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  1. mattmagic100

    (2) 445nm M140 1W Lasers with Mohgasm Drivers - $80 Shipped

    Title says it all. Gotta get rid of these guys...sadly. Message me if interested or have any questions. If you'd like, I can take off the heatshrink around the driver. Thanks, Matt
  2. mattmagic100

    445nm >1W Laser Diode in module (wired driver included)

    Hi everyone, My goal is to hopefully sell this by today and have the payment my today as well. I'm on vacation with my family and have to pay something off. In which case, if you purchase this, I will ship it out first thing Wednesday morning (since I'm on vacation and won't be back until...
  3. mattmagic100

    Google Glass Fund Raising

    Hey everyone! I recently got invited to be a Google Glass Explorer! However, I need to raise some serious cash to actually be able to receive my glasses. I was hoping that whoever is willing, could help me out! I truly want to take advantage of this opportunity and would appreciate any...
  4. mattmagic100

    How does my wiring look?

    ello all, I dont post much, but when I do, its usually because I need help with something and dont want to risk ruining any of my components. Today, I would simply like to make sure my wiring makes sense. Im using two 445nm Laser Diodes, both using laser drivers and being driven at approx...
  5. mattmagic100

    How does my wiring look?

    Mods, can you please delete this thread. Thank you.
  6. mattmagic100

    Will this work?

    Hi all, I'd like to ask for help regarding a battery question. If I use 3 of these... Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 1300mAh ID: 258 - $12.00 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits Two in parallel and then connect those 2 with the third one in series, will that be...
  7. mattmagic100

    How many batteries to power my project?

    Hello everyone, I haven't posted much on here because work and school, which have also kept me from learning much about the Arduino. However, I'm doing my best to start a new project, of which I desperately need help with when it comes to the Arduino, coding, and adding power to get it...
  8. mattmagic100

    Wiring a battery charger to a circuit

    Hello everyone, Can anyone explain to me where I would add a battery charger to a circuit where a battery is already wired into? If the battery is already wired into a circuit, should I just connect the charger directly to the positive and negative of the battery (extended wires from the...
  9. mattmagic100

    The MK-I Laser Thrower - Laser Flamethrower Gauntlet

    Hey everyone :) Thought I might share the latest and biggest build that I have ever done. I am very proud of it and am very happy with the results. Here is a link to a youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgpumWjWyMk&list=UUZo_71l2Ab4Er0LN5qcWIEw&index=1&feature=plcp Let me know...
  10. mattmagic100

    Trade Request

    Hello everyone, I cant seem to be able to raise enough money to buy a 445 M140 diode in a housing. Unfortunately, I need the money before Halloween because I'm working on a project that I'm going to be using for Halloween. But since I don't actually have the money for this diode, I was...
  11. mattmagic100

    Need machinist!

    Well, Im workin on my next project and need a machinist to machine me up some aluminum parts. I assume these cant be machined on a regular lathe so I assume anyone with a CNC or something to get these done. If you have time and can do this, I would truly appreciate it. But first I would need to...
  12. mattmagic100

    FS: Quadcopter Parts

    Hey guys, I'm selling my quad copter parts on Ebay to start a new project involving lasers. I'm not sure if I should be posting this here or in Other, so if there are problems, I'm sure the thread can be moved. Anyway, If anyone is into r/c stuff, here is your chance for great beginner or...
  13. mattmagic100

    Times like these...

    It's times like these where I really wish I had a lathe, metal shears, and a welder. I finally decided to start a really cool project that I haven't really had the money for, but now that I'm getting some money, I can use some of it to start my project. I realized that the most expensive part...
  14. mattmagic100

    Custom Gear Machining

    Is anyone able to machine me a strong aluminum or steel gear for a good price. Here are the specs: 24 Teeth 7/16" Hex Shaft 1/8" Thickness of the gear 2" Diameter 1/4" Pitch Its just one gear. If you can do this and give me a price, PM and we will talk :) If anyone needs a picture, please...
  15. mattmagic100

    Does anyone do CNC work?

    I want to start a build but since I have crap equipment, I can't make it look as nice as I want it to look. So, if you work with CNC's and could possible help me out, that would be great. I will be asking for price and if what I want machined is even possible. PM me if you have the time :)...
  16. mattmagic100

    Lumia Glass Question

    Is the Lumia Effect more of a diffraction of light or refraction of light? Please answer as soon as possible Thank you! Matt
  17. mattmagic100

    FS: 445nm Diode in module

    I have a blue diode that iv been using for a while. Recently, it did something weird with my Jib driver and seemee to LED. But i put the positive wire from the diode on one end of the resistor pads where it was soldered and it decided to work. So i assume that the diode works but the driver is...
  18. mattmagic100

    FS: Custom Hydguy Laser Host

    Hello everyone, I generously received this host from Hydguy after the 445nm diode Group Buy as a gift. I truly would have loved to use it and I HATE to see it go... but I am in desperate need of cash and will unfortunately have to sell this beautiful host. Here is a link to this beautiful...
  19. mattmagic100

    SOLD! - Fixed and WORKING 100mW Green Laser with TTL Modulation

    I am selling the 100mW green laser with ttl modulation that was originally broken but I was able to end up fixing it and now I want to sell it :) If anyone wants to see pictures of it working, let me know and I will definitely post some :wave:. There is a bit of splash but I think that was...
  20. mattmagic100

    FS: Broken Green laser with TTL modulation

    I am selling broken 100mW green laser with ttl modulation. something happened during one of the trials and the laser just went...."poof". :( But i think all that is need to fix it is to replace the cmount diode inside. To check what was wrong, i had to unattach one of the optics. Will some...