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  1. bobo99

    Broken Charger outputted 1.5V to various Lithium cells

    I have a charger which seems to have crapped out, and is outputting 1.5V. Before I noticed something was amiss, I ran a few 18650s through the charger and it all those batteries now read varying voltages, from 0 to 2 V. After throwing away that charger, is there any way to revive these cells...
  2. bobo99

    FS: 2W 445 nm in gorgeous Old Gold Host

    Hey guys, This is my first attempt at making an old looking laser with the 9mm 445 diode. I had a lot of these parts sitting on my desk for a few years and only now got back into it, so I'm unsure which lens I have on this thing. It's a DTR 9mm 445 package with xdrive set at 2.4A. It's pulling...
  3. bobo99

    Current Problems on 9mm diode and 2.4A driver

    Hey Guys, I bought 2x9mm 445 packages from DTR with a 2.4A x-drive driver. I didn't verify the output of either driver. Now I built the laser, and heatsinked the driver very well. Turn on the laser and LPM it, only 1.9W. So I measure the current at the cap, and only get 1.8A:thinking: So...
  4. bobo99

    Great (flashlight) Laser hosts

    Stumbled on these... if we could get our hands on these: wow. http://store.orbita.com/PhotoGallery.asp?ProductCode=cpw001
  5. bobo99

    WTB 405 nm Laser - Power Output (>700 mw) - Long Runtime, 5 minutes

    Shipped to Canada please!
  6. bobo99

    Reparing Survival Laser Driver

    Hey Guys, One of the leads from the driver, from the original survival laser driver, fell off. I'm trying to de-solder the driver and fix it but for whatever reason the soldering iron can't melt this solder. Don't feel like ordering another pill and driver, any ideas on how to get at it?
  7. bobo99

    Test load 445.. Problem

    Hey Guys, Working on a build and something is amiss. Flashlight host with 2x18650's, fully charged. (trustfire, cheapos) Properly heat sinked 1.8A Jib driver that I bought from Mohrenburg months ago. 3A Test load from Jufran. Jumper set to pin 4. Reading the voltage across the resistor and...
  8. bobo99

    WTB - 2x18650 in series host

    Hey there, Looking to buy a host that uses 2x18650's in series, for a 445 1.8A build. Would like it to be "big", with a run-time of very long, indefinite? ... Shipped to Canada please! Thanks!
  9. bobo99

    18650 Safety Recomendation

    Hey Guys, Arbitrary question, my grandpa loves flashlights, and was thinking of giving him one of my extra bright LED : UltraFire WF-501B Cree R2-WC 250-Lumen LED Flashlight Black (1*18650/2*CR123A) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme However it runs off an 18650, and even though I have a protected...
  10. bobo99

    2nd DIY 635 build - PIC HEAVY

    Hey guys, so this is my second DIY build using an Ehgemus host, flex drive @ 900mA, and a 635 diode. Some GPU thermal pads for some flexdrive-axiz cooling, just in case! And shortage protection.
  11. bobo99

    635 Wiring in Host

    Hey Guys, I picked up a diode and flexdrive soldered together from DTR - https://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/mitsubishi-635nm-300mw-diodes And got Ehgemus to build me a host. (1x18650) The host is bored out completely, so the positive flex battery lead will get an isolated spring...
  12. bobo99

    Blowing diodes left and right

    Hey guys, so still working on my first build and well, still trying to learn the ropes... by blowing up some diodes :cryyy: (and head banging smiley) Working on a 405 (S06J) - V5 flex drive build with one 18650. My process was as follows: 1) Bought a completed test load from Jufran88. Great...
  13. bobo99

    Does a Flexdrive @520mA require heatsinking - continuous operation -

    Does a Flexdrive @520mA require heat sinking for continuous operation?
  14. bobo99

    1.8A vs 1.25A life time on a 445

    As the title says, my second DIY build will be either 1.8A or 1.25A 445 using either JIB driver and a M140 (from dtr's shop) Heatsinking won't be an issue as I'm making a custom host! What will the respective lifetimes be? Edit: Also, some people connect the case pin to negative, and some...
  15. bobo99

    Driver Clarification

    Hey all, have BDRS06 and A140 diodes on my desk ready for my first laser builds and am still a little "thick" on the driver issue. I have a V5 flex, and a Jib 1.8A driver. Now from my understanding, the V5 flex is a buck/boost driver, so whatever voltage the diode demands it will receive. The...
  16. bobo99

    WTB V5 Flex Drive Shipped to Canada

    WTB V5 Flex Drive Shipped to Canada. I just blew mine out, Got back from a long day of school, and had my power source that was connected to the flex drive set to 7.5V. I turned it on, and after about 5 seconds I realized and quickly turned it off. Needless to say that I think that did it for...
  17. bobo99

    First DIY Build - Easy Questions

    I will be using a BDR-S06J, and a V5 flex drive. 1) I couldn't find 1n4001 diodes, I only have 3 1n4002 and diodes and 3 1n4006 diodes and a 1.3 ohm resistor. Will the 3 1n4002 be ok to use to build the dummy load? (data sheet: http://www.diodes.com/datasheets/ds28002.pdf ) 2) The dummy load...
  18. bobo99

    WTB - <50mW 405 Shipped to Canada & IR Filters and other things

    Less than 50mW 405nm to Canada:) Also looking to get rid of some IR from my recent greenies. Diffraction gratings. Also looking for a pair of Eagle Pair 190-540nm. Also looking for a pair safety goggles that covers the red spectrum. Pointing me to a good site for either would be appreciated...
  19. bobo99

    Laser Safety in Laser Shows

    In a show like this: Paul van Dyk @ Trance Energy 2009 (lasershow) - YouTube How is the laser kept at safe levels as it is being shot into the crowd? Low power output with smoke? High divergence?
  20. bobo99

    The "Brightest" Laser on earth - more WL fun

    "Bright enough to blind a astronaut" Wicked Lasers' S3 Krypton laser is bright enough to blind astronauts (video) -- Engadget Green Laser Pointer 1 Watt | S3 Krypton | Spyder III | Wicked Lasers