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  1. laserdelic

    Minimum 532nm power to burn matches?

    I know it´s a noob question but Im not sure about. Im trying to buy >100mw focusable torch to an chinese supplier that swears that his supplier says it´s over 100mw. The only fact I have is that it burns matches when on focus, so I would like to know what would be the minimum 532 burning black...
  2. laserdelic

    BDR-206 building. Missing key info

    I have the 405nm diode extracted. It´s supposed to reach 500mw. I have been deep searching for the pintout of this diode and the only suggestion found is that should be like other high power 405 LD. The info is supplied by Danguin: (Thank you Daguin!) The assumption is what afraids me. More...
  3. laserdelic

    First and most probably last order to Lazerer

    On 25/dic/12 I made a payment for a BDR-206 12x sled. They have ship it today, 3 weeks later. Im upset as hell. In the site they state that the can take up to 7 days to ship (!!!), wich I found almost absurd, but 3 weeks... shit!
  4. laserdelic

    FB cheap adjustable 300ma-400ma linear drivers (or source)

    I would like to buy some to test, and maybe in semibulk quantities. If you know some cheap source it could be very interesting as well. Thank you, guys :beer:
  5. laserdelic

    A medical laser that turn brown into blue eyes

    Copypasta from the site: http://www.stromamedical.com/page/physician-info I wonder what wavelenghts and power are they using... And when the chinese will copy and democratize the technique...
  6. laserdelic

    UV filter that turns visible the invisible... WTH??

    I would like to know how this works, the technical/wikipedia name of it, and of course, a cheaper way to get that if possible... resuming, any info will be appreciated :beer: UV Laser Viewing Card, AixiZ
  7. laserdelic

    The Mysterious case of Mr. 445

    I bought a M-140 few days ago. It has been working properly at 600ma (no bigger wall supply) until yesterday. It has suddenly dim a lot. I noticed it while opening the circuit to read the mA in series with a multimeter, but the damage can be previous. It even don´t burn matches. When on, it...
  8. laserdelic

    [Video] Boards of Canada inspired lasershow

    Things put interesting in min 1, and at the middle end of the video. :evil: YouTube
  9. laserdelic

    Jaqapparatus 1 by Chris Cunningham: Laser orgy

    [edit: Noisi video, turn down volume] YouTube :whistle:
  10. laserdelic

    FB: 532nm =>100mw modules or handheld

    With a nice spot, no artifacts, etc Preferebly brand new or barely used. Send me a PM or respond the thread. Thanks!
  11. laserdelic

    Voltage doubth with FET/lm358

    I have just received an order from odic lasers containing 1 m140 blue and 1 635@300mw mitsu. And 2 FET/lm358 drivers. The drivers have 1.5v dropout. The idea is feed them with a 12v supply. I have the dummy load, all the wired pads but Im stuck in the doubth... do I have to supply just 1.5v...
  12. laserdelic

    Circlescope... how is done?

    I have tried to obtain this at home: YouTube And failed miserably. One of the axis is obviously a rotating mirror, in this case rotating exactly at some multiple of the central C note to be synced to the music, but, how it´s done the other axis?. I tried fixing a mirror to the arm of a HD, but...
  13. laserdelic


    Laserhobbie is a bitch. I want to build a 635nm, a 405nm and a 445nm, I want to build the 40$LPM, the IR thermometer, finish my 3 axis bicolor spirograph, and of course build and serious oscilloscope from dead harddrives... Im PWM modulating a greenie combined with a reddie to obtain red to...
  14. laserdelic

    Nexus videoclip (Vitalic)

    Vitalic has launched his new album today, so I have done an atmospheric laser-based videoclip to celebrate it. :san: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvd3ErKeVOo PD: How do you embed YT?
  15. laserdelic

    Lens too good to be true?

    Im watching this ebay item: 10pcs 635nm 980nm Glass Laser Coated Collimation Lens M905X12 8 3 Elements Struc | eBay I have asked and the seller says they are glass. My acrylic ones tend to make auras and ugly dots, do you think that ones would work nice?
  16. laserdelic

    UV mysterious

    If you have watch the CSI serie, probably you have seen a orangish filter, that combined with a UV torch, make evidences fluorish. I thought it was a sci-fi license of the TV until watch this: I must confess that Im kind of lost. What are they using to take this photos, only UV light...
  17. laserdelic

    638 vs 650nm visual doubth

    Im preparing a .5~1W RGV system, and Im douthing between using 638nm @300mw or 650x2 @250mw. As stated here, the visual power should be approx the same, only varing the hue in the output. Is that orangish really almost double visually potent than 650 reds?
  18. laserdelic

    Collimating the collimated

    I have 2 fixed focus 405´s with a quite big round dot. One of them can reach 1cm diameter at 4-5meters. Is there some way to "recollimate" the beam to get a paralell thin beam? :thinking:
  19. laserdelic

    2 pics of my generative projetors in the hotel room...

    For your pleasure