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  1. danefex

    hello Lumia!

    Greetings LPF! I recently rebuilt my home studio after a few years of hibernation & being busy for too long. Upon finishing this I decided to incorporate my old lumia setup (thanks hakzaw!!) to project where I was going to put some influential artwork. I thought of sharing a snippet of what...
  2. danefex

    SBX S-Mini Adj driver dims with 2 cells

    Greetings! I've had a couple of these S-mini drivers from Pyro dating back months ago & recently used one of them in a build I've started. After soldering everything up I successfully tested the driver in low power mode, then soldered those 2 tiny resistors for high power mode - also...
  3. danefex

    LPF mobile - old version available?

    Greetings folks, I apologize for creating this thread & generally I almost never complain but I've been travelling & trying to access LPF on my phone to follow up with friends & customers and it's damn near impossible to navigate around this thing. I read through the closed thread 'LPF mobile'...
  4. danefex

    wicked fog outside rolled through today

    I was running out the door earlier today & went outside to some unusually dense fog. With just enough time before making myself late I grabbed my camera, set up the nearest laser in reach & shot it out my back window from inside the house. Of the few pics I took here's a couple of 150mw greenie...
  5. danefex

    Looking for LSX instruction manual

    I didn't want to start a thread asking this because I know one was here awhile back. I cannot find it searching LPF but I used to have a link + printed copy of the manual, it was lost when I moved a few years ago :undecided: Also cant find it on innolasers website. Can anyone share a link for...
  6. danefex

    BDR-209DBK16X in Sinners 1st magic stick!

    Hi folks! I may be a little late in the game on this one but I just finished my 1st 16X build tonight and wow, this is awesome. I was going to take a bunch of pictures and talk about how long I've had Sinners' MS-V1 on the side burner but after shooting this LPM video I couldn't believe this...
  7. danefex

    donation r@ffle - polished minisabre v2 462nm blue (USA + International)

    Hi folks. From time to time I get gifts from some people here, possibly because sometimes I place large orders or maybe because I try being a nice guy every now & then :crackup: Recently I was fortunate enough to receive a zombied 462 diode that still had decent output (yesss!!) With this...
  8. danefex

    WTB: ~1W RGB Projector

    Hi folks! I'm looking for a decent RGB PJ as the subject reads. I already own a cheapy REKE 500RGB & run it using LSX but the 532 module burnt out & I cannot replace it because the laser modules are glued in place (!?) rather than mounted & removable/replaceable. Now my REKE makes some great RB...
  9. danefex

    FS: minisabre v2 hosts+heatsink-dark smoke, silver, polished $20-$55 +build tutorial

    *out of stock* FS: minisabre v2 dark smoke, silver, polished $20-$55 +build tutorial temporarily out of stock - check back later * * *Minisabre v2 Host/Heatsink Kits for Sale* * * Greetings folks! I am offering these minisabre v2 hosts for you to create your own builds. These hosts are...
  10. danefex

    SOLD: polished minisabre v2 1.5W/1.7W with Mrcrouse custom focus adapter!

    Greetings folks! A few days ago I completed this beautiful polished v2 to fill an empty space in my laser storage case, but since then I've come across something else I want to use instead. SO I decided to let this one out into the wild & put it up for sale! I'm going to list this at a...
  11. danefex

    Where can I get these?

    Hi folks! A few months back when placing an order with one of the several chinese websites most of us have used before, I came across these thermal pads and decided to try them out. Turns out they worked really well for transferring heat between drivers and hosts as well as filling the empty...
  12. danefex

    How do you handle your laser?

    Hi folks! It seems that ridiculous polls are the theme lately so I thought join the fun & try one of my own, here goes :D Whenever you take out one of your lasers to mess around with or show it off to someone, which of these methods do you use when generally handling that laser?? Option 1 -...
  13. danefex

    1W - 2W 445nm V1 Minisabre kits assembled *variable output by request*

    Minisabre V1 LED Flashlight *A focus lens was used to measure the output power of this LED flashlight making it a laser and for the following pictures* *This unit is not sold with a focusing lens* Greetings Folks! This is an example of one of the V1 minisabres I have. I can customize...
  14. danefex

    powerful little sabre(s)... burning vid added

    RM9tl97VuNE :beer: Update: I built another one of these today using a blitzbuck set at 2A instead of a mohgasm driver. Of course a video of how it came out was in order, check it out! :D h0LInS4f7n4 Some burning.... :cool: jKKVm9L6CRE
  15. danefex

    SOLD: 4 Lasers for sale, various output 445nm

    Greetings folks! Up for sale here I have 4 custom built handheld lasers from my personal collection that I've decided to pass along to make room for new hosts. These lasers have various outputs depending on what kind of focus lens you use with them. Unfortunately I currently don't have any...
  16. danefex

    spaceman in the basement

    6qu9KltUjjI ...just testing a lasergun I have here & thought to share a clip ;) :beer:
  17. danefex

    2.3W Little Fathead (upgrade) - a flashlight is dead & a laser is born

    Greetings Folks! Here's my latest build & one of the most powerful handhelds that I own. I'm calling this gem my little fathead because that's exactly what it is, there's nothing more suitable for how it turned out ;) The Host - Trustfire TR-1200 5 Mode Cree Q5 I originally bought this as a...
  18. danefex

    1.7W Lighthound 2xAA (14500) 445nm Handheld Torchsaber

    Greetings folks! I'd like to share some pictures from another Lighthound AA build I finished today. I'm really happy with how this turned out & here's how it all came together. I had an extra one of these Lighthound hosts from when I planned & built a powerful little (1W) purple 405 laser...
  19. danefex

    !!!1W of purple!!! Lighthound 2xAA (14500) 405nm 12X Handheld Minitorch

    Greetings Folks! A few days ago I was happy to experience breaking the 2W barrier with this laser I'd just built & thought to aim for something groundbreaking (to me anyways) again! While I wasn't sure that I'd come close to where I was hoping to land, I am happy to share the results of my...
  20. danefex

    2.1W Cree SacredFire

    Greetings Folks! While I know many of you have already accomplished this, I'm proud to say that I've now broken the 2W barrier. 1.9W was my most power laser until last night, but after completing this it was goodbye 1999 all over again! With this project I wanted to use a larger host for heat...