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    WTB. Ruby laser/parts

    Anything considered from complete laser to parts for building one.
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    140mw 532nm laser

    140mw green/532nm laser O-like module Aluminium finned sink, powered by a single 14500 Li-ion battery. O-like module rated 140-150mW. $200 shipped with charged battery. Highest quality build you can imagine.
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    Minichrome, one piece Cu sink. 280mW at 650nm

    Minichrome red build, one piece Cu sink. 280mW at 650nm So, here we have a minichrome build that uses a single piece of precision turned copper to form the sink and to house the laser diode, driver etc. The lens nut threads directly into the sink. Complete with Flexdrive 4.0, schottky diode...
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    Custom green with O-like 140mW

    Takes a single 14500 AA size battery (included). Produces 140mW so this is a good O-like module module. Uses a Romisen host and my own custom polished aluminium sink for continuous operation and excellent heat dissipation - $190 shipped. Still avaliable in grey...
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    280-300mW Red laser with copper module sink

    I have another of these lasers available to a good home... This laser uses a Romisen host and a copper sink for maximum heat disipation.  The laser diode is an long die open can from an LPC sled and is powered by a flexdrive 4.0 and 3.7V  14500Li-ion battery (included). The output beam can be...
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    Compact bluray/red modules (110mW/280mW)

    This is a compact sealed 'OEM' configuration laser module and heatsink (copper/aluminum) in one.  It IS the laser minus a $10 host which it will drop into if that is what you desire.  There are several hosts it will simply drop into.  Then it is a matter of inserting a battery. You can see in...
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    Sink&host combos for green laser modules (o-like)

    This is a custom green I built recently. Precision machined with aluminium finned sink and brass aperture cap.  $200 shipped with a charged battery 14500 to fund another laser project.  $220 for the polished stainless host.  The module is from O-like and is one of Susie's 120-150mW items. Pm if...
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    Plastic AR lenses for the red : virtualvillage.ie

    Seem to have good light transmission at 650nm. Anyone know of a better source where they don't want to charge $5 to ship each individual lens?
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    WTB: KES-400A empty sleds - no diodes

    I'm after the optics from this sled, so its fine if the laser diodes have been removed.  Send me a PM if you have something you want to pass on for a 'modest' cash return. Ideally I'd like quite a few of these sleds.
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    Feeler - pbs red

    Just curious if anyone would be curious to see  a red laser which uses two diodes and a pbs to combine the beams if I make a personal project. Obviously a class 3b laser, I'd have to classify it as a module or bench top and probably put an interlock on it along with all the other warning...
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    Green laser

    Currently I don't have time for requests, sorry. I do this for fun in my spare time and to support the laser community - and to raise a funds for other laser projects.  So if your wondering about the low prices, its about recovering the costs for the parts I need to buy and then something extra...
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    Deals on closed can reds (x16-x20)?

    Is anyone aware of some good deals on modest power, say 200mW closed can bare laser diodes at 650-660nm? Currently the cheapest way to buy red seems to still be a lpc sled at about $12 which gives you are 300mW LD but if anyone knows where you can find a bare LD cheaper I would be interested.
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    120mW Blu-ray super compact CR123A

    Copper heatsink as standard. This is a super compact stainless host that takes a single CR123A rechargeable battery.  It uses the flexdrive set to 120mA for 120mW after the collimating lens from a handpicked PHR-803T laser diode.  It uses a reliable twist on/off action which allows the super...
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    120 mW green laser

    All gone sorry.
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    Compact CR123A Red/blu ray burners. $140 ea

    Available in 280mW red (650nm x20 long die open can) with AR coated glass lens or 110mW blu ray (405nm 803T) with acrylic lens.  Copper heatsinks as standard. Flexdrive as standard.  Each laser takes a single CR123A battery.   The grey host is a clicky on/off while the silver host is a twisty...
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    FS:Compact CR123a flexdrive bluray/Red burner.

    Its compact with a flexdrive and copper sink.  Takes a single CR123A.  Its a bluray at 110mW - or is it?  Actually I haven't fitted the laser diode yet as I can also put a red burner laser diode in there at 280mW.  You chose.  Looking for $140 shipped anywhere.
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    OEM laser modules to the USA ok?

    So, that is laser modules to be incorporated within your own design are ok? So long as its not a complete laser?
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    Opening up a DX 200mW new wish laser?

    I'd like to transplant the module into a one of my host/sink combos but I need to get the module out without wrecking it.  The new wish doesn't open in an obvious fashion? http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.1997 Oh, mine does 120mW of 532nm light.
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    Tremble in fear- behold the mighty incinerator!!

    ;D  Fitted with a 2W 808nm laser diode, 18650 and D=25mm, f=20mm NA=0.5  aspheric AR lens for maximum burning at distance!   Also includes, graduated Iris to allow power variation and control on spot size.  No, its not fully operational just yet, but it will be in a  while!
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    Where to find a quality 100-200mW module

    532nm naturally. I just want the module, built in driver as well I suppose as I expect these draw an amp or so...?