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  1. qumefox

    1x AAA host Rainbow

    This is a set I've been collecting parts for for a while, and finally built while I was sorting/cleaning/getting rid of stuff in preparation for moving. The hosts are stainless steel trustfire xp-e f23's that I turned down in the lathe. They run off of 1x 10440, except for the 532nm, which...
  2. qumefox

    Argon-Ion laser stuff.

    This is is all that remains of my argon-ion collection. I sold off most of the working stuff long ago, but i'm trying to get rid of the majority of stuff I don't really need so I can move in a few months time. Anyway. Here's the list, and pictures. Make an offer on anything you're interested...
  3. qumefox

    Not exactly laser related but...

    It does involve light and optics.. I saved it from the scrap heap today, and hopefully soon they'll find more parts of it for me. 100 internets to anyone who can guess what it is. :evil: and 1000 internets to anyone who wins the first 100, then can suggest a cool way to repurpose it. heh...
  4. qumefox

    Diode identification.

    The other night, I was going through my 'laser junk box' trying to scrounge up some parts to finish some MXDL builds for Aryntha and I came across a 405nm diode pressed in an aixiz module. As a quick and dirty test to see if it worked I soldered it to the driver out of one of the cheap ebay...
  5. qumefox

    Machining question.

    Not sure what section this goes in so i'll put it here. I need to turn a few press fit heatsinks and I know there's an easier way to cut the diode pockets than with normal tooling. So my question is about end mills. Is the sizing on end mills the resulting diameter or the tool diameter...
  6. qumefox

    3.8mm TO38 650nm diodes

    Does anybody know of a source? Either raw diodes or sleds that contain them. I only need a couple, and they don't need to be that strong either. Maybe 75mW tops. Need a couple for a project i'm working on for somebody that's fairly space limited.
  7. qumefox

    FS: 1W 445nm lasers in finned sipik hosts **PRICE DROP**

    I don't really want to do this but my financial situation is getting critical. I have five of these for sale right now. 1 - 1.2W with modes.. The last of the NJG-18 drivers (at least that I have or can get) - *SOLD* 3 - 1W with no modes - $150 1 - 975mW with no modes.. same as above, just...
  8. qumefox

    >200mW modules

    Other than the ones o-like carries, does anyone know of a source for modules that are higher than 200mW, and are of good quality and up to spec? I've been poking around for a while on this subject, and other than O-like's offerings, I haven't found much.
  9. qumefox

    Torturing a 35mW 685nm diode.

    Ok, after killing two of these, I finally got spectrometer data so I can post the info for these diodes. Like the 635's I just did.. I don't really have the time or facilities to generate IPV graphs for these, so i'm just concentrating on the maximums.. The setup is identical to the 20mW...
  10. qumefox

    Great. He's even spreading to China.

    650nm 5mW laser module.3.2V 12x30mm kip kay project products, buy 650nm 5mW laser module.3.2V 12x30mm kip kay project products from alibaba.com
  11. qumefox

    Torturing a 20mW 635nm diode

    I'll probably get jumped on for this but I don't care, It's my diode and i'll abuse it how I want. :na: To start off with.. My 'super high tech laser experimentation area' here at home.. At least until I finish painting the extra room and put down new carpet. Most of my laser stuff lives at...
  12. qumefox

    A little something (literally) I whipped up today :D

    A little something I did today. Hope you like it.. It took some creativity. :D It's not as good as I'd hoped. I didn't have any more of my 'good' green modules, plus I couldn't find my new IR filters, so the one I ended up using in this one for the time being is kind of scratched.. but...
  13. qumefox

    Laser show software

    Ok, about to order stuff, probably tomorrow.. Need to know. Which is better. LaserShow Xpress lite, or Spaghetti? Both are roughly the same price. Going to order a RIYA multibus lite and Dr Lava has bundles of LSX-lite with it, or the RIYA by itself + a Spaghetti license would run the same...
  14. qumefox

    Question about goggles.

    I have goggles that cover pretty much all the visible ranges, however I don't have much for IR, which I need since I plan to start tinkering with DIY dpss soon. Does anyone here have any real world experience with these? As far as the OD levels being close to what's stated? 808nm 980nm 1064nm...
  15. qumefox

    Qumefox's FOR SALE thread. Hosts, lenses, etc.

    Ok. I'm cleaning up this post a little. The more items I add, the more cluttered it will get so i'm breaking it up and giving each item a post in the thread, and just adding links to the OP for each post. Spik HK-21 side click aluminum finned heatsink hosts No longer offered as bare host due...
  16. qumefox

    We hardly ever see any DIY green builds..

    So I thought I might try to do my part to change this. heh. :na: This is built using one of the '200mW' green modules I may start carrying after I can get more of them to test the quality. The two I have now just aren't enough sample base to get any real idea of how they behave. The two I do...
  17. qumefox

    Something I whipped up today

    Well actually I started it yesterday and finished it today. The host is a Sipik HK21 18650 flashlight (Tank007 HC-128 clone) That's had the nose shortened. Excluding the focus ring, the host + heatsink is about the same length the original flashlight was. I made this particular one to work...
  18. qumefox

    DIY Lumia wheel

    Something I whipped up tonight, and is in NO way pretty. heh. I'm getting good at cutting 4" circles in glass now as well. :p The motor is a modified RC servo but i'm not happy with it. I can't get it slow enough without it stalling. The glass I picked isn't great either. It's not textured...
  19. qumefox

    WTB: 3W 808nm c-mount diode

    Anybody have any of these they would part with for a reasonable cost? I screwed up the one in my GLP-589 and i'd really like to at least attempt a repair before I give up on it. I found some on ebay for $60 but I figured i'd ask here first before I waited weeks to get one from china.
  20. qumefox

    405/445 3 element glass lenses $7.50 ea

    I'm currently down to 4 of these in stock. I have more on order. Hopefully they'll come in before I run completely out. Pretty much as my sig says. These are equivalent to the aixiz lenses in performance and appearance, though from the last buyer I was told these actually performed a little...