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  1. grainde

    What happened to my FS threads?

    As some of you might have noticed I've been away for a while. We just moved house again and had a baby girl all at the same time...Things were a little hectic to say the least.;) Anyway I was just looking at my signature and my old FS thread for my Sinner builds has disappeared? This is...
  2. grainde

    Tesla with laser

    Ive been meaning to post this for a while now. Just thought some of you might appreciate the sparks and laser beams! ;) The tesla was a kit off ebay and the fist laser my Sinner Cypreus IIIB 465 with 10x beam expander. The other colours are from my RGB PTEG 3D printed laser.:beer:
  3. grainde

    MT-G2 builds

    Well Ive been meaning to post this for a while now...well actually nearly 2 years! I just never got around to posting.:whistle: I have actually made 5 of these in the meantime and this time I decided to take some pics, so that Id have something to post! Ok so the host I used in the latest...
  4. grainde

    Happy Easter!!!

    Haven't seen a thread yet, so just a quick one to wish you all a happy Easter! Enjoy the time with your families and don't eat too much chocolate! ;) :beer:
  5. grainde

    Further price reduction!! Last 1 x 7 W 450 Mirror polished Phobos!

    On offer are one mirror polished Phobos and one mirror polished MS V1, both built with NUBM44 diodes! :) For those who might be interested in how these lasers are built, I have written a tutorial thread here.;) Here is an example of the mirror polishing! :) Specs Phobos - 7 W 450 M44...
  6. grainde

    Futher price reduction 2 x 7 W Mirror Polished Envy 450 builds!

    On offer are two mirror polished Envy builds with NUBM44 diodes! :) For those who might be interested in how these lasers are built, I have written a tutorial thread here.;) Here is an example of the mirror polishing - finished and whilst building respectively! :) Specs Envy 1 - 7 W 450...
  7. grainde

    Build tutorial for Sinner type hosts!

    Well I was going to do this as a FS thread with a small tutorial on how to build a laser, as I havent done any with these hosts, but it got a bit longer than I planned. So Ill just link the FS threads to this one. :D Ok these are the diodes I extracted from an X..J..V..1 projector. They are...
  8. grainde

    Possible risk 3 elements with high power lasers!

    Hi guys just a quick one. I would not recommend using a 3 element with a NUBM07E diode, or any other high power diode for that matter. I just finished a custom build in a Sinner Phobos and the diode was set a exactly 4 A with an SXD. I have never used a 3 element with these diodes, but thats...
  9. grainde

    16x 405 build in Copper Pen host

    Hi Guys I thought Id just post a few pics of a new build, I just completed for a member here. It might give some of you an idea of how I make my pen builds and help those of you who may have a pen host from sinner lying around. :D The host is made of pure copper and the 12 mm hole is actually a...
  10. grainde

    7 W 450 Sinner V1 FS! lowered price!!

    Just opening a new thread for my completed lasers! Below is my latest build :) I plan to add more as they are built, but I must find some drivers first...;) The laser FS is on the right and the 465 on the left has already been sold! Specs 7 W 450 M44 Sinner MS V1 host (new design) with...
  11. grainde

    New 589 build!! Only $ 8!!

    I was just going to update my previous thread on the Fasttech 589 LED, but then more and more pics came as I built and so I decided to just start a new thread. ;) So I finally got round to reflowing the emitter on a star and finishing up my mini 589 build. Although Fasttech states 1 A max...
  12. grainde

    Custom Sinner host builds

    Hi guys this is my new FS thread for Sinner custom built lasers.:wave: These are the hosts I have available. Here you can see the copper pressed heat sinks used in these hosts :) As I did previously with the grooves I will offer mirror polishing and GITD as options: GITD* (Green...
  13. grainde

    New hosts!

    Hi Guys Just a heads up that I managed to get the last of Sinner's stock of hosts. Ill be opening a FS thread over the next week, or so. As he only had a total of 17 hosts left and 3 beam expander adapters, I'll probably be offering them as custom builds. In total there are: 3 x 26650...
  14. grainde

    New led at Fasttech??

    Ive just ordered this, as the wavelength looks rather interesting! Might be a cheaper alternative for those wanting a multimode yellow! lol ;) https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10010780/3740401-cree-xp-e-a3-n3-62lm-595nm-amber-light-led-emitter Will update once it arrives with some pics.:beer:
  15. grainde

    All sold, thanks for looking! Polished Kryton Grooves!!

    Hi guys, as many of you will know I have run out of Kryton groove hosts and as such these will be my final offerings of Kryton Grooves. :( To commemorate this last sale however, I have decided to make a special limited edition polished batch!:D Here are some pics of the lasers in action. They...
  16. grainde

    SciFi repair help - ex SciFi customers only!

    Recently it has come to our attention that quite a few SciFi customers have had issues with their lasers. As SciFi seems to have ceased business, it is not recommended to return items to them for repair. Pman and I have therefore decided to offer help to those of you who have bought a laser from...
  17. grainde

    Updated including G lens! - 2 x PHR 803T Kryton Grooves!

    All sold, thanks for looking! 2 x PHR 803T Kryton Grooves! I thought Id offer a couple of much cheaper builds for those of you who might want a lower power starter laser. Please note, however 80 - 100 mW is still dangerous! The two 405's on offer here have an unlimited duty cycle and have been...
  18. grainde

    3 element lens info!

    Hi Guys This topic has cropped up a few times recently, so I thought Id just post a reference thread for the construction of a 3 element lens. The idea is simply to let people know how to re-build a 3 element lens, should they have forgotten which order and orientation the lenses fit into the...
  19. grainde

    Calling out Laserkid

    Hi Guys I would just like to say that Im more than a little disappointed with this kid. I have approximately 30 PMs where he asked questions about building a laser and I patiently helped him over 2 weeks with advice. He repeated the same questions, and ones I had already answered, over and...
  20. grainde

    Review: Syma X5C-1 (Pic Heavy)

    ---SYMA X5C--- Well something new for you guys today. After seeing a few of Thing's multirotor threads and getting an offer to review any item from Tinydeal.com, I decided to have a shot at testing a Syma X5C-1. :) Specifications Brand: SYMA Material: Plastic + Alloy Channel: 4...