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  1. Benjamax

    Looking for a Recommendation on Quality High Discharge 10440 Batteries

    There are old posts asking for quality 10440s and one or a couple asking for high discharge ones but those are ~10 years old. Things have changed and the links in the comments don't work. I need a couple of high drain 10440 Li-Ions. All I've found so far was either shady and/or with high...
  2. Benjamax

    Help identify my HeNe Laser

    A distant relative gave me this old HeNe Laser many years ago that was being used in the 1990s. The laser has no sticker or other markings on it except "Spectra Physics HeNe Laser" on the front. Also came with the original Spectra Physics transformer. Sticker on it says Model 229-7P. I searched...
  3. Benjamax

    Hello People

    I'm Benjamin. I install security systems and train dogs. Found this forum while googling for stuff related to lasers, as I was researching for my own DIY laser build. It looked so nice that I decided to register before I even browsed for a couple of minutes. Don't always have as much time as I'd...