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  1. Photonz

    WTB: 2D Maglite Host with Heatsink

    Hey all, as the title says, I'd like to buy a 2D Maglite host for another build so if any of you have one available for sale let me know!:thanks:
  2. Photonz

    PRICE DROP!: 200mW 520nm Polished C6 for $180

    I’ve decided to let go of my 200mw+ 520nm C6 from Nprlaser. You can find the details here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/200mw-520nm-nprlaser-90434.html This laser is going for $180 (free shipping) but that also isn’t permanent. This laser has a few minutes of run time + the time used by...
  3. Photonz

    200mW+ 520nm from Nprlaser

    I recently participated in a trade with Nprlaser, and we asked Styropyro who kindly agreed to be the “middle man”. Everything went smoothly, and we both got our lasers in a timely manner. I received his excellent 200mW PLP-520B1 Polished C6 for my 2.3W Stainless Steel Build. I measured mine in...
  4. Photonz

    Sketchiest Laser You've Ever Seen? Plus 100Million Watt Laser!

    So we've all seen the laser 301 scams with chinese companies claiming their $5 lasers are rated at 200mW. But.... today I found something just absurdly ridiculous. Here's the link:crackup:: focusable high power blue laser pointers 500000mw 50w 450nm burning match/paper/dry wood/candle/black free...
  5. Photonz

    SOLD!!! $25 shipped!!! ~90mW 532nm Laser!!!!

    I saw numerous threads of people buying these infamous "Laser 301" lasers so naturally I thought, why not buy one myself to see how bad they really are. However, I must have gotten somewhat lucky because mine does 86.8mW with only 8.1mW of IR which means 78.7mW of pure 532nm goodness:D So, I'm...
  6. Photonz

    LPM Graphing: Connection Problems.

    I have a Radiant X4 LPM and I tried using both the radiant and peregrine software and neither one recognizes my LPM. I've tried 4 different cables and made sure the datastream setting was set on the correct one for each software. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. :thanks: Extra: I'd...
  7. Photonz

    1,000,000th Post LPF Edition Laser?

    I know we started talking about it in the other thread, and I think we should start a group buy for the millionth post engraved lasers from laserglow. It'd be something that members could participate in and essentially take their own piece of LPF history home. Just and idea! Post your thoughts:)
  8. Photonz

    New 462nm Diode?

    Did anyone else see this on DTR's page? Link: http://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/m462-462nm-laser-diode
  9. Photonz

    Traded:2.3W+ 445nm Stainless Steel Laser!

    Traded, no longer available I’ll be selling my 2.3W+ 445nm Survival Laser Stainless Steel Build. I don’t have much use for it as I already have my 3W Mag Machine, a 1W handheld, and a single mode 450nm build, and I need some funding for my current project:eg: I am open to any offers OR TRADES...
  10. Photonz

    3W Mag Machine!!! [PIC HEAVY] 9mm 445nm Build!!!

    Hello LPF, today I present to you THE MOST POWERFUL laser I have ever built. You can find the build thread HERE:lasergun: First, this machine of pure amplified light could not have come into existence had it not been for a few, very much appreciated members here; Mrcrouse, DTR, and Flaminpyro...
  11. Photonz

    WTB: Best Laser(s) for $200?

    So I recently got my hands on $200 of expendable cash and of course it's going toward lasers:p. I know this is an expensive hobby, but I was wondering what is the best, most ***y laser $200 can buy/build. I am open to any wavelength, and power (above 5mW) combination, and if possible, I'd like...
  12. Photonz

    [SOLD]: Lazerer Rifle Host Polished

  13. Photonz

    1.85A LM317 DDL Driver w/ M140 diode

    I just built (on my bredboard - not recommended) an LM317/DDL Driver to run a m140 diode at 1.85A and it works! I had seen a few threads with people asking about using this driver for an M140 diode and I saw some skepticism. Well now here it is, a working 1.85A driver! Homemade too for very...
  14. Photonz

    9mm 445nm 2D Maglite Build [COMPLETE]

    Build is Complete! :wave: Check Page 2!:wave: So I recently ordered a 2D Maglite from Mrcrouse and felt like documenting the long journey that is the building process.:wave: My plan is to build one of DTR's 9mm diodes with an x-boost set at 1.8A into one of Mrcrouse's 2D Maglite hosts...
  15. Photonz

    D Cell Battery Capacity

    I'm going to be doing a build with Mrcrouse's 2D Maglite and i'll be using an x-boost set at 1.8A with either a m140 or a 9mm 445nm diode. Will two 1.5V D Cells be enough to boost off of? I researched the capacity and a few websites said each cell has 14000mah which is beyond what I need, but as...
  16. Photonz

    Only 1.8W from 3W Laser

    So I put together my "3W" build For this I used: 9mm 445nm Diode 3 element - DTR 2.2A Driver and Pill Combo - Survivallaser 2x 18350 AW 700mAh Batteries - Lighthound Host: DIY Stainless Steel + Extended Heatsink - Survivallaser After putting it together... it only reads 1.8W on my LPM with...
  17. Photonz

    WTB: Heatsink for Lazerer Rifle Look-a-like Host

    Hey all, I've had this polished lazerer rifle host for quite some time (just like this host here) and wanted to finally build a laser in it. However, when I bought the host, it didn't come with a heatsink. If anyone has a heatsink for this host I'd be glad to buy it. :thanks:
  18. Photonz

    Laser Driver from Scratch

    Hello all, it has been awhile since I've been on the forum and now that I have some time for a little while I wanted to create a circuit from scratch instead of buying a pre-set driver. I'm assuming it is more complex than just a few resistors in series to limit the current for the diode so if...
  19. Photonz

    WTB: RPL Style Host

    Hello all:) I am looking for a optotronics RPL style host for a build and was wondering if there are any for sale on the forum, online, or if any of the machinists have some. It would be awesome if it could accept a 12mm module and have have forward-clicky button(non-tailcap like the actual RPL...
  20. Photonz

    PL450B Build in C6 Host +Beam Shots

    Hello all, First of all thanks for the help of some members like livinloud and grainde (and others who replied to my question thread) for clearing things up and letting me know what would or wouldn't work with this build. Now to start off, I bought a PL450B diode(pre-pressed) from DTR and ran...