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  1. millirad

    New from Italy

    Welcome to the forum. Study the posts carefully and you can become a proficient laser builder
  2. millirad

    Should I even get a laser?

    Welcome to the forum. There are too many easy choices. Just be safe and keep the laser away from children. Shiny/reflective surfaces will cause an eye injury very easily.
  3. millirad

    Browntail moth caterpillar

    It's a bad idea to use a laser. Unintentional blinding potential from unforseen circumstances. Lasers are only safe when all precautions are taken. Too many variables.
  4. millirad

    The first days of LPF. the laser forum that was 'almost' never created

    Keep it going. I'm still kicking. Been scuba diving in the Philippines quite a bit until covid hit
  5. millirad

    Post your random pics!

    Recently found out that 2 of my cousins live in the Philippines and are married. They built a diving resort.
  6. millirad

    Post your random pics!

    Me diving on Mindoro in the Philippines.
  7. millirad

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Me diving the Alma Jane shipwreck on Mindoro Philippines.
  8. millirad

    Lost chinchilla

  9. millirad

    Win thread

  10. millirad

    Lost chinchilla

  11. millirad


  12. millirad

    Win thread

  13. millirad

    burning green laser

    If you want to do it safely, use a hobby rocket igniter on a long twisted pair of wires. Toggle your switch and light the fire. Pull your igniter out with the wires before it goes up in flames. Remember though, we are scientists. Cold calculating scientists. We don't do this for fun. :D
  14. millirad

    488nm - A couple of setups

    Crazy awesome LewDude! That's very creative. 2 thumbs way up.
  15. millirad

    My Sharp 503nm Build!

    Impressive looking build! Yeah it's me. haha Have to rep you on this one. :)
  16. millirad

    PL-E Mini 1w 520nm First Impressions

    Nice comparison! Thanks for posting, OP. :)
  17. millirad

    Cypreus IIIb reactivated with 10x fixed magnification Linos beam expander.

    Being able to clearly see the beam over great distances is truly amazing. I'm assuming you can set the focal point to infinity correct?
  18. millirad

    This place is awesome!

    Welcome Pman! Usually your first build will be <5mw until you become more proficient. Careful!
  19. millirad

    CNI releases 577 DPSS laser!

    Here's the colour of 577nm.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYMFDwZ7r4I I still enjoy the 589nm beam at 20 watts....
  20. millirad

    Jokes thread!