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  1. rev0

    Data on Osram PLT5-510?

    Anyone have power vs. current data for the PLT5-510 diode from Osram? I did some heavy searching and only found passing mention of this diode, but it seems to be single mode (though low power), and I plan on making an RGB laser with one of these, an SOC red, and a PL-450B blue (which I found...
  2. rev0

    Irresponsible Laser Use

    Well I'm not sure if this is the right section to post, but I can't let this one go, this Youtube has absolutely no concept of the danger that a 1W 445nm laser posesses: YouTube - Dangerous blue laser projector He pointed it while on a busy highway (2:00), scanning some houses in the background...
  3. rev0

    Modular PHR Build

    Hello all, I just thought I'd post info about my project since I thought it was a bit unique and might be useful to others starting a project. Type: PHR-803T 405nm Current: ~90mA Output Power: 107mW (Measured with IR thermometer) Style: Flashlight Host, 14500 Battery Total Project Cost: ~$40...