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  1. Giface

    Scalped SF-AW210

    While removing an SF-AW210 from it's heatsink I managed to partially push in the "protective" window - enough so that it rattled when gently shaken. Anyway, I thought better to be safe rather than sorry later on, so I cut the top off the can thereby exposing the LD. It still seems to lase just...
  2. Giface

    Soft starts and stops

    As others have done, I'm building my own LD driver based on the LM3410. However, I'm thinking of designing the drive to provide soft starts and stops by controlling the slew of the output. My rational for this is that slow rises to full output current (say 0.2 sec for arguements sake) and slow...
  3. Giface

    Not good for lasers in Canada - not to forget the pilot

    Another demonstration of stupidity....:yabbmad: CTV Edmonton - Lacombe man charged after laser points at police helicopter - Canadian Television Dave
  4. Giface

    Hi, from Vancouver Island!!

    Hi all, glad to be part of this amazing forum. My background is in Physics and my hobbies include electronics and opto-electronics - hope I can contribute. Dave :)