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  1. Fritz The Cat

    What is a G2 glass lens mae of ?

    I did some research and have not found the specifications of G2 glass lens . Is it the glass or the coating that gives G@ glass lens its property? Please understand I grind and polish my own telescope mirrors and am not afraid to take on grinding a small lens. Now the coating I don't think I...
  2. Fritz The Cat

    Hair Removal Laser Vid what kind of LD is it ?

    Check this out :whistle: Rio scanning - permanent laser hair remover - YouTube Whats the story on Hair removal Lasers . On eBay some companies deny they are a Laser devive. This vid is from a company who say its a Laser and has locking devices on them . How powerful are they ? can you pop a...
  3. Fritz The Cat

    Laser books and ebooks discussion / suggestions

    I assume that this is an apropiate area to discuss Laser books and ebooks as media. I've downloaded some free and legal ebooks on Laser diodes and appreciate the historys of various Lasers. I hope this will help me in selection DVD writers in order to harvest LDs . What is particularly...
  4. Fritz The Cat

    O'Like build . Need Help choosing LD + Driver

    Hello everyone, This is my first request for help here. I've been reading a lot of threads on building Laser pointers and the problems that are common. So heres where I'm at, I've bought an O'Like "torch" host which didn't come with a LD or driver and I'd like to know what do you measure in the...
  5. Fritz The Cat

    Hello from Detroit Michigan USA

    Hello everyone. I've been readind threads and studying this new hobby of mine. I remember writing a report on Lasers in 9th or 10th grade about Lasers circa 1968 . Yup its been a long time and finally I can enjy putting together a torch size (155 mm) laser pointer. I'm experienced in building...