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  1. rhd

    Head scratcher - can I make this circuit from relays, diodes and switches only?

    I've been scratching my head on this one for a bit, and thought I would see if any of the bright minds on here had any ideas. I want to design a circuit using a battery, a motor, 3 momentary switches and any number of relays and current rectifying diodes required. - Pressing switch "trigger"...
  2. rhd

    FS: CNI 40-45mW Custom 589nm Yellow

    For sale is a CNI 589nm laser made custom for me several years back. Discussed in a thread elsewhere on LPF when purchased. Very little used notwithstanding that it's probably around 5 years old now. Still looks beautiful. The power tends to hover between 40 and 45mW (see video here for a ~1...
  3. rhd

    8 channel 40 Amp buck for NUBs

    With separable tactile triggered MOSFET switch / power distribution daughter board.
  4. rhd

    FS: Spectra Diode Labs SDL-3450 Fiber Coupled Laser 10W 808nm JDS Uniphase JDSU

    Spectra Diode Labs SDL-3450 Fiber Coupled Laser 10W 808nm JDS Uniphase JDSU I originally purchased this here: NEW Spectra Diode Labs SDL-3450 Fiber Coupled Laser 10W 808nm JDS Uniphase JDSU The fiber end is just bare fiber, so you may want to terminate it, depending on what you want to do with...
  5. rhd

    OSHpark / OSHstencils like service for Laser Cut Acrylic - what's the site?

    I'm hoping to crowdsource my way out of poor memory. There's OSHpark for PCBs. There's OSHstencils for PCB stencils. There's someone, but I can't remember who, that follows the same model for custom cut acrylic. IE, cheap, small run (1 piece friendly) acrylic cutting, aimed at hobbyists, with...
  6. rhd

    Panasonic 3200mAh 18650s - $5

    Hard to beat $5 per Panasonic 3200mAh 18650, shipped. Panasonic NCR18650BE 3.7V 3200mAh 18650 Li-ion Battery for Electric Cigarette-5.09 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com
  7. rhd

    Simple and small battery gauge circuit?

    Does anyone have a simple circuit for scaling a battery voltage into progressive LED bars? Is it possible to do this with passive components? (I know there are ICs out there). I'm looking to scale the voltage between 3.0 and 4.2 into between 0 and 20 LED bars. Any creative solutions?
  8. rhd

    Case neutral host?

    I must be going batty here, because I could swear I posted about this yesterday, but I may have forgotten to hit submit. I'm looking for a case neutral host (IE, a host that doesn't use the case to return a feed from the battery). Does anyone have something that fits that bill? If push comes...
  9. rhd

    Inverting buck/boost - Case Positive Diode Driver

    Inverting buck / boost drivers have always hurt my head, but as I think about it, I'm starting to wonder whether this variant if switching driver may actually be the solution for case positive diodes. The V- essentially becomes continuous with the LD+, even though technically they're never...
  10. rhd

    WTB: Case neutral host, with proper driver pill.

    It seems harder and harder to find hosts with proper driver pills these days. It's even more rare to find a case neutral host (ie, the host does not return the battery feed). If you have something that fits the bill, let me know (and let me know what the bill you're looking for is!) Ideally...
  11. rhd

    GB: CNC'd Host + Driver for 40 Watt 460-465nm Laser Array

    Here's the nutshell. You guys may have seen Styro's groupbuy for Nichia 40W 460-465nm arrays (here). These arrays are very interesting. I have one in-hand. The challenge of course is what to do with an array of really unique diodes that doesn't separate or allow very good extraction. The...
  12. rhd

    "The Blues" - 449, 460, 478, 495

    I've been wanting to do a comparison of my diode blue builds for a while. I was hoping the 4-laser shot would turn out a bit better, but it's a start, I may try again in the future. Practically speaking, my 495 is such a low power build that it would be near impossible to get it to show up when...
  13. rhd

    High Voltage (42V) Boost - Schematic Review?

    A long time ago Sinner built me a version of one of his hosts that takes 3S3P 18650s (ie, it takes 9x 18650s). It's a monster. I've decided to build it into a flashlight, rather than a laser, so I picked up a COB LED that requires 42V. So - I needed a boost driver to boost 11.1V nominal voltage...
  14. rhd

    The REALLY Heavy Load - 30A test load

    The underside is meant to be attached to a heatsink / fan, like a CPU cooler. Thin aluminum will be used to level the various ICs, and then arctic silvered to the heatsink.
  15. rhd

    471nm 1.5W+ Nichia NDB7675 in module w/ Custom "Edge Driver" @ 2.7A & G9 Lens

    471nm 1.5W+ Nichia NDB7675 in module w/ Custom "Edge Driver" @ 2.7A & G9 Lens 471nm 1.5W+ Nichia NDB7675 in module w/ Custom "Edge Driver" @ 2.7A & G9 Lens This is a Nichia NDB7675, pushed to (and spectro'd at) 471.5nm, with a pre-soldered "Edge Driver" and a G9 single element lens. Output...
  16. rhd

    For Donation - Prototype 4.3A Buck, "34LIFV6V2"

    I have a whole bunch of neat prototype drivers that I'm not doing anything with. Usually when I prototype a driver, I make a couple at a time. I decided that instead of leaving the extras sitting on a shelf, I'll give some away. Here's the deal. Anyone who donates to LPF can have a space on the...
  17. rhd

    Analog (external pot) based PWM Driver - Does this look right?

    Although I've added externally adjustable current to drivers before, I'd like to do dimming the "right way" and add externally adjustable PWM. So, assuming I already have the driver that can take a PWM input, does the design I've put together below look like a valid way to create a ~3.9 khz PWM...
  18. rhd

    FS: Hantek 6022BE PC USB Digital Oscilloscopes

    FS: Two (2x) Hantek 6022BE PC USB Digital Oscilloscopes I purchased this (one of them) thinking they would be a small compact solution to my desire for an oscilloscope small enough to fit in my tiny (errr, non existent) work space. Unfortunately, I found this software too frustrating to...
  19. rhd

    The "Clean Edge" Driver - 2.85A driver for pushing 462s (478nm hit so far)

    I've got an extra copy of a driver that I put together for my Nichia 462 diode, and I'm wondering if anyone would like to test and review it? (and keep it when you're done) The idea of this driver is to provide a really clean output with very minimal ripple or initial overshoot. In theory...
  20. rhd

    The Inexpensive Engraver Mod Thread

    For a long time I've bemoaned the lack of easy user-friendly open source 2D laser cutter / engraver projects. While a purchase from BangGood isn't exactly "open source", at $90, it's hard to complain about this being the base for further development. This thread is meant to be a compilation of...