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  1. laser_freak

    Quad 642 / 660

    I have slowly been learning as much as I can about combining methods and planning my own quad. After days of planning, weeks of waiting for parts to arrive, and hours of aligning I can finally say I have finished my first multi-diode combiner. It uses: 2 lpc-826 for ~475mW of 660nm 2 HL6385DG...
  2. laser_freak

    Misc items - Everything for sale!

    I need to sell a few things ASAP. If you want me to verify any item's working condition, PM me. I am open to reasonable offers. Shipping is not included in the prices below. I apologize for the low quality photos. AixiZ 50mW 532nm lab module. I believe it can be driven to >50mW with a...
  3. laser_freak

    DC/DC power supply regulation

    I have a regulated 9V AC/DC power supply suppling an unregulated +/- 12V DC/DC power supply. Will the regulation from the AC/DC supply allow for a regulated output from the DC/DC supply?
  4. laser_freak

    Searching for battery contact springs

    I am looking for battery contact springs for my pen hosts. I am aware Odicforce (Contact springs for use with driver boards for battery connection, 5-Pack - Detailed item view - OdicForce Lasers Online Shop) sells them, but I am looking for something closer to my side of the pond. I searched...
  5. laser_freak

    LPM, current, voltage, and temp USB logger - feeler

    A while ago I designed a circuit to simultaneously measure optical power, voltage, current, and temperature, as well as log the data via USB. This would enable concurrent PIVT (optical power, current, voltage, and temperature) graphs to be quickly and easily generated. The idea is not new, and...
  6. laser_freak

    Optics from a LPC-815 sled

    I remember reading a thread about this before, but I couldn't find it so: does anyone know what optics are in a LPC-815 sled? Also, any suggestions on how to remove the optics without damaging them? -LF
  7. laser_freak

    DIY TEA laser

    Homemade T.E.A. Lasers. I didn't know if anyone has seen that before. My apologies if this has already been posted, but I saw it on Hack a Day and thought it was neat. Anyone have any experience with these types of lasers?
  8. laser_freak

    I just bought a Sennheiser HD650

    I just received my Sennheiser HD650 headphones. They sound amazing! Now I just need a better headphone amp. Is anyone else here an audiophile?
  9. laser_freak

    WTB 200mW-ish 532nm lab laser with analog modulation

    I am looking for a 200mW-ish (100mW to 300mW) 532nm lab laser that has analog modulation. I do NOT want it if it ONLY has TTL modulation. Thanks!
  10. laser_freak

    Pila IBCT charger and AW protected 18650 batteries review

    A week ago my DSD 18650 battery charger broke and my crappy no-name 18650 batteries were barely holding a charge so I bought the nicest batteries and charger I could find. The Pila IBCT charger (link) and the AW protected 18650's (link). First the Pila IBCT charger: It is one of the more...
  11. laser_freak

    1.2W DIY 445nm in Spyder II host

    I've had an old Spyder II host sitting around, collecting dust so I decided to turn it into a nice 445nm laser. *click each image to see the full-size version* Safety was my main concern while building the laser. As you can see I bought a pair of certified OD 7+ 190-532nm safety goggles from...
  12. laser_freak

    Are diodes killed by mW or mA?

    We've all killed at least one diode. I know that when you power it with way to much current, the little wires connecting the pins to the actual laser diode chip will act as a fuse. However, when they don't act as a fuse (and it isn't the fault of ESD), is it the optical power or the electrical...
  13. laser_freak

    AW 18650 battery and Pila IBC charger the best?

    I've heard many times that the protected AW batteries are the best: AW 18650 Protected 2600 mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery - New Version I've also heard that the Pila IBC charger is also the best charger: Buy Pila IBCT 4-stage Charger, AC Adapter | Pila BC01-AC01 Since the AW battery and the...
  14. laser_freak

    micro boostdrive vs flexdrive from 18650 driving 445nm LD

    I've heard that some people are using the flexdrive with an 18650 battery to power their 445nm diode at >1A. The flexdrive can't boost the voltage. The 445nm diodes require >4.2V when driven >1A. An 18650 battery is 4.2V fully charged. How is running these 445nm diodes at >1A on an 18650...
  15. laser_freak

    LASORB usage (with 445nm)

    I just stumbled across the LASORB at dr. lava's website: http://hacylon.case.edu/ebay/laser_diode/LASORB.php It's offered in two different forms, IR/red and 405nm. From the datasheet, it says the 405nm version is designed for operating voltages from 4.5 to 6.5 V. However, I plan on running my...
  16. laser_freak

    AixiZ 405 glass lens out of stock

    I just bought a bunch of AixiZ modules and a 405 glass lens from AixiZ (aixiz.com StoreFront). However I've recently read that there has been a very low supply of these lenses and that they have been out of stock for the past week or so. However, on their website I can't find a single mention...
  17. laser_freak

    WTB a140 445nm

    I'm looking for a 445nm diode from a a140 casio projector. I'm not sure if I really need/want one, but I haven't seen anyone selling them. If someone has a reasonable price on one I'll buy it.
  18. laser_freak

    Casio a140 vs a130

    AFAIK, no one has done a definitive test to see if the diodes in the a140 are more powerful than the ones in the a130. It would make sense they are (although it could be the diode simply driven at a different current). I also don't get why all the GBs are for the a130 projector when the a140...
  19. laser_freak

    Join date of members

    I'm starting to notice more and more that there aren't very many people that joined this forum before 2008. I also find it odd that I joined the forum before people like daguin. I'm almost positive that daguin was around when I joined. :thinking:
  20. laser_freak

    LED status light mod for lava micro flex/boost drives

    I need a status light for my upcoming 445nm build. Would there be a way to easily mod either the flex or the boost driver to also drive a small LED? Also, I doubt I'll be able to do this, but could I simply connect the LED in series with the laser diode? Or maybe even in parallel?