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  1. TheTeslaWarrior

    FS >500mW 532nm analog labby SOLD

    Hey guys, I'm more or less taking a break from this hobby and have been evaluating how much i need the lasers in my collection. I'm looking for money to put into a new quadcopter. Up for sale is a DHOM >500mW rated green analog labby. I hate to see this beauty go but i haven't been able to...
  2. TheTeslaWarrior

    It lives! (SSY-1 repair)

    I've had this laser for a long time (~2 years). However a few months after I got it, it took a ~3-4 foot drop straight on to it's OC. The laser was completely misaligned and I had put off repairing it until recently. SSY-1s are notoriously difficult to realign because instead of an adjustable...
  3. TheTeslaWarrior

    Amazon pointer 3 pack (red green and violet)

    My chemistry teacher ordered a 3 pack of lasers off amazon. Amazon.com: QQ-Tech® Green Red Blue / Violet / Purple Beam Laser Pointer Combo 3 Laser Light Pens 5mw 532nm 650nm 405nm Triple Colors Astronomy Powerful: Electronics They seemed a bit bright so I offered to bring them home and meter...
  4. TheTeslaWarrior

    my dye laser project [ pic heavy ]

    A few weeks ago, I decided to buy one of those 40W co2 tubes that are so popular around here. I quickly changed my mind and bought a dye laser instead. (Good thing my offer on a co2 tube got declined) Last Saturday, I got a package in the mail. This 54lb beast of a package was my dye head...
  5. TheTeslaWarrior

    lots of yellow (and a few other) laser pics

    i got the fogger out and took a few pictures of my new toys (as well as some old ones). Sorry for my bad camera skills. 589nm and 594.1nm comparison pictures: 589nm, 594nm and 473nm: just 473nm and 589nm: 589nm beam shots: fun with the pulsed nature of the 589nm...
  6. TheTeslaWarrior

    new HeNe tubes Green/yellow [Image Heavy]

    i recently got some HeNe tubes from Sam for dirt cheap. full HeNe collection: these tubes are massive 594.1nm 543.5nm i got bored of waiting to use the $20k laser cutter so i used a hammer instead these are some of my favorite lasers. 594.1nm is an amazing...
  7. TheTeslaWarrior

    WTB orange/green HeNe PSU

    hi, i have a few Helium neon tubes coming in and need a PSU for them. the tubes need at least 7-8 mA at around 2.8 kV. if you have one that you are willing to sell, make me an offer.
  8. TheTeslaWarrior

    Mohrenberg Silicon Wire Review (image heavy)

    Silicon wire I know there have been concerns about the thickness of the insulation of Mohrenberg's silicon wire, I thought I might tests the concerns as well as the claims of Mohrenberg. first, is the wire flexible? yes... is the wire heat resistant? conductors are red hot from the...
  9. TheTeslaWarrior

    Magenta HeNe

    i was playing around with my gas lasers today, i decided to shine my argon through my little HeNe tube. here's what i got:
  10. TheTeslaWarrior

    laser-cut laser tutorial (image heavy)

    i didn't take many pictures while making this, so my tutorial consists of many the design phase. i thought it would be easier to show the design steps visually. now you wand to copy the main support structure over and add the hole which will be the size needed for the part it is...
  11. TheTeslaWarrior

    [feeler] $7 tiny HeNe bare tube

    I just took a risk on some lasers that may or may not be HeNes. I am confident enough to take the risk. I wont have too much information on the tubes until my first batch gets here. The tubes will be about 5in x .75in and will have a psu. Most of the tubes already have a home(assuming this...
  12. TheTeslaWarrior

    nerd project supreme (pic heavy)

    I've been very exited about the upcoming release of portal 2, so much so that i started a little project. Thats right, I am making a fully functional (minus the guns and as much as it pains me to say, the laser) portal turret. It is an interesting engineering challenge taking something with...
  13. TheTeslaWarrior

    my shiny new 473nm

    i just got a 10mW B&W Tek laser from Xplorer877 last week, i am blown away by the color. here are some pics (my argon likes to sneak into some of the shots :D)
  14. TheTeslaWarrior

    Cyonics 60mW multi-line argon

    I got a Cyonics 60mW multi-line argon from Dave yesterday, and i love it! here are some pictures i have taken: LPM readings: Beam shots (with fog) The lines split: thanks for looking! EDIT: i set the laser up with my scanner ou4UTvzKvXU&feature
  15. TheTeslaWarrior


    well, i have been working on fixing my PGL-III-C and i couldn't help but to laser engrave it just a bit. :D
  16. TheTeslaWarrior

    WTB: 100-200mW green module

    hey, i am fixing up a PGL-III-C host, it does not look like the module will be able to be salvaged :(. so i need either a PGL-III-C size module or a 12mm module. Thanks,
  17. TheTeslaWarrior

    arctic + robot

    i was bored yesterday so i decided to give my arctic to the robot arm i am trying to get running. M9T11Asvtt4
  18. TheTeslaWarrior

    Universal Laser VLS 3.60

    hey, my school just got a laser cutter it is a VLS3.60 ( VLS 3.60 - Universal Laser Systems ) 50W co2 i left my camera at home today, i will try and get pics up asap. what i do have is a couple pictures of the lpf logo engraved today this thing is amazing :drool: EDIT: feel free to leave...
  19. TheTeslaWarrior

    feeler: arctic, spartan, and diy corrective optic mount

    hi guys, i just wanted to see how many people would want one. there would be tow septate mounts, one made for the arctic and one custom made for your diy. also they would be 3d printed, and fit dr. lava's lenses. thanks, EDIT: just got a pair of optics to fiddle with (thanks Dave!), refining...
  20. TheTeslaWarrior

    could it be? is the o-like 445 finally here?

    i've been waiting a while for the o-like 445nm laser and its here! 1W 445nm laser module/focusable/TTL [OL-445-650] - $152.99 : Welcome to O-Like.com, Your source for laser products edit: prototype beat me to it :(