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    WTB Osram PL530

    I'm in the USA. If you have a PL530-based laser, please send me a message.
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    Cutoff wavelength of human eyesight

    I always read that human sight ranges from 400 nm - 700 nm, but, IME, that's way off. For example: 365 nm super high intensity LED looks bright to me. (not sure what the q-factor is though) 808 nm laser is obviously not super bright, but at 200 mW, I can see the dot very clearly. 940 nm high...
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    Hologram Laser Questions

    It's been a long time since I posted, but I have a question that you can probably answer easily. I've been trying to get into holography and I've been struggling with a few things. I started out obtaining a 200 mW 650 nm diode laser module, a fairly beefy aluminum heat sink, some holographic...
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    Anyone ever played with a 1470 nm diode?

    I haven't heard much about them, but the wavelength is very close to a nice water absorption peak. I've only ever seen 1470 nm diodes at low power, except medical take-outs (I guess they are used for vericose vein removal). I was wondering if anyone here has experience with them. Obviously...
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    Long Time Lurker

    Hello. I've been lurking here for ages. I've always like this place, but never thought I had much to contribute, so I took forever to sign up, then took about just as long to finally post something (more looking for similar experiences than sharing soemthing profound). I don't have a very...
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    Bostjan's experience with Freemascot

    I decided to take a chance on a laser from Freemascot.com, after looking at the host and getting excited about the specifications and price. Basically, the listing stated that the laser, model LP00016, manufactured by Free Mascot, is a 405 nm direct diode laser with 500 mW of power, fully...