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  1. Rifter

    New red build, custom sinner host.

    So i have finally got some time to finish my new build with my custom sinner host and oclaro HL63133DG. Having been on vacation for the last 6 days with this sitting at home waiting to be assembled has been killing me. I was going to do a detailed build thread with step by step pics, however I...
  2. Rifter

    X-drive @1.8 require cooling?

    title says it all, does the x-drive @ 1.8amps require to be sinked to host?
  3. Rifter

    Looking for diode for new host

    So sinner is working on a custom host for my next laser. But im stumped on what diode to put in it. Its a mid size all copper 2 piece host with press fit for the module so heat transfer and long runtimes even with multiwatt diodes should be obtainable. I have a plan to sink driver direct to...
  4. Rifter

    Killed my LPC-826, any idea why?

    So my Survival laser 660nm is no more. No sweat from Gary at survival lasers I got a reasonable solution when I talked to him and will have a new diode/driver soon. I just want opinions on why it died. Stats of laser: 660nm LPC-826 driven at 530ma by Survival lasers driver. Had about 20 Hours...
  5. Rifter

    The lube thread

    So since I know most people store there lasers batteries out, at least I do. I thought I would start a thread about lubes to use on the threads for our hosts. As they see so much use of tailcap on and off lube is essential. As im sure many of you have found the threads on cheap hosts like the...
  6. Rifter

    Your favourite blue?

    What is your favourite blue colour? Having just built a pl450b I like it a lot better than the violet 405nm. As soon as something above 450nm becomes affordable(463nm, 473nm, 488nm) I'm going to build one.
  7. Rifter

    My 2 new laser builds(beamshots added)

    So i ordered all the parts for my 2 builds over the past month and ironically the final parts to complete both builds arrived today. I built a Osram PL450B @ 200ma(Thanks DTR Laser) in a Black C6 host with Blue heatsink and extended focus ring(Thanks Survival Laser) I also built a Osram PL520...
  8. Rifter

    Is a white laser possible?

    I know that's a super newb question but is it possible to combine enough lasers into one beam to make it white?
  9. Rifter

    Economic lab heatsink?

    Looking for cheap heatsink to hold 12mm aixiz module for bench testing. Thanks.
  10. Rifter

    How large of heatsink for 5 min duty cycle 1 Watt?

    I'm going to build a 1 Watt 405nm for burning and want it able to run long duty cycles. I know a c6 or 501b are to small and are not the best at cooling so what host do you guys recommend?
  11. Rifter

    Lm317 driver still best cheap option?

    Is the Lm317 still the best choice for a cheap diy driver or do we have better ic now I should be looking at?
  12. Rifter

    Flaminpyro A+

    Ordered some wire and heatshrink, arrived well packaged an ontime, great communication, would buy from again in a heatbeat.
  13. Rifter

    Inside shots of my 660nm

    Just got my DSLR yesterday, i have never used one before in my life, i have zero photography training. So try not to laugh to hard if the pics suck :) And i am open to any tips you guys may have for taking better photos. This is a survival laser 660nm, LPC-826 diode, 324mw with a G2 lens...
  14. Rifter

    Post your pet pictures

    Im sure some of you have cute fuzzy companions, post some pics! Here is my camera shy one, she just wont look at the camera: Full size: http://imageshack.com/a/img834/2269/knyik.jpg And for some reason my other one likes to look like im taking his mugshot.... Full size...
  15. Rifter

    Good bench supply?

    Whats a good bench supply? I had a good one i spent $500 on but its been in storage for 10 years and moved 4 times with me and it doesnt appear to be functional anymore :( and the ebay seller i purchased it from is no longer there. Constant current obviously and 5 amp rated would be great...
  16. Rifter

    Green AR coated 3 element lens exist?

    I've seen blue and red AR coatings for 3 element lens but not green, anyone have a supplier?
  17. Rifter

    So I hear 532nm DPSS has best divergence

    So which module has best divergence? Power not so relevant as long as its between 20-100mw
  18. Rifter

    Lowest divergence laser diode?

    Whats the lowest divergence diode? Any color(thats visable)
  19. Rifter

    LPC-840 discussion thread

    Edited title to reflect what this thread is now about. What do you guys think we can get away with for drive current? and what are some recommended drivers?
  20. Rifter

    Contemplating new purchase, dont want to go blue but $$$$$$

    So I love lasers, since getting into this hobby 2 months ago ive come to be very fascinated with them. Im looking to expand my laser inventory into the 500mw to 1W range. So ive never liked following the crowd so didn't want to just grab a M140 and run it at 1-2W and call it a day, because...