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  1. Antharak

    Lumia pics

    Just something I've been working on. Thanks for looking Ed
  2. Antharak

    Cancer came back

    My prostate cancer came back. No prostate but it still came back. 39 X-ray treatments and it looks like it worked. So I'll be spending some more time here . I want to thank every one that gave me good wishes and to say I'll be posting more.
  3. Antharak

    New HeNe

    14 Inches of HeNe goodness. Thanks to Ultimatekaiser, For selling me this laser and answering my questions. :beer: Ed
  4. Antharak

    Larry DFW's 18650s

    I got 2 of Larry's [Larry DFW here on LPF] 18650 Sanyo's and thought I should check them after 2 years of use in lasers and vape rigs. When I got them they had 40mohms of internal resistance I just checked them and they are both at 70mohms. All I can say is if you don't mind 11.95 per battery...
  5. Antharak

    Back to gas

    My first laser was a HeNe from Meredith back in the early 90s. I will always miss that laser,(stolen in a break in). Now I have a nice little HeNe. It's a Melles Griot P-50 and I have the bug again. This is how I got it. This is with the top removed. And one of it running. Puts out 1mw...
  6. Antharak

    new 405nm

    Custom copper heat sink and focus piece from Flaminpyro. BDR-209 and driver from DTR. 647mw output and it only took 3 years from start to finnish. Thanks to Flaminpyro and DTR. If you need any custom parts, I highly recommend FP he does great work and DTR is just great to do business with...
  7. Antharak


    What has happened to donations here? when I first came here donations came close if not meeting the goal. now here it is 5/28 and the goal is at 35% and I did 30% of it. I see people spending hundreds of $ on lasers , but not a penny to keep the forums going. So get off your butt and donate...
  8. Antharak

    OSI Newsletter

    OSI Newsletter :wave:
  9. Antharak

    Hi I'm Back

    Bin gone for a bit, but I'm back and want to say hey to old friends and welcome to new ones. Had some medical things going on and had to quit the hobby for a time. I'm back now and will soon post my next build. Much thanks to all of you. ED:wave:
  10. Antharak

    pointers banded ?

    Just got a phone call, that the feds have banded pointers. Anyone hear of this? I can't find anything on the web/ news services so I think it's bs. ED
  11. Antharak

    FS Black cat G-10 radiation detector.

    I'm putting this up here first for my LPF brothers. FS is a black cat g-10 radiation detector. I have used it less than an hour. It has a large GM tube and can be used for testing food and water. I'm looking for $100, but will consider a trade for diodes and drivers. Ed sold
  12. Antharak

    Just if you may be one who still thinks it's a joke.

    FBI ? Fresno Laser Striker Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison Ed
  13. Antharak

    Old guys and prostate cancer

    About 3 weeks ago I found out I have prostate cancer, it was found by a PSA blood test. It has not spread and they are just going to remove my prostate and that should be it. There were no symptoms, it was just a routine test that found it. So call your Doc and get the test, it may save your...
  14. Antharak

    KRNAZNBOYS' B68 host kit.

    Just got one of his B68 host kits and I have to say it is a great product. The fit and finish on the heatsink is outstanding and it comes with an installed contact board. I got it to use with one for DTRs' 12mm modules and it's going to work fine. These pics are his as my Cam is not with me...
  15. Antharak

    OPHIR 20C-A-1-Y on Ebay

    Ophir Laser Measurement 20c A 1 Y Sensor Laser Power Meter LPM 1706111 New | eBay
  16. Antharak

    Fast Tech 405nm short review

    The laser is a Fast Tech offering in 405nm. Find it here. $22.53 5mW 405nm Blue-Violet Gypsophila Light Laser Pointer w/ Charger - 1*18650 / black / adjustable focus at FastTech - Worldwide Free Shipping It comes in a box marked Green Laser Pointer, but it is a 405nm. The box was a bit...
  17. Antharak

    My First Build

    First I want to thank the folks that made this possible. Mhemling: for trading me one of the two flashlights and the heatsink I used for rocks. Mrcrouse: for making the heat sink. DTR: for the module with diode and driver. Flaminpyro: for the Focus adapter, wire kit and flux.. Links to their...
  18. Antharak

    Flaminpyros' Focus Adapter

    Just got the focus adapter that I ordered from Flaminpyro and I have to say the man does great work. It was a custom made to my drawings, not the best, and he even put up with me during the whole process. Here is some pics of the adapter on one of Rick Trent's grey host 3W. The...
  19. Antharak

    Don't laugh to hard please

    Just got cable internet and can't get my network adapter to work with it. It says I'm conected but with with no internet. I can use the HP quickweb on my computer, but not when using it with windows loaded. I have windows 7 servpack1. I know I just need to change a setting but can't seem to find...
  20. Antharak

    Looks like my laser is in coustoms hell.

    I have a laser that's been sitting at ISC in NY since the 14th, so It looks like I will never see it :cryyy:. Emailed the USPS but from what I can find out it's gone.