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  1. justdopey365

    Selling my Krypton and LPM

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to realize my childhood dream of owning a macaw, I've always wanted one ever since i was kid in Mexico, now I'm old enough to own and to take care of one. So what I'm selling is the following: Krypton S3 1000mW Laserbee 2.5W USB Wicked Lasers Tripod Wicked Lasers...
  2. justdopey365

    Looking for someone to meter my S3 Krypton

    Hello All! I got my exchanged S3 KRYPTON 1000mW and I was wondering if anyone is close to Portland Oregon that would help me get another LPM test on my laser. I have the laserbee 2.5W USB, and I'm just looking for a second opinion to see if its performing as well on my LPM. Thank you!
  3. justdopey365

    WTB: 589nm, 473nm, or 593.5nm

    Hello everyone! Im looking for an exotic wavelength, my budget is 300 USD. I want a pointer but if the price is right ill take the higher class. Thank you!
  4. justdopey365

    Wicked Lasers S3 KRYPTON 1000mW Review

    Hello everyone, so today I’m going to review my 1W Krypton from Wicked Lasers. This unit was given to me at a discount for review. http://www.wickedlas...ies-113-63.html Delivery/Delivery Time: Wrapped in a thick plastic sheet to prevent moisture and had a good amount of layers of bubble...
  5. justdopey365

    cheaper WL gear and arctic. FAST shipping

    Hello everyone! I understand that there is not much love for wicked lasers here but I wanted to share this information that another member showed me. Here you can get an arctic for $270 free shipping!!!(within the usa) and it gets to your house in less than a week! Also expanded lens kit for...
  6. justdopey365

    looking for a nice tripod

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a good tripod, preferably in the USA. Or if anyone has a website to recommend. Or if anyone has a WL tripod that they can part with, ill pay good for it. Thank you Dopey
  7. justdopey365

    Review of the 300mw S3 KRYPTON

    UPDATE: 12/09/2011 Hello Everyone! Well I decided to do a better review of this laser; I realized that my other might have been lacking some material. The laser I ordered from wicked lasers was a S3 Krypton 300mw. Well I love this laser 10/10. It’s over spec, big time, here are the latest LPM...
  8. justdopey365

    S3 krypton

    Hello Everyone! So my laserbee will be arriving soon and I couldn't help but to ask a couple questions before hand. What is splash? And how do I know if my laser has it? My laser comes out in angle is that normal for green lasers? Also my laser has this flash light affect were it has a like...
  9. justdopey365

    laser ban in the USA?

    Hello everyone! So I went to CNI laser to purchase one of their fine laser products. So when I got an email back from the sales department they said they are not allowed to send lasers over 5mw into the usa is that true? Or did I do something wrong?
  10. justdopey365

    IR Help

    Hello everyone! (This will be my first thread :) ) So i purchased a laser(S3 KRYPTON 300 mw) that guarantees that virtually no or little IR light will be "leaked" from my laser. I have been messing with my laser and found that these reddish or pinkish dots/spots are near my laser's dot. Here...
  11. justdopey365

    hello from Oregon, USA!

    Hello everyone! This is not my first time around lasers and my other forum is not allowed to discuss other companies or other products and I was rather dissapointed about that. So I went around the web and found this place and I see a lot information and how to make your own laser and im...