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  1. vk2fro

    5405A 208 to 240V

    I know this can be done, its simply a matter of changing the transformer taps. I've done the small transformer but need to do the big (filament transformer). Does anyone know which wires to move. edit Gawd its basic electronics theory. It should work like an autotransformer - find the tap...
  2. vk2fro

    Ben fixes an ILT (was Another ILT arrived today)

    Yep its on the fedex truck to be delivered today. So stuck at home waiting for the parcel. This is the 1300ish hour one in my sig. Hope ebay GSP didn't repackage this one so badly that its a box of crushed metal. I've read some real horror stories about their habit of repackaging parcels to...
  3. vk2fro

    ILT 5405A Remote Pinout inside

    While doing some research on this and the other forum I have deduced a lot of information on the ILT 5405A power supply. This is for my reference, but may help others: I NEED TO DOUBLE CHECK THIS FIRST. Waiting on a supply from up north or from ebay. I will also be getting my RPC-50 back down...
  4. vk2fro

    omni 543-200MA - quest for another Argon (was which exciter)

    edit: I changed the topic title, so that gas lovers can follow my progress with this unkown, but photo looking intact, low hours laser head. I'll soon be on the lookout for a power supply for this Argon laser head. Unfortunatly, I've read the 643_Series_Master_Manual, (which includes the 543...
  5. vk2fro

    BBQ Piezo Argon Laser Tube Testing?

    Hey guys - I'll be coming into possession of an Omnichrome 543 Argon in a few weeks and read you can use a bbq piezo to check the tube is gas intact. How exactly is this done. I've picked up a grill lighter, and will somehow remove the gas container to eliminate the flame, so we just have a...
  6. vk2fro

    Putting a Flexmod P3 behind an X-Drive

    Gday folks Recently I got one of DTR's great 520nm diodes with a X-Drive behind it (pushing 1.8A). If I power this thing its straight up full power. What I need to do is have a low power aiming beam, then be able to switch to full power after putting my goggles on. My thoughts were...
  7. vk2fro

    I played the pokies... and won. With $50

    I shall not leave you waiting, heres my photo of the wad of cash I came home with. Tomorrow I'm going up to the bank to deposit some, and buy some diodes off DTR :) I couldn't find anymore room on my computer desk for the other wad of 50's I had in my back pocket. Gambling IS NOT a good idea...
  8. vk2fro

    An Arduino controlled JDSU ion laser

    This is just a place holder at the moment. I am organising with Daguin to buy a JDSU ion laser (of the type with the 25 pin remote control). Once I have the laser and have written the code and created the circuit, I'll post the rest up here on how to build a fancy pants controller for your JDSU...
  9. vk2fro

    My haitus (or why I've not been around)

    Hi folks. Sorry I havent been on the forums recently (well over a month or 2. There were several things I wanted to get done around the house (all involving $) and I didnt want the temptation of buying any lasers (either pointer kits or for my projector) until these ones were done. So i stood...
  10. vk2fro

    Ham radio field box arduino controller :)

    Been up all night working on a project - stuff 2 radios into one box, along with a power supply and other accessories, and its gonna get mighty toasty in there, especially when transmitting... heres my solution... :) My first actually useful arduino project. The project sequences the radios...
  11. vk2fro

    Think I got it right

    I just shot what was left in my paypal account over to the forum - not much, just 4 bux, but every cent helps. c0ld, please let me know it went through ok. First time I've done the "donation" thing :P
  12. vk2fro

    Selling poilicy: Pricelist or no peddle?

    Hi folks Too often when commercial sellers list their items for sale here, its with a "Email for price", "Pm me for the price". This is quite annoying. I'm not going to email you for a price. One price for all unless bulk order. (obviously shipping costs will be different for each part of the...
  13. vk2fro

    Pigeon: Impossible

    Quite funny - I watched it 3 times and laughed my head off, especially when the donut lands on the "oh s%^t" button :) jEjUAnPc2VA The lil breifcase is right up my alley, with laser guns, jet engines and a damn missile launcher :)
  14. vk2fro

    O-Like Labby - whats the beam height?

    I'm talking about this one: Industrial 445nm 600mW laser module /Analog modulation/110-220VA [OL-N445M-600] - $194.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce If anyone has one of these, whats the beam height on these guys from the bottom of the module. I am planning on putting one in my projector...
  15. vk2fro

    How to identify dichros

    IF you like me your projector build is way slow and you may have some dichro kit from o-like, dave at LSP or similar. Its been over a year since I got mine from dave at LSP and I forgot what dichros actually came in my kit. Here I was with a post fully written on PL asking for assistance, then...
  16. vk2fro

    Hams, show us your shacks

    Into amateur radio (a ham)? Show us what you have in your radio room (shack). Heres mine :P I just got this vhf/uhf rig today. Icom 208H. Can you guess what I am listening too? ;) And yes its an ASS to program 408 frequencies (I have tonnes of listen only channels! An FT950 normally...
  17. vk2fro

    New Argon on its way :)

    Just bought one of Dave's argons. (well waiting for confirmation from him). Edit: Dave and I have organised the deal. I begin paying for the laser 2 weeks from now. Some of you will think I am mad buying one from the states and paying the insane shipping ($224) when Rob (timelablasers) has...
  18. vk2fro

    Dreams that move you.

    Have you ever had an experience where your sleeping soundly, dreaming, and suddenly that dream comes to such an abrupt or fightful end that it moves you? By this I mean the action of waking up is actually augmented by a sudden movement. You will find these dreams are also easy to commit to...
  19. vk2fro

    About time - Aussie gets Gaol for lasering Pol-Air

    Yep silly aussie gets gaol time (4 years) for shooting at the local law enforcement chopper. Serves him right. XCzCv-2Dqtg Now mabye the ning nongs will sit up and listen when they say "yep, fine and gaol sentence if you get busted pointing them at aircraft" These stupid acts have spoiled...
  20. vk2fro

    BIG capacitor bank

    Remember that thread where i scared the bejeebus out of myself with a charged 160v cap? well guys look what I recently got to play with.... Sitting on the foreground cap is a computer power supply capacitor. The monstrosity its sitting on is 450v 2400uF, so that entire bank is 24 MILLI Farad...