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    Health laser 980nm 65w power question.

    Hey everyone, in my local area we have some treatment places that use a 65w gentox laser 980nm for physiotherapy- shining the laser into joints to help heal arthritis pain. My question is- they used what the machine said was 30w on my neck- how did this not burn a hole clean through my neck or...
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    1w (possibly 2w?) analog fully modulated Rgb laser module package

    hey guys, I am selling a 1 watt Rgb laser module that I made fully modulated with analogue modulation to be able to make all colors laser beams. I say possibly 2 watts because the model on the module says w2000, but what i Ordered was a 1 watt Rgb module. These modules come with the ability to...
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    Rgb laser modulation

    So I recently ordered both a 1 watt, and a 10 watt Rgb laser both with analog modulation. I have received the 1 watt but am still awaiting my ten watt. I am experimenting on the 1 watt because I don’t want to damage the much more expensive 10 watt Rgb. So what I have found is that the 1 watt...
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    SOLD: 492nm 150mW cyan sanwu laser in red guardian host.

    A great laser. Very little use. Very bright! Have not tested it for actually mW output. Purchased from sanwu and will include sanwu invoice with purchase. I paid $175.60 shipped. I’ll ask for $130. If it doesn’t sell, I’ll just keep it because it’s worth at least $130 to me!
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    wtb sanwu rbg

    hello... if anyone has a used sanwu rbg for sale... let me know and let me know your price! Would love to get one but cant swing the entry price even with the LPF discount...
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    white rgb lab laser analog modulation and heat sink help

    Hello, I am looking for some help with this rgb laser module. I was wondering what heat sink and what sort of device I would need to send an analog modulation signal to this laser. Thanks for your help!!! h...
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    First home built laser

    Hey everybody! I just finished assembling my first, and I've attached some images. It's a 250mW red. The host is a mini maglight. Hope you enjoy!! Any input is appreciated! :)
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    damaged cni

    Hey everyone, I have an old 95mW wicked lasers nexus (cni laser) which is slightly damaged in a couple of ways. Over the years I think the pressure from the end cap on the batteries has forced the spring down to a smaller size, and so the batteries are not pressed tightly against the top end of...