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  1. lazerov

    Are O-Like 18mm modules good for 445nm diodes?

    Has anyone tested these modules with the Casio 445nm diodes? I need to know if they provide good enough thermal contact with the diode case. I know they are not press-fit like most 12mm modules, but rather have a small retaining ring holding the diode in place. Not sure whether or not this is...
  2. lazerov

    Gatling laser

    Just noticed this: Gatlin 100mW green laser /waterproof &adjustable [OLGT100] - $96.99 : O-Like, Quality Products, Great Prices Looks fairly heavy. Some of you may find it interesting.
  3. lazerov

    LPC-815 red module powered by single Li-ion + linear driver

    I'm working on a portable RGV build. One of the goals is to power all three laser modules by single Li-ion 3,7V battery (18650). This is the red laser module I'm going to use in it. It's a LPC-815 LOC diode, pressed in a custom machined aluminium heatsink, driven by low voltage drop linear...
  4. lazerov

    Rayfoss Blu-Ray laser diode driver review

    Seeing there aren't any reviews for this driver I decided to write my first one. Here is the link to the site: Rayfoss Edit: As of 01.07.2010 this driver is not available. You can find pictures of the driver along with pin out, there. The site is down at this time, so here is a picture: I...
  5. lazerov

    Hello! New member here.

    OK, not exactly new. I've been lurking here for few months but yesterday registered, and this is my first post. A little about me: I'm a 18 (almost 19) year old university student of computer technology. My interest in this hobby started after reading an article about lasers (to be more...