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  1. thanhtung

    Unbelievable!! 7W 470nm NUBM07

    i haven't seen any 7w NUBM07 it run with driver boost , source by 1 x 18650 here is video : YXAyEZKgh5E EuO8UiyoNF8
  2. thanhtung

    Mod pocket sanwu red 660nm to green 515nm

    dear friend, i have just removed the red diode and driver from Pocket red laser Sanwu and put into it a green 515nm 1, take out red laser from host pocket: 2, Removed lens 3E of Red laser by a new G2 lens: 3, removed red diode by Green 515 diode, ( special at here is non-glass window default...
  3. thanhtung

    Green laser 1w -1w4 from a my customer

    Green laser - zielony laser 1W / 1000mW max 1,2W / 1200mW How strong is the laser beam part 2 this is one of my products whichs made for customers! beside i have alot of other laser handle! j4cnaOMfJZQ fveohFvCotE EcrLVo4TunI
  4. thanhtung

    New handle green 2w!

    Hi everyone! I have completed this build 2 weeks ago! share my video to you see! And 10w green handle will continue soon 😍 Any sell, trade , pls sent to me a message! Thansk! b3gsfZeXe6A
  5. thanhtung

    515nm ~15mW tiny 9 x 1.4cm

    my build with tiny host, run by 1 x 10440 battery duty cycle : limited pic shoot daylight: beam shot:
  6. thanhtung

    FS: bluray 900mW+ and ~1100mW+

    this is my new build with 3.8mm diode singlemode bluray, i have about 20pcs in my stock! - Power read on my LPM is 900mW and ~1100mW * 90usd: One use 1 x 10440 size battery (~1.1W) include G2 lens , Kdriver boost , dutycycle 20s On, 15s Off * 90usd other one use 2 x 16340 size...
  7. thanhtung

    Steel host 488nm ~150mW run by 1 x 10440 art pics ;)

    This one , i have done with steel host size 1 x 10440 battery! Im interested in is host! I feel it is really nice! These are pics shot by samsung Note8 Thanks for watching ;) Any questions or requests on my product pls pm to me !
  8. thanhtung

    FS : New Copper Module perfect for G8 lens

    the new copper Axizs are longer and work perfectly on G8, better on all other lens G2, G7, 2el, 3el... Diameter:11.98mm +- 0.01mm Length: 14.07mm+-0.01 (old Aixiz is 12.01mm and the new aixiz is longer 2mm) Thread M9x0.5 Price : 3.5usd/pc • 10 - 50pcs : 3 usd/pc • 51 - 150pcs : 2.5 usd/pc • 151...
  9. thanhtung

    488nm pocket mini 10440

    This is my build for a customer at usa! - It run by 1 x 10440 with my Kdriver boost - G2 lens - Output on my LPM ~150mW, i call it is 100mW Dutycycle: 90s on, 60s off
  10. thanhtung

    Test G2 & G8 lens from DTR, with Kdriver softstart green Laser

    Dear friends,these are my video test softstart with LPM from member @astralist - and here is result after 4.5 minutes Turn On my green with Kdriver buck Softstart - 2 x 18650 -3e1PdtriRs[/YT]']-3e1PdtriRs and here is G8 lens from DTR : 7jdX9uKj97E[/YT]']7jdX9uKj97E Thanks for watching
  11. thanhtung

    Auto Full 16 millions colour, RGB White laser handle DIY

    Dear this is my first RGB full colour! It use 2 x 18650 or 3 x 18650 I will send pics body after i complete it! - Can you pls tell to me what is the metal do you want to make its body? Copper (so good heatsink) :),brass? aluminium :) ( good) , titan, inox? ( so bad heatsink), gold ( best) , Ag...
  12. thanhtung

    green laser with my new host

    it uses Kdriver buck has softstart 2s 2 x 18650, include G8 or G2 lens -Xa8Fdz7raI
  13. thanhtung

    4.6W green laser handle made by me!

    Dear, i have just complete this green laser! I will call it is 4W green !! Is it a monster green ? tell me your feel, pls Maybe it is strongest green laser handle at this time! in the future... i don't know :D :D :D - 4 x NUGM03T, - 4 x G2 lens, - 4 x Kdriver softstart 2s aSMKBaaA_5s
  14. thanhtung

    ~17W, 15W and 12W blue laser handle with orange body!

    this is new my version i was built for a my customer! i use 3 x NUBM 44 but i set current 3.5A each, because it very hot - SKdriver x 3, G2 lens x 3, 6 x 18650 pls see video and some pics, and send to me a message for order similar one thanks! HMUOnaE-Sqg and here is blue 15W : Ac2exHamf5A...
  15. thanhtung

    FS : 1.4W green 525nm host by brass 1 x 18650

    dear this is my new build 1.4W green on today! It is 260usd 💡It is very compact because use only 1 x 18650(not include), driver boost, 1.4w with G2 lens (include) - Duty cyle: 2’ ON, 1’ OFF - Over heat protected pls see these its pics: here is beam of it :D here is power's pic: and...
  16. thanhtung

    FS : $60 - USHIO diode 635nm 1.2W

    OUT STOCK! :) I have just received 2 diodes today! One of them has been fit to axiz module they are size 9mm diode I suggest set current under 1.5A, 1 pc : $60 If you buy all both 2pcs : $115
  17. thanhtung

    FS: $140 - 4.3W 470nm blue laser

    SOLD OUT! Thanks very much! If anyone want to buy one of my lasers! Pls send to me a message! ————————— dear, i want to sell this my product with $140, 4.3W 470nm i have only one pc! - It has been used Nubm07E diode - Kdriver softstart 2s, Over heat protected - include G2 lens - Core main...
  18. thanhtung

    Blue Hulk 10w+ handle

    hi, this is my build whcih i have just completed today! i use nubm08 x2, include G2 lens , and SKdriver buck pls see the videos and pics: and here is beam of it: [/YT]
  19. thanhtung

    FS: $65 - Tiny red 638nm single mode 300mW

    dear , this is my 638nm laser, i really don't know diode's name ! and I have only this host for 638nm $65 - include G2 lens this pic without lens
  20. thanhtung

    FS : 1.4W green 525nm, blue 450nm, and some my builds!

    dear friends, today i have some good choices for you, I believe that you will fun and feel comfortable when received these items: #1. Green 1.4W 525nm include G2 lens ,It uses 2 x 18650 ; softstart 2s : $130 +shipping - Model has Not softstart (not include G2) : $100 + shipping #2...