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  1. Sputnik77

    FS/FT REKE 500RGB RGB Laser Projector w/DAC

    Hey guys!! Been a while since ive been around here. I had some health issues that kept popping up and ruining my hobbies!!!! Anyway, I have a REKE 500 RGB in practically mint condition. Better actually, explained below. It was purchased through Hakzaw1 here on LPF a while back (6 months...
  2. Sputnik77

    SOLD: LaserBee II Laser Power Meter SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD LaserBee II 3.2W LPM More info HERE for those who dont know what this is. Practically brand new, 100% working. Only had it for a short while, and its only been out of the box to meter 3 lasers. Comes with the original USB-SERIAL adapter, and software disk. Even ships in its...
  3. Sputnik77

    FS/FT: 500mW 635nm Custom Ehgemus host **PRICE DROP**

    PRICE DROP NOW $150.00 SHIPPED TO US ADDRESSES Mitsubishi 635nm multi-mode diode running at 500mW (from DTR) Custom Ehgemus 16340 O-Ring host Flexdrive set at 700ma Custom non-eghemus knurled focusing ring. I machined this part and added it to the host. 3 element glass lens coated for "red"...
  4. Sputnik77

    SOLD: Custom 1.1W 445nm "Indian Larry" -- Gold Plated Copper HS -- Flame Design

    SOLD: Custom 1.1W 445nm "Indian Larry" -- Gold Plated Copper HS -- Flame Design SOLD I have the "Indian Larry" (it reminds me of some old school Indian Larry bike) 445nm running at 1.1w (from survival) MicroBoost driver set at 1.1 amps, heat sinked. 3 element glass, coated for "blue"...
  5. Sputnik77

    Question about Galvo Speed?

    Ok, Im trying to understand something about galvo speed. Say I have 10K PPS galvos (just as an example), which I take to mean they can handle 10000 points per second smoothly. Now, I have a show, running at 30FPS. With 10K PPS scanners that means I can have 333 points per frame and it...
  6. Sputnik77

    Nla/sold ----------

  7. Sputnik77

    445 Build in custom Laserlands host

    Heres my latest 445 build, in a customized Laserlands host. THIS is the host I used. However, mine arrived slightly different, for the better. It didnt have the flat typically machined on it for logo placement. Its not really quite enough heatsink for this diode, but it works well for a short...
  8. Sputnik77

    NO LONGER AVAILABLE 40Watt CO2 System, with PSU, Optics

    I have a 40W sealed CO2 tube (Chinese), a Universal Voltronics power supply that powers this tube very nicely (its actually for a much larger tube), 2 mirror mounts, 2 NEW silicon total reflector mirrors , and one NEW GaAs focusing lens. The only has a few hours on it. I had a cutter and this...
  9. Sputnik77

    Bad 3 element glass lens from Survival Laser

    I just got a 445nm AR coated 3 element lens from Survival Laser. Got my laser all assembled and noticed some non-typical anomalies in the output. It appeared to be a very dirty lens, however upon inspection it was spotless. The output actually appears somewhat if its going through a...
  10. Sputnik77

    FT: Coherent Red He-Ne Helium Neon w/PSU

    I have a Coherent CR90-20TM Red Helium Neon tube and power supply. It is an older model, but it lases perfectly. Optics are in perfect condition. Im not exactly sure of the output rating, but I think its a 10mw tube. It was an alignment laser for my Coherent 60w CO2, which is now dead. It...
  11. Sputnik77

    Anybody know pinout of this driver?

    This driver is from a cheap $8 405nm pen style from Amazon. Its been a while since I tore it down and I do not remember the pinout. Does anybody know this driver, or know how it should be connected? I will be using it to power a PHR-803T for the time being. Thanks!!