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  1. Blord

    For Sale: Cypreus II 445nm and 638nm lasers.

    I have two Cypreus II lasers for sale. These hosts are made by our skillful Sinner. :beer: He did a wonderful job about these casing. The material is copper. Everything is massive copper, from focus ring to the tailcap. This laser is heavy, it would knock a hole in the ground when dropped on the...
  2. Blord

    Stock clearance : 2 Watt 445nm laser for $150 !

    I am clearing my stock. These lasers have an output between 2 and 2.4Watt. I am using the beefier 9mm 445nm laserdiode for this build and not the regualr 5.6mm diodes. Also the G lens is included. You have the choice between the C6 or the 501B model. The color of the casing is only black. :)...
  3. Blord

    For sale : 2.6Watt 445nm Copperhead

    Sinner was kind enough to sent me some Copperheads. These beautiful lasers has a copper front while the rest are made in aluminium. All surfaces are polished very shiny. I have used an very efficient M140 445nm diode for this build with a G9 lens. The buck driver is set on 1780mA and the output...
  4. Blord

    Remove coating from lens.

    Does anybody know how to remove the coating of a G lens ? I have several lenses with a bad coating like stratches and burned surface. These lenses give a bad looking dots, flares and speckles around the dot. The coating need to be remove so that I can determine if it is the coating or the shape...
  5. Blord

    Tri-dot 660nm red laser in C2 host, warning picture heavy !

    Last year I saw Fiddy made a tridot red laser and I was amazed about the triangle dot like in the Predator movie. The three laserbeams from his laser wasn't straight and I decided to do it better. :) The aluminium heatsink was ordered from Mrcrouse. The heatsink was designed for the C2 host and...
  6. Blord

    Beware of the member Demented !

    I want everybody to know to be cautious with the member Demented. Here is his profile, Laser Pointers - View Profile: Demented He was interested in my 1.5Watt 501B laser. After the PayPal payment I ship him the laser. Few days after receiving it he is trying to scam me with the PayPal payment...
  7. Blord

    BTU Shocker 3xCREE XM-L U2 3x18650 Super Power Flashlight

    I am selling the BTU flashlight. The reason is that I find the flashlight too massive and bulky. It is a great light and throws very far. I have just tested it and it is working fine. The flashlight is new in box. The specs : ◎3* Cree XM-L LED (U2) CW with a lifespan of 50,000 hours ◎Battery...
  8. Blord

    Donation option

    What happend to the link of people who has donated the forum. Always interesting to see who and how much have been donated.
  9. Blord

    Lasers for killing vampires ?

    I like horror movies about vampires and other mythical creatures. Vampires are very susceptible for sunlight and I was wondering if you could kill a vampire with a powerful laser ? I don't know which part of the sunlight does the damage but ultraviolet is a good candidate. So slicing a monster...
  10. Blord

    Video of the red GF1 laser.

    I don't make much video's of the lasers. :) This is a custom build 660nm GF1 red laser. I was using the stock driver with one AMC7135 ic. I had to removed 3 of the 4 regulators. So the current is set at 350mA. Everything still works, even the modes. The laser has three modes HI/MED/LO and also a...
  11. Blord

    Macrophoto's Osram PL520 diode

    I want to share the macrophoto's of the PL520 diode. This diode is the latest addition to our laserdiodes. Well at least to our hobbyists. :) Like all the new diodes the package is 3.6mm. You have to see it in real life how really small that is. It is very tiny. I want to thank ARGLaser for...
  12. Blord

    Wanted: 2Watt 808nm 9mm diode

    I don't know if this diode exist in 9mm package but I am looking for one. Please pm me if you have one and want to sell it to me. Thanks all.
  13. Blord

    In Stock : 3-3.5Watt 445nm Copper Dominator, 2x26650 blue laser.

    Price drop to $275 I made a special Dominator with a copper heatsink and focus adapter. The 9mm 445nm diode is my best diode in available. ;) The laser is powered with two 26650 rechargeable li-ion cells. The buck driver is set at 2.4A current. Current draw at the tailcap is 2A. That means with...
  14. Blord

    Sold: 2.5+ Watt "Wizard Wand"

    Hello all, I have an Ehgemus laser for sale. The host is made off copper and aluminium. The surface has been polished to a mirror finish. Ehgemus had already polished the laser and I have done a finishing touch. :) The laser feels heavy in the hand. The switch is on the backend and feels...
  15. Blord

    Most efficient M140 diode ?

    I have build a Magic Stick laser with my most efficient 5.6mm M140 diode. The driver was set at 2A and it measures 1960mA. From a cold start it went straight though the 3 Watt mark ! :bowdown:
  16. Blord

    Sold: Ehgemus 445nm 2.7Watt laser

    I have build a beautiful Ehgemus laser. The host has a mirror polish and has 5 groves for extra heat dissipation. The diode is direct-press in the aluminium host. The heat from the diode goes directly into the host. Skipping the module and heatsink means better heat dissipation. The switch is...
  17. Blord

    No forum shown on my FF3

    Since last night my FF3 doesn't show the forum anymore. I am now using Windows Internet Explorer but I prefer using FF3. I have cleared the cookies but the problem persists. My other computer with FF3 has the same problem. Is something wrong with the forum code ...
  18. Blord

    Removing the diode from the module the HARD WAY :)

    I got myself in big trouble after pressing a new M140 diode in the copper module. The lensbarrel couldn't fit the module. Not any barrel. The hole was just too small. :( It looks like the thread was made for the M8 instead of the usual M9. So the diode need to be remove from the module. A...
  19. Blord

    Hi laserfriends, I broke my foot.

    On Sunday it has been snowing heavily in my area. I took 10 steps outside and slips away. My left foot has folded inward and broke my ankle. The surgeon put a metal plate on the bone and secured it with 5 screws. :cryyy: I am out for 2 month now and anything will be slowed. Even building lasers...
  20. Blord

    Magic Stick MSV3 2.3Watt 445nm polished host

    I am doing another thread about the Magic Stick from Sinner. This host is the V3 of the series. I have build a laser with the V1, link here. Sinner makes highly polish hosts and this host is a real beauty. You can buy it here, Magic Stick V3. :eg: This laser has now an aluminium tail switch...