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  1. Jaseth

    The Search Function

    When a new member enters the forum, he is usually smacked in the face with the 'search button'-hammer, but we continue to see new threads asking the same questions - questions which have been answered many times to many degrees of detail. There are several obvious reasons for this, but one which...
  2. Jaseth

    SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)

    I think it is too late to call congress about it now but I think everyone should know about it anyway. Wiki article about SOPA "Stop American Censorship" website Today was the markup of the SOPA bill. This is a bad day for the internet. UPDATE: "After the first day of the hearing, more than...
  3. Jaseth

    (closed) Kenometer Pro LPM

    Hi guys. I am thinking about selling my Kenometer Pro. I have no idea how much they sell for now, so I want to see if anyone is interested and how much people would expect to pay for one. I seem to remember the original price fluctuating somewhere around $400 and sometimes up to $500 but since...
  4. Jaseth

    Happy new year!

    Happy new year everybody! I hope you all have a really nice night and get safely into the next year! Smoke from fireworks is great for visualising the beam of a laser, so take this opportunity to add even more light to the night sky! Please remember that alcohol does NOT mix with lasers. The...
  5. Jaseth

    Improving the ignore function

    The ignore function is a very nice tool if you are tired of seeing posts from a certain person, or wish to temporarily block posts from all those involved in an argument. Unfortunately, I have found that people quoting each other's posts completely counters this function. If person X is posting...
  6. Jaseth

    Hey again

    Hi guys. So.. I haven't been here for about 4 months and was wondering if anyone could give a quick update on what has been going on. Any major changes in laser technology or the forum I should read up on? It looks like there are still a lot of threads about the Arctic.. and we seem to have a...
  7. Jaseth

    Choose Raffle Prize & Price (update)

    Glenn (Scopeguy20) is considering making a raffle for one or more unique lasers and would like your feedback on which one to choose as the grand prize as well as the ticket prices. See here: http://laserpointerforums.com/f44/closed-optotronics-blue-rpl-raffle-48232-8.html EDIT: Original plan...
  8. Jaseth

    Great experience with phoenix77 (Rob)

    I recently purchased some different stuff from GloRope, but since they only ship to the US, I needed a middleman to reship the package to Denmark for me. I received a few offers, and decided to choose Rob (phoenix77) since I already had his address and I know he is a good guy. I ordered the...
  9. Jaseth

    LF middleman in USA

    I wish to purchase some items from Genesis Light Line LLC | gloRope.com but they do not ship internationally. I have looked everywhere for a couple of days now for alternative retailers, but to no avail. I can only find a couple of extremely overpriced glow sheets in the UK and some bad quality...
  10. Jaseth

    Rep loss - want it back?

    All reputation boosts given manually by c0ld were recently lost. Do you want them back? Discuss and vote here! Info thread: http://laserpointerforums.com/f59/reputation-update-46997.html Seb
  11. Jaseth

    Hangover advice

    Hey there boys and 2-3 girls.. I am currently going through what I believe to be the very worst hangover of my life. Since I woke up this afternoon I have been close to emptying my stomach all over the place whenever I move around and I am in constant pain. I know people who whine about...
  12. Jaseth

    Left4Dead 2

    Are any of you guys buying Left4Dead 2? It will be released in about 9 hours! I have played the first one about 10 times at friend's houses (usually 4v4 LAN) and I think it is really really entertaining. To me the concept is so good that it does not matter that there are only a few guns and few...
  13. Jaseth

    Banning Jake21/Jake22

    Hey guys, c0ld asked for this poll to be made. You have to decide on whether or not to ban Jake once again. Any information about recent trouble with him, people who are still missing money or items, etc. etc. would be great. Personally I am going to wait with voting until I hear some facts...
  14. Jaseth

    Logo design contest - win $250!

    Hey guys! I know many people here on the forum are good at designing banner ads, avatars, logos and similar graphic designs so I wanted to let you know about this competition. It is not laser related, but the prize is $250! Deadline is October 5th. You should also watch these guys' videos, they...
  15. Jaseth

    Banning Arenared?

    There is a similar thread to this in the Veterans section, but I think this issue should also be open for us people who have not been around for as long or just don't have the time to post very often. Quite simply, who wants Arenared banned? Personally I have not had any large fight with him...
  16. Jaseth

    All about Cancer

    Hello everyone. I would like to know if anyone in here has or has had cancer, is close to someone who has it, works with cancer patients or in any other way know a lot about it. Any reply is welcome but this is mainly for getting real stories of real feelings and struggles. This thread is...
  17. Jaseth

    Alizée crowd scanning

    Many of you probably know the gorgeous French singer Alizée, who has become increasingly hot over the years. But did you know that in the music video of one of her first hits, there is massive crowd scanning going on a lot of the time? The show starts at 1:40 Enjoy! dDwKPGUIVME
  18. Jaseth

    My first laser pictures

    These are some of the first pictures I have taken of my lasers. The quality is not brilliant and they have lost even more from being compressed, but I still think they are nice. All pictures except the spiro are taken after about 3 bursts of a smoke machine, and exposure is 1½ seconds IIRC...
  19. Jaseth

    DT-25 scanner connections to DAC

    I bought some DT-25 scanners not too long ago and I am getting everything wired up to my FB3. I am very cautious with electricity as I don't want to get a shock and I don't want to fry this expensive equipment. It would be great if anyone could help. Which wire is which on the signal connector...
  20. Jaseth

    How trading works

    Some of you - especially knife collectors - may already have watched Jeff's new video. I did not know whether to post this in "Other", "General", "B/S/T" or here, but I decided that I would not clog up the trade section any more. For those of you who are not into knives you may want to skip...