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    DTR's Laser Shop - Laser Diodes & More

    Re: DTR's Laser Shop I was hoping to copy your 32650 eghemus build. If its ok with you, I'd like to use the same rectangular heatsinks as you did in your build. I was thinking you could solder the wires and set the current for me and I'll just attach the heatsinks later once I buy the host from...
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    DTR's Laser Shop - Laser Diodes & More

    Re: DTR's Laser Shop Would you be willing to set up a pair of flexdrives in parallel set to 900mA each for a total of 1.8 amps?
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    FS: 445nm 1W+ Laser diodes

    I'll take one. Check your PM.
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    FS J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging.. In Stock Now

    Re: J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging $129.99.. In Stock Just sent a payment for the LPM. Let me know when it ships.
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    Flag this video

    I flagged it as well.
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    1.8W 26650/2.3W 32650 Ehgemus Alien Black Powder Coated Host

    Re: 1.8W Ehgemus Custom 26650 Black Host Wow. How much did the build cost you? It looks really nice.
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    High Current Test Load Question

    Hey SHIN, do you happen to have a circuit diagram for the test load you constructed? I know that you used these parts: 7 of 1N5404 (3A, 0.7V voltage drop) 4 of 2W 1ohm resister(=1 of 4W 1ohm resister) 1 of 2W 2.7Kohm resister but I just wanted to make sure how to connect them. Is everything in...
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    High Current Test Load Question

    Hi, I wanted to ask someone for help on how to build a high current test load. It seems like many of the test loads we have for red and bluray tend to get hot when running above 1 amp. Is it possible to build a test load capable of handling up to a couple amps continuously without overheating...
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    Yobresal Build Possibly Underpowered

    It is certainly possible to light the paper to open flames. My 1.6 watt build has no problem igniting thick paper. My 1.2 watt build was only barely powerful enough to ignite magazine paper. In my experience, magazine paper ignites more easily than plain printer paper. Although, with enough...
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    Solution for warranty problem of Friend BERNI from Lvyi Laser

    I agree, he banning him was the right decision. It's obvious that the laser did not meet the advertised specifications. On top of the customer service issues, I see no reason to purchase from him unless the quality could be guaranteed. So far, they've missed the mark. Also, he shouldn't assume...
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    What lights do you have?

    the V2 uses an SST-50 with the highest luminous flux bin. The Emitter is rated at over 1000 lumens.
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    Casio 445nm Limits??

    @Spartan X If you are using a flexdrive, you can just turn the pentiometer to its maximum setting. Just make sure you have adequate heatsinking on the diode and driver.
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    Slightly crazy 980 nm laser experiment

    If I were you, I would not point a laser of any power directly into my eyes. The truth is that even if the laser is advertised as 5mw, there's really no way to be sure. Especially since it's 980nm, it probably won't be that visible. If I were you, I'd point the laser at a sheet of paper and see...
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    What lights do you have?

    I've just ordered a TrustFire P7-F15 and a thrunite catapult v2. These will be my first high power led flashlights.
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    Casio 445nm Limits??

    I guess we won't know until we kill one. My 1.6 Watt build has been one for at least 2-5 hours. No signs of degradation yet.
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    (SOLD) Optotronics 150mw Pen

    Re: FS: Optotronics 150mw Pen Edit: Sold
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    (SOLD) Optotronics 150mw Pen

    Re: FS: Optotronics 150mw Pen Bump, price drop to $125
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    Is It Safe to look at the laser dot?

    In general, as long as the laser is well below 500mw, it is safe to look at the diffuse reflection. However, the goggles are there in case you accidentally hit a reflective surface. If you're using it without goggles, don't point it at glass, metal, or shiny plastic objects. In addition, if...
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    (SOLD) Optotronics 150mw Pen

    Re: FS: Optotronics 150mw Pen Thanks for the encouragement, Moebius. This is a great laser and can't be compared to the cheap stuff on less reputable laser sites. If you guys have any questions about my rep as a seller, PM drummerdimitri. He bought my jayrob 445nm laser and payed through...
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    Dual MicroBoost driven Skyray build, 1.8A.

    Re: Dual driver Skyray Wow. Have you been able to meter the new laser yet?