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    Today for sale I have a 100 mw green laser built by techlasers. Only $45 and that includes glasses, cleaning cloth, and even a case. See later post for more details and pics.
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    405-G-1 on green laser - Why not?

    Dont know if this has been done before, just thought Id throw it out their... I had a bare 405-G-1 lense laying around and the lens on my 100mw techlasers is pretty crappy, lots of scatter poor focus. I don't use this laser much so I swapped out the lens for the G-1. This required the removal of...
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    WTB new or used 405-G-1 in normal aixiz lens assembly. Cant seem to find it anywhere.
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    1w compilation

    Ive been reading allot of scattered information about different 1w 445 nm lasers lately. I'm having difficulty deciding which to buy and I know other people are also, so I'm collimating the different 1w lasers in one thread. The search for the best 1w laser falls into two categories: DIY...
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    I finished my 12x laser, it did not have very solid connections inside and it would not light a match quickly and burned about the same as my 100mw laser. I do not know why. I tightened up my connections a little but Im not sure if it did the trick. It burns the same and I put my 3.6 V trustfire...
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    Driver Setting Help

    I have a flexdrive that is set to 330ma (preset) and I want to adjust it to 360ma for my 12x laser project. I assume this is the threshold for this driver - 360ma for 12x (if not tell me...). I do not have a testload and I cannot use my voltometer because of the tight housing. Could anyone do me...
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    8x V.S. 12x

    I'm a little confused, it looks to me like the cost of a 12x is actually cheaper than that of an 8x. This isn't possible, is it?? Videoguys.com - Pioneer BDR-205 12x Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD Writer...
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    Heat Sink Trouble.

    I have two heatsinks that I need to join, they are somewhat loosly fitting and there are no screws to tighten them together. I was hoping to use some kind of glue but I'm not sure what kind would fascilitate heat transfer. Any suggestions???
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    8x Anyone???

    Does anyone sell effeciency tested 8x diodes??? I'd love to purchase one but it wouldnt be till the begining of January... :thanks:
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    blu ray goggles

    What color are blu ray goggles, where can i get them??
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    Beam Shots!!!!

    Everyone, grabb your most powerfull laser and take beamshots, lets see whats out there!!!!!! :wave:
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    Most Powerful Green Laser

    Whats the most powerful handheld green laser on the market? Beamshots?
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    white lasers

    I know that green lasers should have the brightest beam out of the colour spectrem, but does white have more beam visibility then that? what other colours can be made? ive heard of cyan, pink, and even brown (which sounds a little crazy) are these possible too? Just Wondering. :thinking:
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    Yo, from N.C

    Been reading the frorums for a couple months now and finally joinded!!! love this place. And of course this guy :gun:
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    12x Build - Is this right?

    Hi everybody, first post!!!!! I've read around the forums for a couple months now and finally joined. Any way, Im planning on building a 12x blu ray laser but I've got a few questions before I get started. A. What is a good current for these diodes? It seems like they can safely handle 400-430...