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  1. Cenobite9

    Nichia NUBM44 in L2 Host

    Here is my latest... a Nichia NUBM44 at ~6.8 watts housed in a Solar Force L2 host via a custom heat sink module from JayRob. This one was a pain in the butt to build as I had to undo a lot of Jordan's beautiful solder connections to install the module and driver into the heat sink module. I...
  2. Cenobite9

    Glow Forge

    Hi all, I was distracted one day by an ad for the Glow Forge 3D laser printer so I went to their site and while looking at the specs I saw it used what was described as a 10,600nm 40 watt CO2 laser to do the cutting. My question is does a 10,600nm wavelength exist or is that a misprint?
  3. Cenobite9

    The dangers of lasers

    Well, today turned out to be an unfortunate day. I left my newly built 462nm 2 watt laser in the center console of my car while I was eating. Sometime during my dinner the inner part of my laser's end cap popped loose and closed the circuit thus putting my laser in a constant on position. The...
  4. Cenobite9

    My Upgraded 12x 405

    Hi all, I just recently finished upgrading my old 10x 405 to a new BW512 405. I'm pretty impressed with the results: 847mW @ 575mA Here's my equipment list: SolarForce L2P host Jayrob SolaForce heatsink Aixiz module 405-G-1 lens Microboost driver Samsung ICR 18650 battery I used a LaserBee...
  5. Cenobite9

    832mw 405 (BW512L)

    Wow, this little guy really surprised me! This is a pic of the power reading for a laser I fixed for a friend of mine. This 405 is built in a Dorcy Jr host and originally used a diode from store bought Pioneer 12x Blu-ray writer with a FlexDrive v5. He managed to burn the diode out after...
  6. Cenobite9

    Replacement clicky switches

    Does anyone know where to buy clicky switches for the flashlight hosts like the SolarForce L2? I'm pretty sure the stock switch in mine is having issues with the high current draw of the dual flexdrive setup I'm running. I need a switch that can handle at least 3 AMPs of current.
  7. Cenobite9

    3000 lumen projector

    I see the company who shouldn't be named :) has a 3000 lumen projector on the market. Any thoughts on if this would be just more optical tweaks to boost from 2500 to 3000? At $1299 retail that would be $54 a diode if the count is still the same. Sorry for not being specific but I'm really...
  8. Cenobite9

    Heatsinking my test load

    While setting and testing the currents of my dual driver 445 build, I noticed the test load I purchased from Modwerx got extremely hot and even produced some smoke at really high currents. Fortunately the load wasn't damaged so I decided better safe than sorry and applied a massive heatsink to...
  9. Cenobite9

    1.6 watt SolarForce L2 build

    This is my new 1.6W, dual-driver SolarForce L2 build. I used two V5 FlexDrives set at 800mA each wired in parallel to drive the 445 diode. The lens is a 405-G-1 and the power source is a 2900maH RediLast 18650. Sorry about the beam shot, that was with no smoke and through my crappy cell phone...
  10. Cenobite9

    Samsung and Redilast 18650s

    I just purchased two of the Samsung 18650 3000maH batteries from hkequipment on ebay and I got one Redilast 2900maH 18650 from Tactical HID. I haven't tried either one of these before so I hope someone here can chime in on the quality of either of these.
  11. Cenobite9

    Argh! I've become the local laser repair guy!

    Has anyone else here become the go to guy for laser repairs for your friends? Some of my friends that have bought the parts for DIY lasers and even managed to put them together now come to me every time they break them. I guess following instructions is one thing but actually knowing what...
  12. Cenobite9

    Here's an innovative laser host!

    From Russia, with Laser Tanks Let's see Diesel Marine beat this! LOL
  13. Cenobite9

    A sad day

    Today I got my dual drive 445 up and running and then 5 minutes later it died... sort of... The diode shut off after a few 30 second runnings. It came back to life but its power level was severly diminished (I believe this happened to someone else here as well). 1800mA was just too much for...
  14. Cenobite9

    Turned up my LG 10x today :)

    These 10x diodes don't seem to get a lot of attention since the 12x hit the scene. I originally had it set at 350mA producing 485mW through a 405-G-1 lens. I decided to turn it up a tad to see what it could do and now its outputting 520mW. Don't know what the mA is since I left the whole...
  15. Cenobite9

    Possible competition to the AW batteries

    Data Sheets These just came out so I don't think anyone has tested these yet. They do have some nice data on their 2600mAH battery. I might order the 2900maH battery later today to try out in a 1 watt 445 build.
  16. Cenobite9

    Well this is interesting...

    Sony Develops Powerful Laser for 1TB Optical Disc Can't wait to build my first 100 watt pointer... LOL :p
  17. Cenobite9

    More stupid people trying to ruin the hobby

    This happened in my area: Search for mysterious green light leads to 2 arrests - WMC-TV: News, Weather, Traffic, Radar, and Sports for Memphis, TN; WMCTV.com | I really hate stupid people!!!
  18. Cenobite9

    Mixing batteries - safe?

    Okay, I have a question about mixing batteries of different voltages. Is it okay to pair a 3.7v with a 1.5v battery in series? I tried this on one of my 'cheaper' pointers to see if it would work and low and behold it did... I figured I'd either damage the driver or kill the diode by doing...
  19. Cenobite9

    Some BDR-205BK 12x beam shots

    I took advantage of the massive amount of smoke searing tuna fillets created and got some nice beam shots of my 12x pointer. Nothing like 560mW of 405nm going through 'tuna smoke'... :D
  20. Cenobite9

    Samsung 8x SATA Blu-ray Writer

    This is interesting: SAMSUNG SH-B083A 8X SATA Blu-Ray Writer Black Drive Retail at ZipZoomfly Only $125 for an 8x Blu-ray writer???