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  1. DTR

    Proper way to use a LPM to do a Power Test

    Due to a recent product review on an engraver head that the reviewer could not get to cut and engrave different materials at the rates advertised. I think there was an issue with the lens being contaminated during the testing but the reviewer did correctly call out an overstated power rating due...
  2. DTR

    Out Of the Blue

    Great article. "Nov. 29, 1993, came the announcement that stunned the electronics industry" https://www.forbes.com/global/1999/0906/0217066a.html#7eb55293867f
  3. DTR

    7W NUBM44-V2 450nm Laser Diode NUMB44-81/NUBM47-A1

    7W NUBM44-V2 450nm Laser Diode This is the most powerful laser diode that is known to be available as of 6/21/2019 Here is how the looks after being pulled from the NUB blocks. Here is the current king of the hill. The 6W NUBM44-V1(NUBM44-71/NUBM47T) is out of production for a...
  4. DTR

    ***TBD*** 520nm ??mW 3.8mm Single Mode Laser Diode

    ***TBD*** 520nm ??mW 3.8mm Single Mode Laser Diode """EDIT""" They are Sharp of course as there is an invasion of sharp lower quality diodes being sold as similar rated Osram diodes. So I get a few of new diodes here that was falsely being sold as PL520B. I have been testing which does...
  5. DTR

    Sharp 185mW GH0631IA2G 638nm Laser Diode

    Sharp 185mW GH0631IA2G 638nm Laser Diode 5.6mm Two Pin Diode This is a single mode 638nm diode in a 5.6mm package. Makes a very tight spot and nice beam. Datasheet Performance Test: Sharp GH0631IA2G 185mW 638nm Laser Diode DTR-G-2 Glass Lens
  6. DTR

    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm

    Sharp GH04W10A2GC 350mW 405nm I was actually pretty impressed with the divergence of these diodes. I had thought they would be much more divergent. Comparing with the M140 it is about half the line size using a DTR-G-2. These can be pushed very hard before they drop off. I don't know...
  7. DTR

    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode

    NUGM03 1W 525nm Laser Diode Bank These have been going around for a little bit and I have been slacking a bit on my testing threads but it is time to get back to work. These diodes are found in the NUGM03 laser arrays. The individual diodes are said to be 1W rated with a typical wavelength of...
  8. DTR

    Sharp 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode

    Sharp 490nm GH04850B2G 55mW Laser Diode Datasheet Testing Power test with G-2 Glass lens
  9. DTR

    Off to Thailand

    It has be a quite a while for me without a real break other than taking a weekend off or a family/personal issue which put me down for a few days and I am starting to feel it. Really need a real vacation and taking advantage of something that came up I am off to Chiang Mai in Thailand in a few...
  10. DTR

    SL S4/C6 20mm Adapter Build

    SL S4/C6 20mm Adapter Build Full 20mm host kit DTR 20mm Host Kit Adapter 20mm Diode Module Adapter Diode Modules dtrslasershop.com/diodes Sold the module out of the 2W S4 470nm Overdrive build that I did here http://laserpointerforums.com/f40/2w-470nm-c6-20mm-overdrive-special-100260.html...
  11. DTR

    2W 470nm+ C6 20mm Overdrive Special

    2W 470nm+ C6 20mm Overdrive Special I have been wanting to post this build idea for a bit and just got some time tonight to get it all together. It is a amazing option for those that want a very powerful 470nm+ build without breaking the bank. It is super easy to put together and so far I...
  12. DTR

    20mm Copper Modules for 9mm, 5.6mm and 3.8mm Diodes

    Since I added the 20mm copper modules for 9mm diodes a few months ago they have been very popular and have had many requests to make it a full set for the 9mm, 5.6mm and 3.8mm diodes. I have been working on the 3.8mm, 5.6mm versions and a machined driver shelf version of the copper back half...
  13. DTR

    Sony 700mW 12X S06J Laser Diode

    Sony 12X S06J Laser Diode Been working off Morgans old testing data and the graphs that were made from it which can be seen here. http://laserpointerforums.com/f38/new-kid-block-12x-bdr-s06j-56017.html So here is a nice new testing thread on it. It has been around a while so no need for...
  14. DTR

    Looking to automate generation of power curve graphs with data logging capture device

    I had been keeping my eye out for some time for one of the guys making Meters for the Ophir heads to add an input plugs for the power supply and output to the laser diode so it could add current and voltage to the data logging output. In lieu of that I have been looking around at a lot of stuff...
  15. DTR

    NUBM08 4.3W 455nm Laser Diode

    NUBM08 4.3W 455nm Laser Diode The new stock lens looks to be a shorter focal length lens. I will add more details as I get time to test them. The divergence from first glance seems the same as the NUBM44. The diode has a pretty hard knee at 5A. I think 4A will be the sweet spot for...
  16. DTR

    Osram PLT5-510 10mW 515nm Laser Diode

    Osram PLT5-510 10mW 515nm Laser Diode Here is a nice little gem. A green diode that can actually be run down to 5mW but also looks to be able to go way above rated output. Not sure where I would run these yet but looks pretty impressive. This diode does have a strange pinout and is case...
  17. DTR

    Memory Lane (Pic Heavy)

    Been thinking about the good old days. Pulled some some select pictures to share. They are in chronological order starting with my first build of a MXDL host from Jayrob and a A140 diode from Daguin through most all the builds I have done and other memorable moments...
  18. DTR

    Images down

    Had quite a few people contact me about my pictures saying they have expired over the last two days. Apparently Imageshack who hosts my photos had a major outage and was completely down. Yesterday on their facebook page they gave an estimate of 24 hours for being partially back up which some...
  19. DTR

    100mW NDG4216 515nm Laser Diode

    100mW NDG4216 515nm Laser Diode Here is a great new diode. 100mW 515nm Nichia single mode diode. It is a tough little guy. It can take a lot more abuse than the Osram green diodes. These look good for 130mW-150mW. Here is a power test done with the G-2 lens.
  20. DTR

    1W NUGM01T 520nm Laser Diode

    1W NUGM01T 520nm Laser Diode Finally got some free time and did some testing of the NUGM01T diode. This is with a G-2 lens ball lens removed. As others have noted this is slightly less powerful than the NDG7475 diode but not by much. The diode seems to have the same beam profile and divergence...