety Glasses Confused the 0.001% with actually reducing it by 1/10,000th when it fact, OD5 reduced by a factor of 0.00001, 1/10,000, 0.001% or a 3.2W laser to 0.032mW or safe levels. It's one of those days.
  4. bobo99

    Get Some Safety Goggles Now!

    What OD rating should one get for the 445nm 3W diodes that we are tinkering with? Edit: Techinically O.D 5 will bring down the power of a 3.2W to 3.2mW. So O.D 5 or higher?
  5. bobo99

    FS: 2W 445 nm in gorgeous Old Gold Host

    Hey guys, This is my first attempt at making an old looking laser with the 9mm 445 diode. I had a lot of these parts sitting on my desk for a few years and only now got back into it, so I'm unsure which lens I have on this thing. It's a DTR 9mm 445 package with xdrive set at 2.4A. It's pulling...
  6. bobo99

    Current Problems on 9mm diode and 2.4A driver

    Thats... what that is... OK. :) Order coming up!
  7. bobo99

    Current Problems on 9mm diode and 2.4A driver

    Sorry today's been a long day. I got the 117 dollar option from your site and using it as is.
  8. bobo99

    Current Problems on 9mm diode and 2.4A driver

    My mistake... it is a 2.3A driver. I am running it on two of the previously mentioned cells. When measuring at the cap, I remove the cap, and complete the circuit by putting my ammeter in series with battery to body of host. The driver/laser/batteries seem to have a warmup period. Current...
  9. bobo99

    Current Problems on 9mm diode and 2.4A driver

    Hey Guys, I bought 2x9mm 445 packages from DTR with a 2.4A x-drive driver. I didn't verify the output of either driver. Now I built the laser, and heatsinked the driver very well. Turn on the laser and LPM it, only 1.9W. So I measure the current at the cap, and only get 1.8A:thinking: So...
  10. bobo99

    Great (flashlight) Laser hosts

    Stumbled on these... if we could get our hands on these: wow. http://store.orbita.com/PhotoGallery.asp?ProductCode=cpw001
  11. bobo99

    WTB 405 nm Laser - Power Output (>700 mw) - Long Runtime, 5 minutes

    Building one is my next option too, was just seeing if there is one lying around at the moment. :)
  12. bobo99

    WTB 405 nm Laser - Power Output (>700 mw) - Long Runtime, 5 minutes

    Shipped to Canada please!
  13. bobo99

    FS: minisabre v2 hosts+heatsink-dark smoke, silver, polished $20-$55 +build tutorial

    Re: FS: minisabre v2 hosts + aluminum heatsinks - dark smoke, silver or polished $20- PM sent for a chrome !
  14. bobo99

    Reparing Survival Laser Driver

    So even though the solder isn't melting it will give enough? I guess that's my last resort, if it dies it dies!
  15. bobo99

    Reparing Survival Laser Driver

    Hey Guys, One of the leads from the driver, from the original survival laser driver, fell off. I'm trying to de-solder the driver and fix it but for whatever reason the soldering iron can't melt this solder. Don't feel like ordering another pill and driver, any ideas on how to get at it?
  16. bobo99

    SOLD pl450b in ss aurora host

    Re: EVERYTHING must go! PM sent for the 405
  17. bobo99

    FS:Buck boost fully adjustable driver, 22$

    I'd be in for one.
  18. bobo99

    Test load 445.. Problem

    Not offended :) But that wording hit the proverbial nail on the head. Each component has its own Vf at a different current. Crystal clear. So looking at the data sheet here:http://www.datasheetcatalog.org/datasheet/dccomponents/1N5404.pdf Using the chart at the end we just read off the Vf at...