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  1. Eudaimonium

    It's been a while

    Hi. It's been 3 years since my last post here, even more since I was active in any sort of capacity. I am missing this hobby, and thinking of perhaps re-acquainting myself with it. Starting with this forum. I see a lot of new faces here, so hi everybody. Name's Eud. I'm from Croatia...
  2. Eudaimonium

    My brother published a book

    Hey guys, So my brother does some writing here and there and apparently you can self-publish your works via lulu.com, using their printing and distribution services or whatever. Didn't know it was that easy these days. Anyhow so this is his first publicly available work, and I know it's gonna...
  3. Eudaimonium

    [SOLD]: 1.8+ Watt 445nm "Sabre" laser

    This is considered sold to a member from UK. Thank you all! Hi folks. I'm selling my personal favorite (and coincidentally, the only laser I have) in interest of raising money for computer hardware. Specs: - Diode: M140 - Driver: Flashlight buck driver customized for 1.7 Amps output...
  4. Eudaimonium

    A heartwarming moment

    As you may or may not know, there is a very large number of war refugees fleeing from the situation developing in Syria and surrounding countries, instigated by Islamic State. Some estimated 14 million people are moving towards middle Europe or so. To the north-east of Croatia, Hungary is...
  5. Eudaimonium

    My Sitepoint article is up!

    Hey people, My first sitepoint article is up, it's dealing with a specific problem regarding game logic programming, using Unity game engine and C# programming language. Saving Data Between Scenes in Unity Let me know what you think, writing style, flow of the text, is it understandable and...
  6. Eudaimonium

    Femtosecond laser holograms

    Hey people, Came across this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoWi10YVmfE It's basically the idea we've all been around at, earlier - using the breaking of air with high intensity focused laser to create a hologram mid-air. We all kinda dropped it at the idea that sticking your hand...
  7. Eudaimonium

    Needed: 1x 250mW red diode, glass lens and lens springs

    Hi folks, I'm having trouble tracking down a simple red 650nm 250mW diodes - I though DTR's shop had them but I guess I saw wrong. I'm also looking for just one glass red-AR-coated lens to go with it. Also I need a few of those lens springs, I seem to have used all that up and I'm not up for...
  8. Eudaimonium

    Flashlight/Host review: GearBest UltraFire XM-L2 1x26650 light

    Hey folks, bringing you something new. FIRST: I have gotten this light for a review for free from GearBest simply by asking nicely. Kudos to them :) Now, moving on to the light. This is the one: UltraFire Ceee XML-T6 Waterproof LED Flashlight Their web page says "XML-T6" but on flashlight it...
  9. Eudaimonium

    Need to host MS SQL 2012 MDF database

    Hey people, figured I'd best ask around before putting in my email on shady websites, I need to host an MDF database file, created using Microsoft SQL 2012 Management Studio, along with a file/directory hierarchy, for a college project. I also have a local app that will access this database...
  10. Eudaimonium

    Need Desktop PC parts [Europe preferable]

    Hi people, I've ran out of options and turning to the forum for this. Here's the story: A friend of mine, a roommate, has a 10 year old laptop which is quite literally falling apart, and that's the most powerful piece of hardware he owns with no upgrades on horizon, not any time soon. Me...
  11. Eudaimonium

    Repost: 20x Surplus Guidesman sinks at $10 ea.

    I'm still to sell those. Shipping is free as always. $200 for entire pack - Or best offer.
  12. Eudaimonium

    Free The Sims 3 game keys!

    First come first served: I bought Humble Bundle on Origin, got 8 games, one of which is the Sims 3 with following addons or whatever: The Sims 3 High End Loft The Sims 3 Late Night And the game itself. Three keys to first "I'll take it!" public post. PM's are ignored unless you post.
  13. Eudaimonium


    Hey people, Anybody else being thoroughly prevented from using the forum lately? This firehost thing totally went insane, it popped up at least 10 times in last two days, and now it's completely preventing me from replying to a PM. Replying doesn't work, typing a new reply doesn't work...
  14. Eudaimonium

    HLSL Coding help

    Alright I know there are some advanced coders there, I recently started getting aquainted with 3D graphics and all, wanna start a few learning projects (among which is a rudimentary 3D engine), and on the way picked up some shader coding. Anyway, here's the problem. I have a shader file that...
  15. Eudaimonium

    20x Guidesman sinks

    Hey people, got 20 Guidesman sinks made a while back that I need to get rid of. They will go at $15 each. That's $5 less than price now. No minimum order, shipping still free anywhere on Earth. If you're on Moon let me know. NOTE - There are several "Guidesman" hosts and copies around the...
  16. Eudaimonium

    Eud's shop - announcement!

    Hey folks! As of recently, Croatia is a member of the grand European Union! Yay! To celebrate this grand event, my pseudo-famous shop is... ...raising prices. ALL heatsinks and services as of now are up by $2 precisely. C3 sink is no longer $8, it's $10, and SAIK is no longer $20, it's...
  17. Eudaimonium

    Quick NPN switch question

    Greetings, have a friend and he has a problem, Basically he cannot find a way to make this work. Tried a 4k and 10k ohms in-line, it doesn't appear to be switching the NPN properly. The comparator is powered and calibrated, and works correctly. Ideas for connecting it to NPN?
  18. Eudaimonium

    WTB: 1" 32tpi Tap

    Greetz, I need an imperial 32tpi, 1 inch wide tap, prefererably bottoming one. I had a few bookmarked on eBay, all are gone. Cheapest I can find is $52, I was hoping somebody around here has one spare that can offer cheaper. I need it to manufacture some Melles Griot beam expander adapter for...
  19. Eudaimonium

    [SOLD] 10x Q5 sinks = $85

    SOLD Hey guys, Got some surplus from a not-accidental-miscalculation-at-all event, these are ten heatsinks: They fit into this host: So these would normally go for $100, but I'm offering it at my special "One and a half free heatsinks which is like, $85" discount which I just made up...
  20. Eudaimonium

    Mozilla Firefox running glitchy and slow-y

    Hey people, Googled the internet upside down, no dice. Anyway I'm experiencing some weird crap with my Firefox. It keeps alternating between "Running fine" and "Viewing my own monitor through TeamViewer" performance. Gamer's estimation is that it drops down to about 10-12 Frames per second...