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  1. SteveT

    Golden glory - A few pics of my DL Spartan 589nm

    Here are a few pics of my DL Spartan 589nm. Like fellow member gozert I seem to have received a unit with stable output that appears to be on spec. These were taken with my Sony Xperia Z2 mobile phone with no fog or long exposures. Hope you enjoy. PS the cat was not looking at the dot :)...
  2. SteveT

    Review: 1.4W 520nm Custom build

    Overview Here's a review of my custom 520nm Ehgemus and DTR special build. I have combined a 1400mw+ NDG7475 module from DTR with a powder-coated custom host from Ehgemus. The host This is a 2 x 18650 aluminium host with a sublime white powder coat. I worked with Ehgemus to confirm...
  3. SteveT

    635nm 501b handheld by Blord!

    Hi LPF, Here's a mini-review of my 635nm 501b by Blord. Communication and Shipping First class; PMs (multiple ;) ) were responded to promptly and informatively. We did have a shipping 'glitch' first time around so Blord shipped a replacement unit at no extra cost; that is what you call...
  4. SteveT

    WL Shipment notifications - recent orders

    For those few that have ordered from WL recently (including me who didn't quite realise the extent of their 'reputation' until joining LPF) I ordered an Evo and Arctic late November, both of which took around four weeks to ship to the UK. The online order status for each item was showing...
  5. SteveT

    Jet Lasers Equality 532/500 mini review.

    I have owned many lasers over nearly twenty years and I must say the Equality series ranks among the best of them. Firstly, the customer service from Gray is absolutely first class; great communication and ultra fast shipping (China to UK in less than 3 days.) Jetlasers will certainly get my...
  6. SteveT

    Hello from the UK

    Hi there LP Forum members! I'm Steve from the UK. I'm married, a father of two and in my thirties. I've been interested in lasers for almost 20 years, and have owned a number of pointers and portables since my mid teens. I am an IT Programme Manager by profession but my real passion lies in...