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  1. grainde

    Why are all the good posts so old?

    Only a couple of members / scammers were driven out, but I think most left due to the website format change and / or personal circumstances. To be honest the website used to be a lot more user friendly and intuitive. There was also a rep system which many liked, some for personal status, others...
  2. grainde

    Searching 7 Watt Laser for an affordable Price

    I might be able to offer you something in that price range. Shoot me a PM and we can discuss it.
  3. grainde

    Sanwu RGB review

    I hope Tero got paid for the RGB photos on Sanwu's website...:whistle: The RGB does look good though and the price seems ok! Enjoy yours when you get it Alaskan! 🍺
  4. grainde

    FS: 650 O-like, 405 and 445 Sanwu Lasers

    Bump here too(y)
  5. grainde

    FS: Kryton Groove 638nm (1.1W)

    Good luck with your sale! As Len said there aren't many more of these around.(y)
  6. grainde

    What happened to my FS threads?

    Thanks Jeff, good idea, Ill send him a message. You too! Hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you and all LPFlers a happy new year! :)
  7. grainde

    What happened to my FS threads?

    As some of you might have noticed I've been away for a while. We just moved house again and had a baby girl all at the same time...Things were a little hectic to say the least.;) Anyway I was just looking at my signature and my old FS thread for my Sinner builds has disappeared? This is...
  8. grainde

    Sanwu RGB review

    Too true! Just saw your diffraction pics across a lake and they're fantastic! I think Bruce has some competition! ;)
  9. grainde

    Sanwu RGB review

    Gorgeous pics Tero and great review! :beer:
  10. grainde

    Gball lens remove

    I press the diode with the Gball intact into a module. Then use a small flat head screw driver and lever between the rim of the Gball casing and the inside of the module. This means you pull towards the centre of the lens ie pivot on edge of Gball casing. Do this gently and move around the lens...
  11. grainde

    !!Updated prices: New Kryton Groove FS Thread!!

    I have one in a MS-V1 host with a BDR205 405 @ around 850 mW, if you are interested. :) I also have an all copper Cypreus and a Cypreus IIB host available for builds. Feel free to send a PM if you'd like to discuss them. :) :beer:
  12. grainde

    DIY wax coating for aluminum parts / hosts

    Interesting and thanks for the tip. Al does stay nicely polished though, possibly due to the waxes in the polishing bars? And the fact that Al initially forms a thin colourless oxide coating which protects the surface ;) A neutral wax however would definitely be a very good idea for a newly...
  13. grainde

    BlackBuck 6 POT!

    I also had a pot break off. You can of course reflow it, if you have the kit (have done this with ICs and resistors etc), but the connectors are big enough to solder back into place with a fine tipped soldering iron. Pretin both the contacts on the board and the tip of the iron. Touch the...
  14. grainde

    Tesla with laser

    Thanks guys! Yes as Paul said AC. @ Paul no, no problem with focusing as I wanted the tesla and sparks in focus not the laser! ;) I could have increased the depth of field with a higher F-Stop but that would have given a much longer exposure and you wouldnt have seen the individual "lightning...
  15. grainde

    Tesla with laser

    Thanks guys much appreciated and glad you like the pics! :beer: Thanks Chris! I have a canon 1DMk4, but you can use any camera where you can set manual exposure. I took the pics around twilight just as it was getting dark. That way I could use a longer exposure without blowing out the...
  16. grainde

    Tesla with laser

    Thanks Tero! Nope still didnt get round to buying one. Everything was/is a little hectic here, we just moved and will be moving again hopefully into our own house the beginning of Sept. :beer: Edit: Cheers Andrew! Dont worry its the thought that counts! Glad you liked them. :) :beer:
  17. grainde

    Tesla with laser

    Ive been meaning to post this for a while now. Just thought some of you might appreciate the sparks and laser beams! ;) The tesla was a kit off ebay and the fist laser my Sinner Cypreus IIIB 465 with 10x beam expander. The other colours are from my RGB PTEG 3D printed laser.:beer:
  18. grainde

    LPF community dual 44 project, Share your ideas.

    Good luck, looks like a great project! :beer:
  19. grainde

    I'm back

    Welcome back! :beer:
  20. grainde

    Want to upgrade my 3W laser

    Welcome back, good to see you around again! :beer: