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  1. Shmackitup

    Diode Press Tools Now Available for TO-5 & TO-18 12mm Modules

    I just got these in. Made from stainless steel so they'll be sure to last. Use Promo code LPF for a 5% discount on your entire order. https://www.barnettunlimited.com/product-page/laser-diode-press-tools-for-to-5-to-18-12mm-modules
  2. Shmackitup

    3D Printable Laser Diode Press Kit for TO-5 and TO-18 Laser Diodes and 12mm Modules

    I've been tinkering with 3D design a little bit and decided to make something useful for the community. After a few tweaks and some trial and error I have working designs for both TO-5 / 9mm and TO-18 / 5.6mm laser diodes. Since they're made from plastic they're certainly not as durable as the...
  3. Shmackitup

    G-Ball Adjustable Lens Adapter - Focus Fixed Lens Laser Diodes

    G-Ball Adjustable Lens Adapter Add adjustable focus to your fixed lens "G-Ball" laser diodes. This adapter will thread on to most standard diode modules that accept M9 x .5 lenses. You can now use an adjustable lens to correct the focus of your laser diode. Most standard M9 x .5 lenses are...
  4. Shmackitup

    New Blue Diodes - NUBM4F

    Just came across these. Likely the newest version of the NUBM44's.
  5. Shmackitup

    For Sale: Osram PLPM4L 450B - 60W+ 450nm Diode Arrays

    I picked up a few of these little guys if anyone is interested. They can be pushed upwards of 80 watts. They're $175/ea +shipping. Not for beginners! I accept PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp and Crypto. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  6. Shmackitup

    NUBM46-71 Diodes

    Unexpectedly came across these diode blocks while taking apart a projector today...
  7. Shmackitup

    NUBM34 Laser Blaster - 115+ Watts of Intense Blue Photons

    The NUBM34 Laser Blaster I decided to build a laser blaster using the NUBM34 laser diode array. This thing is insane! I ran two rows of diodes in parallel to the other two. Powered by a Milwaukee 18V battery pack and this is the boost driver I used...
  8. Shmackitup

    Virgin NUBM44 Laser Diodes For Sale.

    I have a few of these brand new diode blocks that weren't removed from projectors. They don't have tinned pins and have never been used whatsoever. These are the latest version of the NUBM44 diodes. I am only offering these on LPF for now. I can do individual diodes for $75 + shipping I can...
  9. Shmackitup

    All Copper "44" Beast!!!

    Finally got around to building this beast... Solid Copper Tùng Laser Host NUBM44 Laser Diode in 12mm Copper Module Multi-Function Driver: - Group 1: Lo(5%) > Med(40%) > Hi(100%) - Group 2: Lo(5%) > Med(40%) > Hi(100%) > Strobe > Beacon Sanwu X3 Beam Expander (Painted Copper) 2 Element...
  10. Shmackitup

    Has anyone heard from Astralist?

    I've tried contacting him a couple of times lately. There was a large tsunami in Indonesia and I wanted to know if he's ok. Sure hope so!
  11. Shmackitup

    Best practices for cleaning thermal paste from diodes

    Please excuse me if this has already been covered. I tried searching but I didn't come up with an answer. What is the best and most efficient process to clean an "extracted" diode? I would like to remove all the thermal paste residue. I would like to try not to touch the diode window at all if...
  12. Shmackitup

    Decent Chinese Driver

    I've been experimenting with this driver quite a bit: The output current is controllable by adding or removing resistance at this point. It comes with an R200 resistor. I've removed it on one and simply bridged it with solder and got 4.5 amps out of the driver with 8.4 volts. It got hot...
  13. Shmackitup

    Laser Parts For Sale

  14. Shmackitup

    McClicky Tail Switches

    I just ordered a couple of the McClicky tail switches to replace the cheap ones that were in a couple of my hosts. With very little modification they fit right in and seem to work very well. Has anyone put these through any real tests? Do they really live up to their 6A power rating and do...
  15. Shmackitup

    NUBM44 vs. NUBM47

    Does anyone know the technical differences between the 44's and 47's??? There appears to be a few different versions of the 47's as well. I just got this block which are NUBM47T's
  16. Shmackitup

    Inside a monster 10000 lumens laser projector

    Snapped a couple pics of this bad boy!