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  1. pwnstar

    Very geeky bumpersticker

    I saw this and I thought I should post it. Its relating to wavelengths and blueshift's. If This Sticker Looks Blue You're Driving Too Fast... Bumper Sticker At first I didn't get it, but when I looked it up I read that if you were moving towards a red light source at 1/16 the speed of light...
  2. pwnstar

    Selling Cheap RAM and other stuff

    This thread is now dead. The rest of the RAM and all current RAM that I get will now be sold on eBay. I currently have no more stock everything has been sold. Thank you all who purchased from me! I have a big surplus in computer parts laying around that I would like to sell. (Need some...
  3. pwnstar

    Walmart Fog Machine (Picture Heavy)

    Just wanted to share my experiences with this fog machine from Walmart. I have had it for about a week now. There is another review or two of this same fog machine on the forum, but I have to show you my pics! Fog Machine - $25 Fog Fluid - $10 First I would like to say this fluid lasts for a...
  4. pwnstar

    Troubleshooting 635nm Diode

    10 pcs. 635nm red laser diodes DL 6353TL 7mW NEW Ten 10 - eBay (item 380165816584 end time Oct-14-09 06:16:30 PDT) I ordered this diode in a 3-pack, but I am having trouble with the polarity. I assumed it was case negative like the regular DVD burner diodes. Just a few minuets ago I soldered...
  5. pwnstar

    WTB: Clicky Switch

    I need a clicky switch for a Kriton V1 of mine. I ordered the gold plated ones a long long time ago but they were declared back ordered a few days after. I cant wait any longer. Ill take either type, I just want to get a switch in my laser. Ill paypal 4$ to whoever can send me one. That should...
  6. pwnstar

    DNA Sequencer Help

    Applied Biosystems 310 DNA Sequencer This is 30 minutes from my house. Does anyone know what laser would be inside? like a Argon-Ion laser or what power? The listing says its free I'm trying to contact the seller now. I need help to know if its worth my time to get it. Thanks, Grant
  7. pwnstar

    WTB: HeNe power supply

    I'm looking for a HeNe power supply with the high voltage resistor. I'm not looking to spend too much, but if you have something let me know. I shorted out my last one. =/ Thanks
  8. pwnstar

    Laser Specification Sheet. Never forget what’s inside your laser!

    This is a template I made to help me document every detail of each laser I own. It might be a good idea to fill one of these out for each one of your prized lasers too. If you do fill one out, print it and keep the sheet with your collection for later reference. That way if you drift away...
  9. pwnstar

    WTB: Spacer for clicky from Kriton V1 barrels

    WTB Spacer for clicky from Kriton V1 barrel. I know that if you have one you are probably using it, but just incase there is an extra floating around. Im looking for one and cant quite find somthing that fits from Home Depot. Thanks, -Grant
  10. pwnstar

    635nm diode question

    I bought three 635nm diodes off eBay but I want advice on how to run them. Theses diodes are rated 7mw but some of you run them up to 15mw. at 7mw they are more like 637-639nm at 15mw they are more like 640-645nm My question is, is it more impressive to under clock the diode and get more of an...
  11. pwnstar

    storing lenses

    Does anyone have good way to store the lenses that you take out of the sleds? I have just been keeping them in a big zip-lock bag but that's probably not the best way to do it. I know I'm going to want to use them someday, but not if they are all scratched.
  12. pwnstar

    Cheap laser levels

    http://www.woot.com/ 2 laser levels for 11$ shipped. Its on for sale today only 10/21/08. tomorrow will be a different item. Because it says "Dual laser beam, horizontal or vertical" you can probably get 2 good diffraction gratings out of each. or you can just use one to level stuff! lol...
  13. pwnstar

    Lyra-E from The LaserGlow cleaning sale

    Ok so I got the Lyra-E from scopeguy20 and I am very impressed overall by its stong feel and its classy case case. http://www.laserpointerforums.com/forums/YaBB.pl?num=1204138556/80 It is much better than the DX stuff Im used to. very heavy and soled feel to the laser with a stable output...
  14. pwnstar

    Yobresal red died

    :( My 150mw Yobresal red laser is now a led, but I want to know why. When the laser diode turns into a led, is it expected to heat up faster than normal? Because it feels too hot to touch after about 10 seconds. I'm going to check the current its getting in a minute but it should be already set...
  15. pwnstar

    Blue 473 nm on DX

    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12803 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12804 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12805 http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.12806
  16. pwnstar

    Waveleangth in relation to energy

    Im finishing up my senior year of high school and today my chem teacher started talking about waveleangth, frequncy, amplatude and its relation to energy. Its good the forum taught me most of this already, it should be a easy week :) I wana share alittle of todays lesson and also refresh my...
  17. pwnstar

    Powering the HeNe Help

    Ok. so I have most of what I need to hook up a HeNe. now I'm really new at this so i just need to ask basic questions like.. Does the tube have a positive or negative end? and if im useing a 5mA HeNe power supply do i need to watch my mA? here is what I have =P thx to Senkat and Wannaburn
  18. pwnstar


    Happy 4/20, I hope your laser beams are bright and visible tonight. =P
  19. pwnstar

    Superhero Crocodile With A Laser Beam

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=K5KxG4q6QFw&feature=related lol, I'm sorry but i found this very funny! i thought i would share...
  20. pwnstar

    HeNe lasers

    Besides the reason that HeNe's look kool as hell, What advantage does a 5mw HeNe laser have over a 5mw diode laser? If I had one, what could I do differently with a HeNe?