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  1. ouch3994

    Locking Aluminum Carrying Case for Collection

    I am beginning to make a collection of lasers that have relativley small hosts. So far I have a small 250mW 650nm laser from O-like, and a C-6 based 1W 445nm laser. I hope to find similar sized hosts that I can complete my collection of with a 100mW 532nm and a 300mW 405nm laser. I have seen...
  2. ouch3994

    Worst Diode Ever lol (PIX)

    I recently purchased a 445nm diode from Survival Lasers. It was packaged very securely, but I am pretty sure i got one of the most inefficient 445nm diodes evvvver ^_^ I was very careful with installing this into my C6 host, for i know the dangers of static... but I am positive I just have a...
  3. ouch3994

    Any way of saving the poor thing?

    Hey guys, I have been testing out a microboost driver ran with a single 18650. Attempting to fit the driver inside a pill of a c6 host, i noticed my leads had shorted out, and now the driver shows a constant current of only 210mA :( did I break my driver? There was smoke coming out of the...
  4. ouch3994

    No goggles, Watch if you dare...

    Here are a few of my favorite 445-abuse videos :beer: try watching both without calling these gentlemen "complete idiots"
  5. ouch3994

    Recharge port installation

    I am no pro with the electronic circuits, could someone help me to explain how a recharge port would be installed into a circuit for a single 3.6volt Li-ion battery powered laser?:o
  6. ouch3994

    Considering Driver Efficiency

    Hey all, I have recently began to assemble a 1w 445nm laser just for the sake of getting used to using a micro boost driver, and only one battery cell. My previous setup was using two 18650's and a lm317 setup. However, I have noticed quite a variation between different companys' designs for...
  7. ouch3994

    First 445nm Build (ghetto)

    Hey Forum! Sorry I have been so long, I had broken my camera back in March, and I had never had time to post pictures of my first 445nm build. It have used this laser excessively and it still runs perfectly fine, and boy is it impressive!:D Specs~~~ Diode- a 1 watt 445nm diode from a C@5!0...
  8. ouch3994

    Current reccomendations?

    Hey guys i wanted to thank the forum for all the help in getting me interested in this hobby! Ppplus i have one last question- for my 445nm, whats a good current to chose to drive it with that will keep the diode life long, but still have a bright beam for night viewing? Currently i have it...
  9. ouch3994

    Hey lpf, quick question

    Hey forum, ive gotten to my second 445 project, everythings set up through a lm317 ddl driver with a current set to 1.3 amps. Is this ok for long diode life? And how much power will be emitted from my diode? Ohyea i also have a capacitor paralell to the diode for protection :) is there a...
  10. ouch3994

    omg what did i do?

    so i have recently (and perfectly sucessfully) assembled my first 445 laser, and it only had an output of around .9 watts.... the driver is a Lm317 with a resistor array to give me 1.3 ohms, with the entire thing heatsinked. my input power was 6 AA batteries, and it all worked fine untill i...
  11. ouch3994

    This setup sound good?

    Hey forum, noob here... i was able to build a simple 650 nm laser at 250mw, and wanted a greater challenge so i did some backround research and got my hopes to making a 445 laser, just like everyone else here... Heres my setup: a Power source of an 18650 2400mah battery from DX...