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  1. Meatball

    Anyone use MATLAB?

    I'm a complete newb when it comes to the over-sized calculator. I'm also having trouble doing something rather simple - anyone here able to help out at all?
  2. Meatball

    FEELER: High Current PSU PCBs

    I'm working on a high current project here. Its essentially a constant current supply which will be fully adjustable from 160 mA - 54 Amps, at voltages from .5V up to 5.5V. It can be configured for driving purely resistive loads, delivering up to 250W through a .1 Ohm resistor, or can be...
  3. Meatball

    Switch driver design

    Hey guys. I need to make a PSU. I'll be driving a small impedance load (<100 mOhm) from a power source constrained at ~19VDC (Laptop PSU) to a fully adjustable current source. The ability to switch to constant voltage mode would be very good as well. Anyone here know of a any good SMPS...
  4. Meatball

    Resume Question for you all

    Ok. So. I've got an internship lined up for the summer. I'll be doing embedded systems programming/prototyping for Vishay R&D. But here's the deal: I've got to be applying for part time work again in the Fall. The research project at LANE was put on hold, so now I'm back to revising my resume...
  5. Meatball

    Tesla > Edison

    My sister sent me this the other day. Having thought I knew lots about Nikolas Tesla, I went ahead and read it. Its very amusing and informative, I hope you guys enjoy it! From the folks at the oatmeal, Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived - The Oatmeal
  6. Meatball

    DIY Specrometer Project

    Alright guys, I know some of you couldn't care less about what a spectrometer can do for you, but I found this kickstarter project which aims to sell $35 DIY spectrometer kits. Its webcam based and also supported by a community and the software developers themselves. While I think the setup...
  7. Meatball

    Olive Oil Fluorescence

    If you take a glass of extra virgin olive oil and "pump" the solution with a 405nm laser, you will see some red fluorescence in the form of a red beam through the container. Pumping with a 532nm beam yields an orange beam. From what I understand, this is similar to how ordinary organic dyes...
  8. Meatball

    Under the hood of an OPO Tunable

    So I got the chance to take some horrible cell phone pictures of a couple of the systems at work. We have a OPO (pulsed) laser which has been out of commission for quite a while now, so we were disassembling it. We had to remove all the loose optics and power/water lines that are a part of it...
  9. Meatball

    How not to treat your thermopiles

    So, this one is a 2006 Ophir head paired to an Ophir LPM. 3W max I believe. It got around 4 years of service and hasn't been touched for 2 years or so, and you can see why. The paint has been cleanly ablated off by our YAG, and the sensor portion has many-a craters drilled in. They tell me it...
  10. Meatball

    People as Blackbodies

    No, I'm not racist. I was wondering how they say they that living things emit IR bits of the spectrum, and how to determine which wavelengths and how much of it. If you could stand a person in the focal point of a large aluminum parabolic reflector, should you be able to direct all the emitted...
  11. Meatball

    150mw CNI 473nm $300

    Here's an amazing deal on ebay. 3 available. $295 OBO 473nm Blue DPSS Laser System - LaserGlow Technologies LRS-0473-KFM-00150-10 | eBay Yeah. Its that good.
  12. Meatball

    Only in Nebraska...

    Why? Bags of leaves
  13. Meatball

    1mw Green HeNe, 500mw 445nm pointer

    Shipping within the US or CA only. All items will be individually packed and shipped with the service chosen by the buyer. USPS and UPS services are available. For Sale: 542.7nm HeNe tube with 12VDC PSU included. Ballast is built into the enclosed tube. The tube has an aperture shutter and...
  14. Meatball

    What is science?

    Time to get some good discussion going again. So how about it? In only 4-5 sentences, state the definition of science as you understand it. No wiki- google- or webster quoting. Use your own definition in about 5 sentences or less. Here's mine: Science; 1. A research institution similar to...
  15. Meatball

    Co2 water coloring

    I'm considering adding some food coloring to the water supply to be circulated through my tube. Any reason why this would be unhealthy for the tube? ..or me?
  16. Meatball

    Deal on a YAG

    or possibly YVO4... anyways, its on ebay for $99, but shipping is the only real expense. Its untested because of it power requirements. This probably up there with the laserscope when it comes to the possible number of things on this device that can kill you or seriously maim you if not your...
  17. Meatball

    Why incident beams brighter?

    I've been thinking about this for a while, and now its just bothering me. Why is it that a beam is brighter when the beam propagates towards you, than when you stand behind the source? I ask because, I though that brightness would be a function of the number of particles in the air that...
  18. Meatball

    Meatball's "Blue" Sales Thread

    Its about that time when a man must pass on un-completed projects to make room, and to get higher prioritized projects rolling. A 445nm module, complete with Flexdrive V5 set to ~813mA IIRC, connections made with silicone wire, and collimated with an aiXis AR coated lens, all assembled within a...
  19. Meatball

    Almost as cool as a laser

    I finally got my Cree XML T6 emitter based flashlight from DX. I can make a 2 inch spot of light on the back of my hand from 2 feet away and feel heat on the surface of my skin. And I thought focused beams of light were that much better at transferring energy... turns out that incoherent white...
  20. Meatball

    $120 Shipped HeCd Laser Heads

    Used Omnichrome 74s. More than 10 available. Price jumps back up after today, but its still a nice price! Omnichrome Series 74 HeCd Helium Cadmium Laser | eBay Ooh... also found a Coherent Sapphire SS 488 at 60mw. $399...