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  1. kecked

    Hologram Laser Questions

    Thank you for your comments and images. They were very educational and enjoyable. I’ve never tried holography but have always enjoyed watching the process.
  2. kecked

    Hologram Laser Questions

    I have one of the green tiny opsl. They are very sensitive to temp and intensity varies a lot if you don’t heat sink them and control temp. Amazing beam on them however. If you want one I’ll look for it. I never finished setting them up and stuck them in a drawer so they are brand new old...
  3. kecked

    Diode Press Tools Now Available for TO-5 & TO-18 12mm Modules

    Piece of pipe works. Finding the right size is the challenge. I have found pens of use. The extracted diode is however toast.
  4. kecked

    Banggood 405nm Laser Diode Replacement

    Can’t read the chips. I’d test each diode and resistor. I suspect one of the resistors may actually be a Fuse. the cops are likely an opamp of some flavor or a voltage regulator. The thing in the middle is an indicator. Looks like a 5.00 driver. Just Start over.
  5. kecked

    Always on visible laser?

    What does visible mean? In clean air the beam on most lasers is invisible. It needs to pass into dirty air, humid air or some medium to be seen. Ie it must scatter off something. If you mean the dot sure no problem. Likely you need a very low power laser. If you just want something to look...
  6. kecked

    Green laser recommendations for outdoor use, sunlight, up to 120 ft, identifying targets with someone close by

    Uy the cheap 10.00 ones off eBay. If they break no big deal. There is no point buying quality for this application
  7. kecked

    I need UV-C laser

    I’m looking for a 1w gamma laser that’s hand held and runs off 9v battery for 8 hours at a time. Prefer zero point vacuum battery if possible. unfortunately your request sounds like that at ye moment. 10 years from now maybe but I doubt it. uv is really hard on atoms and it is hard to keep...
  8. kecked

    Green laser recommendations for outdoor use, sunlight, up to 120 ft, identifying targets with someone close by

    I agree side splash isn’t an issue. Eye strike likely isn’t with 5mw at 120ft either but you have to Calc the mpe. try a cheap pointer and see what you see.
  9. kecked

    I need UV-C laser

    That’s insane power. The reflection alone will cause cataracts. What do you need this for? If it’s for cleaning a room there are led systems to do the job. Ablation? Ion detection in water? Ionization to remove dust? Pump for raman scattering? Just wondering. I bet the air would...
  10. kecked

    Green laser recommendations for outdoor use, sunlight, up to 120 ft, identifying targets with someone close by

    You might be able to diverge the beam enough so they can see it on the rock and have it be considerably safer but the risk will always exist of an eye strike. Holding something steady at that distance isn’t trivial. Plus if you can make the beam eye safe on the wall, I doubt you the pointer...
  11. kecked

    What happens if laser gain media is given constant velocity?

    The velocity of the photons does not change due to the rotation of anything. There is a velocity change on entry and exit. photons are not dragged around the medium. To a photon that wheel isn’t moving at all. You can’t move fast enough. Second the surfaces would have to be perfect so the...
  12. kecked

    circular polarizers for cameras

    pass the laser through a regular polarizer to isolate one polarization then pass this through a 1/4 wave plate at 45 degrees to the laser. This should result in circular polarized light. google is your friend...
  13. kecked

    Using a laser to trigger a camera setup

    Ok question. Are you trying to setup a tripwire for the camera or just a remote. If a remote just buy a wifi version. It’s made for most cameras. Now a tripwire is different because you need something wider. The odds of the horse touching the space of a laser are really small. It would be...
  14. kecked

    561nm Laser Pointer Presenter Received from Lasence

    I was cool with it. I only paid 30.00 for 36mw. Had a lot of fun. Just wish they would have told me the pump so I could do it myself. Now I don’t even have the dead laser to experiment with. part of the problem was water vapor. Well I could have enclosed it in nitrogen had I known. Now I...
  15. kecked

    561nm Laser Pointer Presenter Received from Lasence

    Well they stopped responding to me about fixing my 575nm laser with blown pump. I shipped it back to them and the claimed it was not made by them and that was that.
  16. kecked

    488nm and 505nm beamshots

    Blows my mind the difference in 7 nm in that part of the spectrum. You can go from 632 to 660 and almost not notice unless side by side
  17. kecked

    561nm Laser Pointer Presenter Received from Lasence

    The company with the 575nm was opt not lasence and it was not the opt in Europe. It was opt in China. They vanished. Lasence is legit and a good company.
  18. kecked

    For Sale: 5-8mW 589 nm pointer

    I did the same with a dye laser and 577nm is the sweet spot for my eyes. I however was in a dark room where everything around me was black. You will be able to call the wavelength of stop lights and flashing yellow lights if you practice.
  19. kecked

    Best signal laser

    If your signal,ing the alien ship they prefer uv. Use a 405nm.
  20. kecked

    Sharp 395nm 300mW Diode GH0393AA2G

    And then there are those that purposely stand in front of a 5W laser to watch beam shows