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  1. PaulorNuthn

    1W NUGM03 diode (SOLD)

    For sale a DTR 1W NUGM03 525nm Diode in 12mm Copper Module with X-Driver set at 2.2A with a G8 glass lens in a 25mm aluminum heat sink in brand new condition, only used to test in working order. $130 free shipping anywhere in Australia.
  2. PaulorNuthn

    SOLD: Sinner tri edc titanium 18350 host and heat sink.

    Up for sale I have a Sinner tri edc 18350 titanium host in perfect condition with aluminum heat sink, titanium clip, bare pcb board with spring and throwing in an Efest 10.5A 18350 high drain battery with free shipping within Australia. For international buyers add $15.00 shipping fee. Asking...
  3. PaulorNuthn

    Driver for 9mm 445nm?

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this driver for DIY 9mm 445nm builds?. $5.44 5-Mode ?2.4A? LED Flashlight Driver (TR-001) - 6V~8.4V / 24mm / test shows maximum output current is approx. 2.21A at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping They're very similar to the ones ricktrent4 was using for a...
  4. PaulorNuthn

    Machining, Modding, Custom builds services

    Just advertising services I have recently made available for those in need of machining alterations or custom builds. Services offered: *Copper filling of pills. *De-doming of LED’s *Copper braiding. *Alterations to reflectors, pills, and hosts. *Custom laser/flashlight heat sinks in...
  5. PaulorNuthn

    14500 & 18650 hosts and heat sinks for sale

    Up for sale I have Laser hosts complete with heat sinks and set screws for axis modules to fit 14500 or 18650 (2X16340) cells. Tail end of heat sink can be machined to fit 15,16,17mm contact boards or drivers. Custom heat sinks can also be supplied for specific hosts by request. 14500 Host –...
  6. PaulorNuthn

    Re: Tonyt

    Re: Tonyt I hope you all realise that Tonyt is RayJay Just a heads up for you guys because I just realised today that no one has noticed yet. A little discussion I had with him earlier on... http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/price-drop-nixie-tubes-extras-pricec-drop-90502.html He also goes...
  7. PaulorNuthn

    Fs:12 laser pointer pens, Not X12... Not 12X..... $40!!!!

    I have 12 pointer pens for sale. This includes 7XREDS, 4xGREENS, 1xPURPLE. They are all brand new and all over spec. They do not include batteries at this price as I'm offering free postage anywhere in Australia. (Not including pics as we all know what pointer pens look like :) ) Cheers.
  8. PaulorNuthn

    Does anyone own this flashlight?

    5400Lm 3x CREE XM L XML U2 LED Flashlight Torch 18650-in Flashlights & Torches from Lights & Lighting on Aliexpress.com Any opinions would be welcomed. :beer:
  9. PaulorNuthn

    SOLD! RL-118 & EagleTac hosts

    Up for sale is an Osram RL-118 host with G2 lens and heat sink. Seeing how rare they are these days and obviously because of the G2 lens I'm asking $75AU + shipping. The EagleTac D25C host is also supplied with heat sink and a G2 lens, so I think $60AU + shipping is a fair price. Feel free to...
  10. PaulorNuthn

    Fs: Laser & misc bundle...bargain!!!

    Ok, here is what's up for sale gents. 1X dedomed SST-90 emitter on copper star. 12X drivers for 532nm & 650nm diodes. 8X blue tail cap clicky rubbers. 5X green tail cap clicky rubbers. 3X hosts. 1X 64G USB stick. 1X mini tail cap for pointer pen (to use with 1X10440 battery). 2X fans for labby...
  11. PaulorNuthn

    SOLD! : Flashlight/tazer

    Up for sale I have 2 tazers disguised as flashlights, well they actually also work as flashlights which are about 200 lumen. They come with a carry pouch, AU charger and are brand new in box. Have seen them selling for up to $300 each in Aus. Asking $200 each for them. Free postage and will...
  12. PaulorNuthn

    SOLD! A140 in hobby box.

    Hi gents, so I'm selling this little hobby box experiment for anyone who is interested. The hobby box measures 82mmX53mmX30mm so it's quite compact. It runs off 2x16340 cells which are included. Copper heat sink. The driver has a 6 second delay as a safety function as to give enough time to...
  13. PaulorNuthn

    SOLD! Mirrors & lenses

    Hi gents, getting rid of a set of mirrors and lenses from an NEC projector. They are in excellent condition but as I'm not sure of their value at the moment I'll leave it open to offers for those who might be interested, or if anyone might be able to suggest an average value. Will ship...
  14. PaulorNuthn

    SOLD! Projector lenses & mirrors

    Up for sale is this group of lenses and mirrors from an NEC projector. All in perfect condition. Will ship internationally, just PM me with any questions or ask in this thread. Price: Make me an offer, trades considered. Cheers gents.
  15. PaulorNuthn

    Laser related bundle 2

    Ok gents same thing here, will not separate. Going cheap. The list.... 1X ENERGISER RECHARGER TO SUIT AA, AAA & 9V. 3X HOSTS. 1X THERMAL PASTE. 1X 50mW 532nm module. 3x GREEN TAIL CAP RUBBERS. 10X BLUE TAIL CAP RUBBERS. 8X BRASS HEAT SINKS. 1X ZOOMABLE AA OR 14500 3 MODE TORCH 170 lumens XPE...
  16. PaulorNuthn

    SOLD! Laser related bonus bundle!!!!!

    Hi gents, just getting rid of some excess stuff in a bundle at a great price. Please don't PM me about individual items, or with offers for half of package etc. I won't be separating items for individual sale, I'm selling for cheap enough that it shouldn't matter anyway, just consider the items...
  17. PaulorNuthn

    SOLD! 150mW PLP520-B1 IN C3 HOST

    Up for sale is a DTR PLP520-B1 diode running off a micro boost set at 650mA in a Jayrob C3 stainless steel host. The output is a steady 160mW with a 3 element glass lens and 200mW with a G2. Will include one Efest IMR 14500 battery which is less than a month old. Free shipping within Australia...
  18. PaulorNuthn

    EagleTac D25C PLP520-B1

    Pound for pound, or dollar which is the case here, this pocket greeny ends up being the most expensive laser I've owned. Only 75mm in length and 20mm in width, but at a cost of $200 AU just to build, plus about an hours labour for machining a heat sink, soldering etc it's lucky I'm not trying to...
  19. PaulorNuthn


    Hi gents, up for sale is a Sunwayman V10R Titanium host with copper heat sink. It's in perfect as new condition as can be seen in pics provided. Comes in original box with unused lanyard, pouch and a spare black rubber switch for those who prefer it over the titanium one. It has wires already...
  20. PaulorNuthn

    Fs: Large range of hosts & machining service

    Hello gents, up for sale I have a large range of hosts, some with heat sinks and some without. Heat sinks can be machined to fit any host, even custom made heat sinks if required for a host you already own. Feel free to PM me with any questions, quotes or any help needed. I'm also adding some...