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  1. bdgreenb

    Direction Based Pass/ Reflect System

    A new angle on controlling light | MIT News This article explains a new system of passing/ reflecting light like a dichro or pbs, only it's based on the beams direction, not wavelength or polarization.
  2. bdgreenb

    WTB lead light hosts

    Hello fellow enthusiasts! I'm currently Buying any leadlights/ jayrob pen hosts. Willing to make offers/ trades. Other pen type hosts also acceptable. Thanks for reading! Happy lasing!
  3. bdgreenb

    Modding cree T-6 to use C6 HS

    The title says it all. Today i took apart a zoomable cree t-6 that i got somewhere on the internets. Its this flashlight UltraFire 2500LM 5 Mode Zoomable CREE XML XM L T6 LED Flashlight Torch 18650 604688087058 | eBay I realized the pill for it was just a little too big for the bottom of a...
  4. bdgreenb

    500mw RGB w Analogue Modulation?!

    Most of these all in one rgb units have TTL modulation, but this one claims to have analogue modulation, "Modulation: Analog /0V to 5V to control the lightness from Weak to Strong" 500mW Stage Light RGB Laser Module High Power White Laser Analog Molation | eBay I'm planning on using this for a...
  5. bdgreenb

    Johnny Number Five! 5-mode 445

    Johnny #5 This build technically started a while ago when i was mucking around on fleabay, as one does, and came across this driver 17mm 1 5A CC 4 2V 5 Mode CREE XP G R3 R4 R5 LED Flashlight Driver | eBay Then one day i realized i had an m140 module in my box o stuff and decided to fire it...
  6. bdgreenb

    Using amc7135 driver for m140?

    Howdy y'all! Ordered this driver on a whim to see if i could use it to drive an m140. I know it won't most likely put out 1.5A, but i am interested in how much less. 17mm 1 5A CC 4 2V 5 Mode CREE XP G R3 R4 R5 LED Flashlight Driver | eBay i plan on using 2X Tenergy 3V LiFePo4 750mA, and i...
  7. bdgreenb

    3D printed Al parts made possible with lasers

    Aluminum-powder DMLS-printed part finishes race first | Metals content from Machine Design The second part of the article, why I posted, is more about the process than the competition Just saw this article after searching for 3D printed metal. Not only would it be awesome for making precise...
  8. bdgreenb

    200mw 520nm Cypreus EDC [pics]

    good googely moogely This Thang is Juicy! After getting my 511nm laser i figured i was fine without a 520... Then sinner announced the EDC host and I realized it was GO TIME! I've always wanted a laser that looks like a hoopty from a snoopdogg video, With 520nm and copper that dream became...
  9. bdgreenb

    Is it SAFE to charge lipo cells on a nitecorei4

    hey gang! i recently got a quadcopter which runs on lipo cells and the battery charger was lackluster to say the least, so i did a quick mod to allow me to charge using my nitecore, so far so good, but i don't really have any experience with lipo charging. I want to make sure this is ok as it is...
  10. bdgreenb

    1.1W c6 445nm $120 Shipped!

    I recently took apart one of my first lasers in a c6 from mohrenberg and replaced the diode and driver. It is putting out 1.1W with the included o-like "g-2". Set the driver @ 1A for much longer runtimes and diode life. Host: c6 Heatsink: Black anodized aluminum Diode: A240 Driver...
  11. bdgreenb

    MI-Lasers 543 bare tube!!![pics]

    543 bare tube beauty! I FINALLY got around to wiring up and firing up my 19 inch bare tube 543. There is a thread from about a year ago when these went on sale for around $95. I've been staring at the postage box with the tube and the wall wart that is perfect for the PS for months now. Just...
  12. bdgreenb

    LF 3D Laser inscribing within glass.

    I have a family friend who is a large scale custom glass producer for business(casinos, etc) and he is looking for someone with 3D laser carving capabilities in the United States(creating frosted shapes within the 2 polished sides of the glass). If anyone is interested or knows someone who might...
  13. bdgreenb

    [Beamshots added]My New Daguin Built 700mw 405!

    POST 405... aint it sweet :D This laser has traveled A LOT! It was originally built by the master photonist himself Daguin. It was the 405 that was included in the box that KRNAZNBOY bought and was completely scammed on. Fortunately the 405(which he and i had discussed before the sale) was not...
  14. bdgreenb

    [PICS]New 650 Build ML101U29-25 in Jayrob Pen

    Finally got around to building this laser and now to review! Wanted to make a darth vader pen and got pretty darn close... just need to black out the focus ring. Parts: Diode: ML101U29-25 Host: Jayrob Pen Host Driver: 378mA Mohrenberg Linear Batteries: 2x Efest 10440 Lens: o-like "g-2" Output...
  15. bdgreenb


    This is a spotless(no wear and tear) Mace of Doom V1 complete with custom knurled focus knob, produced by none other than mrcrouse. It has an "A" series Ca$i0 diode inside with a 1.25A mohgasm linear driver and a 3-element lens. Holds 2X 18650 batteries. It has a HUGE heatsink and has an...
  16. bdgreenb

    iphone 4 up for sale or trade.

    I have a white iphone 4 that works perfectly (cam, home button, etc). Only issue is that the backside glass broke out. Will have pics up tonight. $120 OBO 8gb Iphone 4 It was a verizon, its not "carrier locked", but it does require a cdma network... like verizon or sprint or metropcs
  17. bdgreenb

    Osram 3.8mm 405nm diodes from tech hood

    I can't seem to find any threads on these diodes and they seem pretty sweet. Anyone have any experience with these? OSRAM 405nm 350mW 600mW Laser Diode Violet Laser Diode ? 3 3mm | eBay Edit: I still can't find anything using search about osram 405 diodes
  18. bdgreenb

    10 ML101U29-25 for $25!

    I think someone there messed up or they are being awesome. Diodes @ $2.50/pc 660nm 300 400mW CW Red Laser Diode ML101U29 25 10pcs Pak | eBay
  19. bdgreenb

    Glp - 589 busted!

    I bought this GLP-589 from a reputable member right before he disappeared... i used it for about an hour of lasing time and it died... should i open it up to identify the problem? seems to be a lot of epoxy holding this one together and i really dont want to mess with it. Any ideas on how i...
  20. bdgreenb

    TINY ~700mw 445 First home made host mod

    So my dream started when I was buying 50mw modules from fast tech and looking for suitable hosts. I found this: $7.83 Mini Stainless Steel 1-Mode Waterproof LED Flashlight - 1 x AAA at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping After some Internet searching I came upon tungston carbide heads for my...