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  1. NRGLite

    Am in China now!

    Once upon a time... I posted a thread that I was going to China and how this might impact my laser hobby. Now I am here and at the request of a user in my first post, I made this second post. Any follow-up comments or suggestions on what to do in China? I noticed that certain things don't...
  2. NRGLite

    Why are there no brown lasers?

    Hi guys, it's been a while. So, I've been thinking about this very interesting question. Something that intrigues me a lot is the fact that red light and green light blended make yellow light, but the color red and the color green blended make...BROWN! So, is it possible to make a brown laser...
  3. NRGLite

    Dichro Confusion?

    Hi guys! I was thinking about making a monster red laser, and 'monster' means combining lots and lots of diodes (in my imagination anyways ;) ), so I was thinking whether I could dichro two different hues of red into one beam of medium red. Suddenly I realized there was such a thing as infrared...
  4. NRGLite

    What is the most powerful laser of each color?

    Hi guys! Long time no see. So researchin' around, I found out that someone had made a 7.3 W Blu and that is just awesome. It appears to me that 2W seems the threshold for green, but I don't really know about the other colors. Red? Yellow? Purple? Infrared? And what might be the highest possible...
  5. NRGLite

    W0w this laser is really cheap.

    Well, I was just browsing through the internet and chanced upon the laser pointer: 5000mW Blue Laser Pointer (445nm) | Buy Blue, Red, Violet, Green Laser Pointer :drool: WOW! If that is really 5 W than... I can almost imagine someone beam-combining this... :D
  6. NRGLite

    Science Fair Project?

    Hi guys, I'm back! I've been researching a while for ideas for a science fair project i need to make, and found that you can measure the speed of light in gelatin through a laser, measure photon interference through a laser aimed at some slits, and construct a laser weigher. Is there any more...
  7. NRGLite

    Moving to China?

    Hi everybody, There is a possibility that I will be moving to China in the near future. Can I take advantage of the lasers (:eg: overspec, cheap :drool:) over there? Or will it be even worse 'cause... they're Chinese lasers? :na:
  8. NRGLite

    Creative things to do with hacked-out laser module?

    My 5 mW Ebay pointer just couldn't light up, so I gave up and tore it apart for a look. While taking out the module, I discovered that it was the fault of the button, so I had torn it all up for nothing :o. But I was determined to do something with it, so I rigged it up to two AA batteries...
  9. NRGLite

    Effects of 445 nm laser on common things.(pic heavy)

    EDIT: Decided not to add that much pics. Enjoy the post! As the wavelength of 445 nm lasers are close to UV, fluorescent materials glow with an unearthly light once they are shone upon. Of course 405 violet lasers fairly brush the ultraviolet range, so if anyone could show some pics of violet...
  10. NRGLite

    Mirror reflecting red only?

    Hello all, I was looking at the threads about creating cheap yellow lasers by mixing the colors red and green together. Is it possible to get a type of mirror that can allow the same color (i.e. red) to pass through/reflect? Cause if that is possible, then I could make a really powerful laser...
  11. NRGLite

    Whether Poll: Wicked Lasers should have its own page on Wikipedia

    1.Yes 2.No 3. Maybe 4. Never 5. Don't know 6.Definitely (If any people would even care:crackup:)
  12. NRGLite

    Wikipedia Page on Wicked Lasers Company

    Hi everyone, I have a Wikipedia account, and one day I was browsing through it when I searched and realized that Wikipedia does not have a page on Wicked Lasers! I will do plenty of research (LPF search button is my sword :D) and will gather lots of information. But as I am a noobie, I will need...
  13. NRGLite

    Starting a Wikipedia page on Petawatt Laser

    Hi guys, I would appreciate if you guys would give me some info and websites (and threads!:thanks:) on the Texas petawatt laser. I have accumulated quite a lot of websites. I also have a Wikipedia account and am thinking about starting the Petawatt laser page. So any insight or information would...
  14. NRGLite

    Waterproof Laser Pics

    Hi guys, This is just a thread in which you can post whatever pictures of waterproof laser you have, and of any color. Hope to see some awesome color shows!:D Videos links may be nice too.
  15. NRGLite

    6W laser build?

    How do people like styropyro on his Youtube channel build such a monster? I'm just curious, not really intending to build it. This thread might become a real tutorial if anyone's willing. :thanks:
  16. NRGLite

    Advice on 200 mW DX module?

    This seems unbelievable. Since I am still a noobie, I would like comments on this. The reviews are all excellent and it is lots cheaper than many of the other green 200 mW I've seen. And yes, as one of the user on this forum says in his signature, "I am sick of spoon-feeding noobs who don't care...
  17. NRGLite

    1W blue laser brightness problem

    Hi all I recently have made a 1W blue laser in a c6 cree build with a m140 module from DTR. I got the one which incidentally does not say 1W in the website. Now I'm wondering whether my laser is really that bright as a real 1W blue laser because I have seen other sites on LPF saying it is about...
  18. NRGLite

    Noobie Test

    Hi guys I'm a noobie. I'm wondering how good (or bad:angel:) I am at laser information and/or knowledge.:thinking: If you could quiz me on some things that would be appreciated.:beer: I've just finished my 1W blue laser build so I know a bit about you know soldering, circuits, etc. So quiz me a...