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    WTB - Old Wicked Lasers Dragon Case - pm me please

    Hi guys Looking for a few of the old wicked lasers dragon cases please see the attached picture. I will take them in any size. WTB PM me and let me know what is a fair price! Thanks in advance!
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    Fs: Big lot of lasers + optics from DX / NOVA / WL

    Clearing out laser drawer for good. 1) Big lot of lasers + batteries + chargers - 2x Old School Wicked Laser Boxes (condition: falling apart) - 1x Nova Lasers Box (condition: like new) - 6x <20mW Green lasers from DX (condition: half of them still functional / the other half no) - 1x Red Dilda...
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    Fs: Nova lasers optics / wicked laser prisms / lpm-1 nd filter

    Just going through my laser drawer found a bunch of optics that I won't be needing anymore 1) X-Series Lens Holder with Optics paid $22.99 + $9.99 shipping for it. Looking for $25 shipped or best offer X-Series Lens Holder with Optics - Accessories - Novalasers Inc. 2) X-Series DG Time Tunnel...
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    Wicked Laser Dragon Case no more?

    I've been out of the laser hobby for a bit are they not selling dragon cases at WL anymore? if so... that means mine will fetch a pretty penny? lol
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    10% off DEALEXTREME lasers (deal valid from May25/11 to June7/11)

    Pretty sure a lot of you received this email already but for those that didn't yet Dealextreme is having a laser sale, well kinda. 10% off lasers with the code DXLASER10 valid from May25/11 to June7/11 i've attached a picture of the email
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    FS: LPM-1 *laser power meter*

    Bought this in 07 i think Used maybe 20 times for a bunch of my lasers. Have been collecting dust in my drawer for the past few years I'm not sure how much these go for nowadays, I paid $220 for it soooo.... Looking for $150 shipped with tracking number or best offer Accept paypal or money...
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    FS: LPM-1    laser power meter

    Bought last year or early this year sometime, can't remember Used once per laser bought since then, which is under 10. Have been collecting dust on my shelf for the past few months Looking for $200 shipped with tracking number Accept paypal or money orders.  Will only ship to Canada/US unless...
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    S> 3x DX 200mW Red Lasers

    I have 3 brand new STILL WRAPPED UP DX red lasers I'm selling these http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11315 I'm selling these for $60 shipped anywhere in Canada/US (with tracking number) $70 anywhere else in the world (no tracking number) uh i originally planned to sell these locally...
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    100 laser experiments list?

    Um i have a brother that's in IB hes thinking about doing something with lasers for his EE He needs some ideas, so i thought the 100 list can help does anybody remember where it is... was it even this forum lol thanks
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    New FOCUSABLE 200mW Red on DX

    http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.11315 i think im gonna get one to try it
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    Nova X-150 Arrived!  Like always, excellent!

    I requested a TEM00 laser and that is exactly what I got! Specs (sent by NOVA): Peak output power: 178.9 mW Average output power: 163.5 mW Very solid laser, exactly as described.   Exactly like my old x-105 cept with MORE POWER I tested this on my LPM1 and i actually got even higher ratings...
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    Nova's specs unusually high lately?

    I think we've all noticed the sudden increase in the x100 specs Before: usually peak ~125mW // avg ~115mW Now: usually peak ~150mW // avg ~120mW+ I was wondering if this is because of the new testing procedures they've started? you can read about the new procedures here if you haven't already...
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    Sentorch / Red Lasershades / Wicked Lasers Cap Set

    Going to purchase one of Carter's preorder greenies ---> need cash  ;D Selling the following: - 200mW Sentorch - i'll sell it at group buy prices.  This has maybe 5 minutes of actual on time.  Selling it mainly because I don't get how to focus this thing.       - $140 shipped Canada/US (+ $5...
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    15mW Wicked Lasers Evolution Series Green Laser

    Now that this satisfied my curiosity, im selling it. It's in new condition, used 3 times maybe. Definitely less than 10 minutes of actual on time. The label says <20mW I have tested it with my LPM1 It holds over 20mW almost all the time I have seen it hold at 50mW-55mW for more than 30 seconds...
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    Wicked Lasers Elite Series Released Today

    http://www.wickedlasers.com/lasers/Elite_Series-69-3.html hmmm if it really outputs 150-200mW, that is impressive $700 for 150mW+ avg but essentially its $600 since you're getting 100 back in wicked bux LET THE BASHING BEGIN  ;)
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    NOVAlasers X-series aluminum case

    Ok so my friend's x105 came today hes using one of my dragon cases so he wants to see if he can get some money for his case NovaCase (for x-series) - $25 shipped without tracking number great for people who bought CNI's from pseudo or dragonlasers  ;D
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    I was bored, so I was browsing through eBay. I came across this: http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-Nerf-Maverick-REV-6-N-Strike-Heavily-Modded_W0QQitemZ150170721283QQihZ005QQcategoryZ11742QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem THEN as if i'm not amazed enough, I found this...
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    Got my LPM-1 today.  Few questions

    I had my LPM-1 and Die4Thing meter next to each other and tested them they give pretty much the same readings I have a few questions about the LPM-1 though - how do you guys hold up the external attenuator? (the tiny little lens that comes with it for powers above 100mW) - isn't there a program...
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    CORE now buyable with WB

    Only catch? $15 more on the wickedlasers.com site I found a loophole to getting my evo dragon case if I add one of their cores into cart then add the evo dragon case shipping is still $4.99 =] hehe score one for me
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    My new account got banned from LC...

    I DIDNT EVEN POST LOL i got my account iHATElaserCOMMUNISM activated as they just sent me the activation code I activated it with the link, walked away to change and BAM banned.. lol guess chargerman was an active camper this morning